Alpes maritimes

The department of the Alpes-Maritimes is a French department of the area Provence-Alp-Dimension of Azure. Its inhabitants are Maralpins. INSEE and the Post office allot code 06 to him.

A first department of the Alpes-Maritimes has exists of 1793 has 1814. It was then composes primarily of the count de Nice, detaches from the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and joined together in France as well as principality of Monaco (Monaco, Roquebrune and Menton at the time) annexee. In 1814, the count of Nice turns over to the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and Monaco recovers its independence and passes under Sardinian protectorate. The second department of the Alpes-Maritimes east creates in 1860, by the addition of the count de Nice, yields by the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, and from the district of Fatty detaches from the department of the VAr and by the creation of a new district that of Puget-Theniers of 1860 has 1926.

The department counts 1 today 073 184 inhabitants and 163 communes. Its economy is primarily tertiary.


Detailed article: History of the Alpes-Maritimes.

The Romans create a military district names the Alps Maritima of 14 before J. - C. which acquires the statute of province (the Alpes-Maritimes) in the middle of Ier S. a. J. - C. It has as a capital Cemenelum (today Cimiez, a district of the north of Nice). In its greater extension, in 297, this province includes Digne and Brian?on, and its capital is then deplacee has Embrun.

A first department of the Alpes-Maritimes exists of 1793 has 1814. Its chief town is then Nice, but its limits different from those from the current department, including Monaco (Port-Hercules) and Sanremo (Saint-Reme) but not the district of Fatty (then in the department of the VAr).

The current department of the Alpes-Maritimes east creates in 1860 during fastening in France of the count de Nice. It east constitutes of this count, divided in a district of Nice and a district of Puget-Theniers (these two districts existed already in the old department (1793-1814), and of part of the department of the VAr, which forms the district of Fatty.

The district of Puget-Theniers east removes at ends of economy in 1926 and attaches has that of Nice: the department thus comprises only two districts since.

In 1947 (milked of Paris), following a favorable referendum has their fastening in France, the communes of Tends and of Brigue (as well as parts of the communes of the high valleys of Vesubie and Tinee, therefore part of the commune of Insulated) become Italian since 1860, are rattachees has this department.

source: wikipedia.

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