The department was creates with the French Revolution, on March 4, 1790 pursuant to the law of December 22, 1789, starting from the Count de Foix (Languedoc) and of Couserans (Gascogne).

A request with the Council of State was posee in order to re-elect the department in the Ari?ge-Pyrenees. According to the defenders of this project, the mention '' the Pyrenees '' would make it possible to better locate the department in order to promote it in all France. The request was rejetee.


Ari?ge belongs to the Midday-Pyrenees Area. It is bordering on the departments of the Haute-Garonne, the Aude and the Eastern Pyrenees, as well as Spain (province of Lerida) and of Andorra. The department is stage of north in the south in three distinct geographical areas:

  • The plain of Ari?ge situee in the north of the department east constitutes plains, hills and weak small valleys or agriculture is very present. Part of Lauragais extends on the North-East from the department. Two important rivers, Ari?ge and Leze cross south to north the plain. The landscape of pieces cerealieres dominates with the culture of but and the sunflower and with meadows.
  • Pyrenean Piedmont gathers the solid mass of Plantaurel and the lower hills prepyreneennes has 1.000 bills of quantities. Various geological structures form landscapes contrasts like the valley of Foix in its granitic solid mass or the area of Lavelanet with its marnes and its limestone.
  • The highland ariegeois represents the high mountains of the Pyrenees exceeding the 1.000 bills of quantities of altitude. The spade of Estats, the Peak of Montcalm and the peak of the port of Sullo are the culminating points of the department with 3.143 m, 3.077 m and 3.072 m respectively. The drill dominates the landscape or cohabit of the gasolines of coniferous tree with leafy trees like the chestnuts, the acacias, the ashes and the beeches.

In 2009, the regional natural park of the Pyrenees ariegeoises east creates, covering approximately 40 % of the surface of the department of Ari?ge.

source: wikipedia.

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