General Armorial of France
draw up under the terms of the edict of 1696
by Charles d' Hozier

Ribemont was chief town of a count linked in December 1646 with the duchy of Own way; of an senior rural of the archidiacone of Thierache; of a royal prevote plain on June 25, 1742 with the bailliage of Ribemont. The calls of this bailliage, which goes back to the 14th century, were doors directly at the Parliament of Paris. This bailliage was incorporates in the duchy of Own way and the translation of the chief town was made in this city in 1768, in accordance with the edicts of December 1764 and May 1766. Ribemont was also chief town of a subdelegation of the election of Laon, and finally of a military government whose dependences were plain that of Saint-Quentin by the king Louis XIV has. Ribemont, Alaincourt, Berthenicourt, Chatillon-on-Oise, Fountain-Our-Lady, Walls, Moy, Regny, Sissy, Torcy and Villancet belonged to this government.

Senior rural, who included/understood the cures suivanles Alaincourt, Anguilcourt, Bernot, Bertbenicourt, Brissay-Choigny, Brissy, Chatillon-on-Oise, Chevresis-Our-Lady, Fay-the-Walnut tree-and-Surfontaine, Hamegicourt, Mezieres, Mayotet Achery, Mount-in Origny, Moutigny-in-Arrouaise, Moy, Neuvillette, Nouvion-l' Abbesse, Nouvion-the-Count, Origny-Holy-Benoite, Parpeville, Pleineselve, Renansart, Ribemont, Seryet Saint-Denis-of-Ribemont, Sissi and Villers-the-Ploughshare.

Bailliage, chatellenie and prevote. Their limits were those of the territories of the following localities which depended Saint-Michel on them, Mondrepuis, Clairefontaine, Rocquigny, Flamangrie, Papleux, Fontenelle, Nouvion, Barzy, Fesmy, Oizy, Wassigny, RiheauviHe, Saint-Martin-Rivie Mennevret, Are worth-Andigriy, Escaufourt, Honnechies, Becquigny, Bohain partly (since 1787), Seboncour, Etaves-I.E.(internal excitation)-Bocquiaux, Montigny-Carrot, Fieulaine, Fountain-Our-Lady, Marcy, Regny, Sissy, Chatillon-on-Oise, Mezieres, Berthenicourt, Alaincourt, Hamegicourt, Brissy, Brissay-Choigny, Mayot, Anguilcourt, Sarten left, Nouvion-l' Abbesse (since 1737), Richecourt, Chevresis-the-Ladies, Ferte-Chevresis partly, Chevresis-le-Meldeux Heap-the-Old, Heap-the-Nine, Herie-la-Vieville, Healthy-and-Richaumont, Lemma partly, lo Sourd, Proisy, Marly, Saint-Algis Autreppes, Etreaupont partly, EfTry, Origny, Ilerie partly (since 1737), Bucilly, Martigny, Besmont, Aubenton, 1 Any-Martin-Rieux, Wattigny and it Neuville-with-loutes.

The subdelegation included/understood Ribemont, Alaincourt, Bernot, Beithenicourt Chatillon-on-Oise, Chevresis-le-Meldeux, Chevresis-Our-Lady, Fay-the-Walnut tree-and-Surfontaine, Herie-la-Vieville, Landifay, Mesbrecourt, Mezieres, Heap-the-Nine, Heap-the-Old, Montigny-on-Crecy, Moy, Parpeville, Pleineselve, Richecourt, Sery-lez-Wall, Sissy, Villers-the-Dryness.

Ribemont was, in 1790, chief town of a canton of the district of Saint-Quentin whose district does not have varies.

The armorial bearings of Ribemont are: mouths has a money surmontee mountain of a gold sun and alongside of two of the same sheaves, and a chief of azure charges with three flowers of gold lily.


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ribemont, French city Department of aisne with 4 historical sites listed or simply studied for their remarkable character.
Our database currently includes 4 elements for heritage ribemont. You will find the menu and footer links leading you on the description sheets.

There are 2 localities (Place called, location known as) in Ribemont : le calvaire ; la briqueterie.

listeds buildings (classified and protected) in Ribemont

Monuments in Ribemont, Ribemont has 4 buildings protected. Include :

  1. official reference : PA00115887 ;
  2. Eglise official reference : PA00115888 ;
  3. Maison natale de Condorcet (Condorcet (rue) 11) official reference : PA00116004 ;
  4. Moulin de Lucy official reference : PA00125658
Please note this list is likely to evolve, the data presented are from 2013.

Statistics for Ribemont

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 02240
Insee code : 2648
Longitude : 3.457188
Latitude : 49.782177
Total population : 2147 people
place called : 2
avenue : 3
place : 5
st : 50

Moulin de Lucy, French Heritage monument to Ribemont 4
« Moulin de Lucy » is a construction of the city of Ribemont (France, Aisne). Moulin de Lucy, French Heritage monument to Ribemont 4

Birthplace of Condorcet, French Heritage monument to Ribemont 3
House birthplace of the mathematician and philosopher Marie-Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat de Condorcet (1743-1794) from a very old family of dauphinoise (...) Birthplace of Condorcet, French Heritage monument to Ribemont 3

Old abbey Saint-Nicolas-of-Near
Inheritance classifies or registered known as Ancienne abbey Saint-Nicolas-of-Near ribemont has (aisne 02240).

Church, French Heritage monument to Ribemont 2
« Church » is a construction of the city of Ribemont (France, Aisne). Church, French Heritage monument to Ribemont 2