Huneflotum, considerable city, chief town of a sergentery of its name, with a Viscount, an attic has salt, an admiralty, offices of the open drafts & the five large farms, a shop tobacconist's, a convent of Capuchins, another of Girls of the Congregation, and one third Hospitalieres Girls, &c. in Normandy, diocese of Lizieux, Parliament & intendance of Rouen, election of Pont-l'Ev4eque cheese. 17 privileged fires & thousand fires taillables are counted there. This city is situee between the Dimension Vassal & the Dimension of Grace, on left bank of the Seine, close to its mouth in the Ocean, or it has a good port.

It took its name of Flood, which one made Fleret; & of Fleret, one made Fleur. The proof of this origin, known as the scientist Mr. Huet, is that the names finish as a Fleur, are finish in Flood in the old titles. Thus Barfleur east calls Barbeftot, Harfleur & Honfleur Hareflot and Haneflot, all places expose to the floods of the sea.

One claims that-this city is time of Jules Cesar, & that it was border, before the Harbour-of-Grace was built under Fran?ois I er. It was then fermee walls & fortifiee, as it appears by the vestiges which still make there. It had also two beautiful doors, the door of Rouen & that of Caen: the first had two bastions, & that of Caen had one of them. The door of Rouen was demolished about the year 1684. to increase the basin of the port, & to make pits of the city a reserve for water. II thus does not remain any more has this city of the dimension of the port, that the door of Caen with its bastion, & two turns, one round & the other quarree; & it is not any more fermee but by eight barriers, including five principal & three small. The round tower is useful has to put the powders.

There has Honfleur nothing remarkable in buildings, if one excludes of them these two turns, the door of Caen with his bastion & some others. Above this door, is the housing of the Lieutenant-of-King. The government is built between the two turns, along the river of the Seine. One notices there then the three deposits or stores which the King made build downtown this in 1672. for the warehouse of salts, & which can contain approximately 7000 muids salt.

According to the estimate of the inhabitants of the city, one counts has Honfleur, & in his two suburbs, co. Catherine & St Leonard, approximately 14 thousand people, of which two thirds of women or girls. That would be quite singular.

II has there in this city four parishes, which are that of Notre-Dame, that of St Leonard, that of St Etienne & that of co. Catherine: they have however only two Cures. The two first make served by one, & the two others by the other, though each church has its factory & its brotherhoods. Notre-Dame & St Etienne are in the city; St Leonard & co. Catherine in the suburbs.

The hospital & the hospital were joined together in 1687. per stop of the council, which has fixes the number of the Administrators has twelve, in addition to the born Administrators, who are the Bishop diocesan, the two Cures of the city, the Governor, the Lieutenant-of-King, the Mayor & Echevins, the Viscount & the Prosecutor of the King. The twelve Administrators do not enjoy any privilege, other that the exemption of the guet & keeps, & supervision, during the two years that they are in exercise. These Administrators are selected among most notable Bourgeois of the city, & elected every year the 15 of August six, in the place of similar number of six which leaves function. The Hospitalieres Nuns serve the poor & the patients of this hospital, which has a very-small income, & remains only by alms. There made there work the poor with lace & are other works, & they contribute by have it their food & have their maintenance.

The public places make five, including the crossroads. The place of weapons is largest & most beautiful. It is in front of gouverment & May sound-of-city, & on the basin partly. The place of the port, or the crossroads of the large fountain, is that or are sold fish & vegetables. The sale of the fruits is done in the crossroads of co. Catherine. The large crossroads of St Leonard is close to the bridge of the door of Rouen. The crossroads of the church of St Leonard is that or is sold the poultry.

In addition to the particular fountains, there are six public, of which three or four throw much water. That of the place of the fish shop is most beautiful. The others do not only leave have also beauties.

Null foundation for public schools. The Nuns of the Congregation hold to with it free a school for the girls. Other private individuals hold some for the boys, & it is to them pay consequently a remuneration per month. There is another school for the girls. This one is held by a Sister of the Providence of Lizieux, assent of the Bishop, under the direction of the Cure of St Leonard, & under the terms of letter-licences registrees at the Parliament. The Sister of the Providence which is employed there, remains in a house which is provided to him by the city, & or she teaches free with the girls, & has to work with lace, without aucuns pledges of the city.

On the dimension of Grace, in the west of Honfleur on the river of the Seine, is a vault under the invocation of Notre-Dame de Grace: it is served by the Capuchins of the convent of Honfleur. Large the devotion that have this vault the inhabitants of the city & of the surroundings, helps much with the subsistence of the convent of the Capuchins.

