Church Saint-Alexandre, French Heritage monument to Aigues vives

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Church Saint-Alexandre

Heritage listed, historical monument, or having been under investigation

Structural information

Church Saint-Alexandre, « Church Saint-Alexandre » is a construction of the city of Aigues vives (France, Aude). Church Saint-Alexandre, French Heritage monument to Aigues vives aigues vives, aude

Location and general information

  • identifier : 9475
  • item : Eglise Saint-Alexandre
  • Location of the building :
    • Languedoc-Roussillon
    • Aude
    • Aigues-Vives
  • INSEE code of the municipality : 11001
  • Zip code of the municipality : 11800
  • Order in the communal list : 1
  • Name of the building :
    • The building is designated as follows : church
  • State :
    • the current state of the monument is not known.

Dates and times

  • Period of construction : 2 different epochs of evolution of the building.
    • 12th century
    • 13th century
  • Date of protection : 1948/04/05 : inscrit MH
  • Date taken into account : 1993/10/21

Construction, architecture and style

  • Materials:
    • We do not have this information.
  • Roofing :
    • We do not have this information.
  • Materials (roofing) :
    • We do not have this information.
  • Other about the composition roofs :
    • No information on the coverage of the place.
  • Floors :
    • any information about this construction.
  • Stairs :
    • No stairs mentioned on this construction.
  • Decoration of the building :
    • No information about decoration.
  • Representation :
    • No information on the ornamentation of the place.
  • Typology :
    • No information about typology.
  • Plan :
    • We do not know the type of plan for this building.

Monument and history of the place

  • Elements protected MH (historical monument) :
    • This element of the building is the subject of protection : turn
  • Constituent areas :
    • no information.
  • Parties constituantes étudiées :
    • no information.
  • Use :
    • We do not know the different uses that have been made of this construction.


  • Other :
    • other Information : owned by the 1992 municipality
  • Details : Les deux tours : inscription par arrêté du 5 avril 1948
  • Mérimée reference : PA00102507

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