Bouches du rhone


The department was creates with the French Revolution, on March 4, 1790, pursuant to the law of December 22, 1789, of part of the province of Provence, as well as few principalities (Orange, Martigues, Lambesc).

Wider than today, it lost all the part of its territory situee in the north of the Durance at the time of the creation of the department of Vaucluse, including Orange and Apt in particular.

It is immediately very favorable to the French Revolution, and very credit: one counts 90 popular companies in the department at the end of 1794. In the same way, 50 % of the priests agree to lend oath to the civil constitution of the clergy [3]. The department becomes a royalist bastion thereafter.


The Rhone delta belongs to the Area Provence-Alp-Dimension of Azure. They are frontalieres with the departments of Gard, Vaucluse and the VAr.

Principal rivers:

  • the Rhone, divides into the Large-Rhone and the Small-Rhone downstream from Arles, the Small-Rhone making border between the Rhone delta and Gard,
  • The Durance, border enters the Rhone delta and Vaucluse,
  • Huveaune and its affluent the Bulge,
  • The Arc and Touloubre, which are thrown in the pond of Berre.

Principal wetlands:

  • the Camargue (Vaccares, the Imperial ones, Faraman, Beauduc and saltworks of Plan of the Borough), and the '' the small Camargue '' in the west of the Small-Rhone,
  • the pond of Berre, its appendices the pond of Vain and the pond of Bolmon, and saltworks of Berre,
  • west of Crau (pond of the Alders, Large Plane of the Borough),
  • the ponds (Lavalduc and neighbors) between Fos-sur-Mer and Istres.

Mountainous solid masses:

  • The western part of the solid mass of the Holy-Balsam (culminating 1 has 042 bills of quantities),
  • The Holy-Victoire (culminating 1 has 011 bills of quantities),
  • The Star and Garlaban,
  • The mountain of Regained,
  • The mounts Saint-Cyr military school, Carpiagne and Puget,
  • Trevaresse and the chain of the Dimensions,
  • Alpilles,
  • Marseilleveyre (the massive '' of the creeks ''),
  • The chain of Estaque,
  • The chain of Eguilles,
  • The plate of the Alpine laburnum,
  • Montagnette.

source: wikipedia.

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