The hotel-of-city of Honfleur belongs to the community. The east body-of-city composes of a Mayor, four Aldermen & four Advisers. The Mayor is in two or three years, & the Aldermen four years. He leaves every year an Alderman who becomes Conseiller. The election is done at the beginning of the year. The city chooses three subjects to fill the place of Mayor, & three others to fill that of Alderman. She proposes them to the Duke of Orleans (Lord of Honfleur), which that which it chooses likes for Maire & Echevin, & it gives them a patent of nomination. But that is of use only since one certain number of years; previously there was Mayor, & the election of the Alderman was not carried to the council of this Prince.

The Mayor & Echevins have only the administration of the businesses of the city, & they do not have any contentious jurisdiction. They had claimed to have the police force but the Viscount obtained a stop which gives it to him & theirs except, in same-time that it gives him also deliberative voice in the assemblies of the body-of-city, & precedence of the Mayor & Echevins.

This city formerly had eight or ten thousand books of income, because the town dues belonged to him in entirety; but for eighty years or approximately, one has removed some to him largest & the best part; & like the others firm have decreases considerably, the whole does not assemble itself has more than 1400. liv. or approximately. However the loads of the city go has more than 4000. liv. what often causes delays in the payments.

It had as in the past beautiful privileges, as the inhabitants have lets lose, for lack of attention, says one, on behalf of those which had the government of the public affairs. It is believed that it is about the year 1639. that the titles were produced, & that it is since this time that they were stray. She enjoyed the francsale & the exemption of size, like the other seaports, by concession of the King Louis XI. confirmee successively to Henri IV. that this city started to be imposee for the sum of 1050. liv. This load, initially so moderate, increased imperceptibly so much so that the only tax of the tobacco, which holds place of size to him, is today has more than 45. thousand books with the two grounds for book outwards & in inside, fans to count the expenses of the control, capitation & the other impositions which make there established, & which are assembled has more than 20. thousand books.

The tariff is established has Honfleur since the stop of the council of the 18. November 1684. II is generally perceived on all the goods & food products which enter & consume in the city, same for clothing, in accordance with the tariff, then of this stop: it is the city which makes it govern. The Officers & the Employees make some free. It is claimed however that the privileged people & the Gentlemen have exemption only for what comes from their grounds.

The Merchants of Honfleur enjoy only freedom to send has Brouage to take necessary salts for the salting of fish of their sin.

II forever be question of militia in this city. During re-establishment, Honfleur does not provide any Militiaman. But in 1719. during the replacement which was made in the militia, it was obligee has to provide two men, not very considerable object for a city which is to it itself much.

Article 10 of title 5. payment of the 28. January 1716. for the service of the coastguard exempts the parishes prone to the guet & keeps to provide men for the ground militia; & article 4. ordinance of the 25. February 1716. for the lifting of 60. thousand men of militia, exempts of the ground militia the parishes prone to the guet & the guard of the maritime dimensions. Honflor (it is says in the report of the inhabitants of this city) is precisely in this case. It is a port in which there is more than thousand sailors, or working prone to the service of the navy; & there is besides a middle-class militia, prone to the guet & the guard of the dimensions under the command of the Governor or the Lieutenant-of-King.

This thousand middle-class woman is divisee in five companies, of which the number of men is not fixed. Each company has a Captain, a Lieutenant & an Ensign, which one calls Officiers quarteniers, & in addition to that there are other Subalterns. These middle-class troops take the weapons when they are commandees for the service. In time of war or in other occasions, they receive the word or the order of the Governor of the place or the Lieutenant-of-King; &, in their absence, of the Viscount, or the first Officer of city. It is to the Governor to provide for the replacement with the Officers with this troop, when they come has to miss.

II has Honfleur no frank fair has there, but only the fair of co. Catherine, the 25. November. It lasts one day, & it done there few considerable businesses.

One does not know the right of Viscount there; but there is the right of habit or prevote, which belongs to the Duke of Orleans, as Baron de Roncheville. It is claimed that this right is very-old.

The rights of the weight of the King also belong to the Duke of Orleans. But the Prince of Conde is in possession of the rights of the control of the weight of the King.

The armorial bearings of the city are an escutcheon charges with a tower eccortee of flower-of-lily, without one being able to see metals nor the colors; & this escutcheon is crown of a royal crown fermee with flower-of-lilies. The inhabitants themselves are unaware of which they hold them, & the reasons for which one gave them to them.

There are in this city two jurisdictions of Viscount, one nommee the Viscount has Trough, & the other the Viscount of Roncheville. The latter, on which almost any Honfleur depends, is enclavee in the Viscount of Trough. The Duke of Orleans, has which they belongs one & the other, made them join together by letter-licences of September 1725. This jurisdiction is made up of the Viscount, a Lieutenant, a Prosecutor & a Lawyer of the King. Names make relevees of it in front of the Baillif of Rouen, or his Lieutenant; & the Viscount of Trough, with the seat of Ponteaudemer.

In addition to this jurisdiction, there are also the justice of Blangy & that of Grestain. They are held in the same way one & the other has Honfleur. The first is a dismemberment of the bailliage of Longueville, & belongs to the Duke of Orleans. The other is with the Abbot of Grestain. One & the other is tres-bornees. The jurisdiction of Blangy is made up of a Lieutenant of the Baillif, a Lieutenant & Prosecutor-Tax, whose names of the sentences make carried to the Parliament of Rouen. The justice of Grestain is high & low, & is made up of a Judge & Prosecutor-Tax. Names go in front of the Baillif de Ponteaudemer.

The jurisdictions of Honfleur are dependent on the Parliament of Rouen, & one follows the general habit of the province there, except for some local practice, which is of small number, it does not have there, for example, which six weeks for the withdrawal of the houses sold in the city; & one year & day ago for the heritages of the countryside. The audiences are held at the house-of-city.

The other jurisdictions are admiralty, attic-have-salt, the deposits & measurings, & the open drafts II has there no holder for this last jurisdiction, but only one Judge by commission.

The staff east composes of the Governor, the Lieutenant-of-King, a Captain of the doors, & a Key-ring. V. Normandy. It is the Duke of Orleans which names has these loads of the staff, whose Governor has 3180. liv. salaries & 300. liv. emoluments; the Lieutenant-of-King 600. liv. salaries & 150. liv. emoluments; the Captain of doors 600. liv. & the Key-ring 300. L. on the state of the King. II a Major formerly there has 600. liv had. salary; but the place having been a long time vacant, it was drawn from the state from the King, & that which exerts it, the fact without salary.

In addition to the town of Honfleur, the government of this name also includes/understands (according to the provisions of its Officers) Pont-l'Ev4eque cheese & the country of Trough; what makes an extent of 25. or 30. miles of circuit. This government was formerly one of most important, & it was filled by people of consideration. A mark of its seniority is that the pledges or salaries of the Governor & other Staff officers, make pays with the royal treasure. There was appendix to him formerly a right of guet on the parishes which depend on it, & which make in great number; & a company of dead-pay, which produced much; but a long time ago that one & the other was abolished.

For the direction of the works, there has Honfleur a Chief engineer, a second Engineer & a Lockkeeper.

Large the drill of Drums, beyond which is the country of Trough, belongs to the Duke of Orleans; united with the field of the town of Honfleur, & has that of the country of Trough & of the baronnie of Roncheville, it pays has this Prince approximately 80.mille books per annum.

The small brook, which one names the small river of Morelle, falls has Honfleur in the water reserve, & is useful, with sea waters that one led there by the locks, has to clean the basin, the outer harbour & the harbour-nine.

The port of Honfleur east locates northern & southern approximation. It assembles in the outer harbour 18. feet of water of large-sea, & 8 of neap tide; in basin 20. has 22. feet of large-sea, & 9. has 10. feet of neap tide. There has this basin two tide gates ebb, to retain sea waters there has all the tides. It can contain 30. has 35. vessels. The outer harbour is very-small, & is useful only for the ducted one of the ships. Year 1728. there has Honfleur more than one hundred buildings, as well in the basin, as in the new basin of the harbour-nine. This last is discovered & imperfect. It is ensured that if it were completes, it would contain to him only a greater number of buildings.

The accesses of this port make very-easy. The clean & favorable winds to enter there, are also useful have to leave there, & have to lead the vessels has Rouen. This situation advantageous for trade of Rouen, whose Honfleur one of the warehouses, united with little of is extended from its port, for the quantity of vessels which arrive there, so much for the tradesmen, that for the deposit of salts, had gives place has to begin the construction of the harbour-nine, but it was neglects for some time, though it has costs considerably. However Honfleur gives a considerable income, & it has not been a year that it does not produce more than 200. thousand books, without counting the product of the Roman, either that of the assistances, the tobacco, & others. If this harbour-nine were completes, it would produce an infinite good with the trade. It would be an asylum ensures for all the vessels which enter the river of the Seine. Such is in substance the report which we follow, & it could be well that since its clothes industry, this harbour-nine so desired had been carries has its perfection.

II has there has this port two large locks, & five others of the ordinary size, to clean the outer harbour, the basin & the harbour-nine.

Though almost all the ports have roads, it is noticed that of Honfleur does not have any. The vessels wet in front of the port. This damping is extremely accidental, because of the change of the benches which the tides cause. In spite of that, the vessels of course hold to with it their anchors, the bottom being very-good & sands carry. This port, with the remainder, had been extremely damages by the vases which the sea had thrown there; but it was nettoye, & a vessel drawing to 16. feet from water, can enter easily there & leave there, without running any risk.

In the admiralty of Drums, by through village of Villerville, a range of ground rifle has, & has one mile & half O.S.O. of Honfleur, is Mouliere, appelee the roadway of Villerville, a half-quarter of mile length of north in the south, & 100. pitch-stirrers of width or approximately. She discovers almost completely in the spring tides, & has half in the neap tide, so as to be able to then take the mussels with the length of the arm. This mouliere extends on the district from the parish from Hennequeville which in is not very distant. There is also between this parish & the Harbour-of-Grace, which has two great miles of cross-piece of Villerville, a remarkable bench, calls the Ratter. It is of a great mile length, locates E. & S.O. & of a quarter of mile broad; above is also an very-abundant mouliere. The sinners, since Fiquefleur until Trouville, will sin with their boats of the moulds. They increase on the ratter a great number of women & children to sin there, buy to them them moulds, & suit them to sell in Le Havre, has Caudebec, has Rouen, Honfleur, Lizieux, Pont-l'Ev4eque cheese, &c.

II is caught on the strikes of Villerville a great quantity of worms of sea, which are in sands with low-water. One sees there in certain tides to 200. women or children. The pilots-Iamaneurs of Le Havre come purposely has Villerville to buy these worms, of which they make use for their fishings with the line. They pay has each person 4. or 5. grounds per tide. It is claimed that the sale of these worms produced has Villerville more than 600. liv. per annum.

Concerning the trade, we will notice that the Merchants & Armateurs of Honfleur embrace all the branches of that which can be made by sea. The green cod trade is one of principal to which they are devoted: this article is very-considerable has Honfleur, or it is done many armaments for the large-bench of Newfoundland. Come then the trade from the food products of America, that of the fabrics which is an object of importance, &c. In addition to that, it is manufactured has Honfleur much laces; what forms another rather wide branch of trade.

Source: Gazetteer, historical and policy of Gaules and France by Louis Alexandre Expilly 1764.


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  32. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 32 ; anciennement 69) official reference : PA00111420 ;
  33. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 30 ; anciennement 71) official reference : PA00111421 ;
  34. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 24 ; anciennement 77) official reference : PA00111422 ;
  35. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 28 ; anciennement 73) official reference : PA00111423 ;
  36. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 26 ; anciennement 75) official reference : PA00111424 ;
  37. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 22 ; anciennement 79) official reference : PA00111425 ;
  38. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 20 ; anciennement 81) official reference : PA00111426 ;
  39. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 18 ; anciennement 83) official reference : PA00111427 ;
  40. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 16 ; anciennement 85) official reference : PA00111428 ;
  41. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 14 ; anciennement 87) official reference : PA00111429 ;
  42. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 12 ; anciennement 89) official reference : PA00111430 ;
  43. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 10 ; anciennement 91) official reference : PA00111431 ;
  44. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 6, 8 ; anciennement 93, 95) official reference : PA00111432 ;
  45. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 4 ; anciennement 97) official reference : PA00111433 ;
  46. Maison (Sainte-Catherine (quai) 2 ; anciennement 99) official reference : PA00111434 ;
  47. official reference : PA00111435 ;
  48. official reference : PA00111436 ;
  49. Manoir Quiquengrogne (Bavole (rue de la) 28, 30, 32) official reference : PA00111437 ;
  50. Manoir de Roncheville (Arthur-Boudin (place) 6) official reference : PA00111438 ;
  51. Manoir Vigneron official reference : PA00111439 ;
  52. Ancienne prison vicomtale official reference : PA00111440 ;
  53. official reference : PA00111441 ;
  54. (Puits (rue du) ; Bucaille (rue) ; anciennement rue de l'Homme-de-bois) official reference : PA00111442 ;
  55. Rempart de ville official reference : PA00111443 ;
  56. official reference : PA00111826 ;
  57. Trois maisons dites maison natale d'Erik Satie (Haute (rue) 88, 90) official reference : PA00111840 ;
  58. (Haute (rue) 92, 94, 96 ; Charles-V (boulevard) 69, 71, 73) official reference : PA00132891 ;
  59. Avant-port official reference : PA00135499
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Places of Culture

Librarie honfleur, honfleur has 1 Librarie :

  • mediatheque municipale maurice delange (place de la porte de rouen 14600 honfleur)

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  • cinema henri jeanson (cours des fosses, 14600 honfleur)

Statistics for Honfleur

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 14600
Insee code : 14333
Longitude : 0.219707
Latitude : 49.385466
Total population : 8352 people
place called : 9
alley : 3
old road : 1
avenue : 15
boulevard : 2
path : 23
current : 3
faubourg : 1
dead : 13
place : 14
dock : 10
area : 1
roundabout : 3
route : 6
st : 88
path : 1

The lieutenancy building, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 6
Last vestiges of the old fortifications of Honfleur. Assigned to the housing of the lieutenant of the King. (...) The lieutenancy building, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

St. Catherine's Church, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 8
« St. Catherine's Church » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). St. Catherine's Church, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Hospice, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 9
« Hospice » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). Hospice, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Church Saint-Léonard, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 7
« Church Saint-Léonard » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). Church Saint-Léonard, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

ECSC chemical plant, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 68
The factory occupied in 1951 a total area of 50 600 m2 (including 13 000 m2 covered), 55,000 m2 to 1953 (including 15 000 m2 covered) and 60 000 m2 in 1972 (wit (...) ECSC chemical plant, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Of wood fibre, then factory carpentry Duchesne, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 67
The site occupied in 1968 a total area of 130,000 m2, of which 45 000 m 2 covered. Workshops for manufacturing agglomerated concrete and synthetic material, (...) Of wood fibre, then factory carpentry Duchesne, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Factory construction naval Leborgne and Chantiers Maritimes de Honfleur, currently workshops and Chantiers Maritimes de Honfleur, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 66
« factory construction naval Leborgne and Chantiers Maritimes de Honfleur, currently workshops and Chantiers Maritimes de Honfleur » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). Factory construction naval Leborgne and Chantiers Maritimes de Honfleur, currently workshops and Chantiers Maritimes de Honfleur, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Factory of shipbuilding Lakpa, then workshops and Chantiers Maritimes de Honfleur, and shipyards of the estuary, and shipyards Honfleur, currently shipyards of the estuary, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 65
« factory of shipbuilding Lakpa, then workshops and Chantiers Maritimes de Honfleur, and shipyards of the estuary, and shipyards Honfleur, currently shipyards of the estuary » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). Factory of shipbuilding Lakpa, then workshops and Chantiers Maritimes de Honfleur, and shipyards of the estuary, and shipyards Honfleur, currently shipyards of the estuary, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Sawmill, then plant linked to the work of Isoroy wood, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 64
The site currently occupies a total area of 30 000 m2, of which 20 000 m2 covered. All workshops are on the ground floor, agglomerated concrete and iron pan, (...) Sawmill, then plant linked to the work of Isoroy wood, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Sawmill, then cardboard, then wood fibre plant, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 63
Sawmill built around 1900 by the company of the Docks and general stores of Honfleur, including wharves, industrial shed, workshop, steam, fireplace and Office. (...) Sawmill, then cardboard, then wood fibre plant, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Park Cheneviel, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 62
« Park Cheneviel » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). Park Cheneviel, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Public garden, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 61
« public garden » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). Public garden, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Three so-called houses birthplace of Erik Satie, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 60
« Three so-called houses birthplace of Erik Satie » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). Three so-called houses birthplace of Erik Satie, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

City rampart, French Heritage monument to Honfleur 59
« City rampart » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). City rampart, French Heritage monument to Honfleur

Well located at the corner of the street of the wells and the Bucaille Street (formerly rue de man-de-Bois), French Heritage monument to Honfleur 58
« Well located at the corner of the street of the wells and the Bucaille Street (formerly rue de man-de-Bois) » is a construction of the city of Honfleur (France, Calvados). Well located at the corner of the street of the wells and the Bucaille Street (formerly rue de man-de-Bois), French Heritage monument to Honfleur