Canton De Montsalvy

The town of Montsalvy is built on a raised plate, overhangs in north by a mountain nommee Puy-dei Arbre, or were established Mechin and Delambre to trace the lifting of the quarter of meridian line.

There is, of this place, a wide and splendid horizon, which makes it possible to see the bell-tower of Rodez, the dimensions of Figeac, and Cantal chains it.

The church of Montsalvy would deserve to be classee. Built partly in the 11th century, it was increased considerably in 15th.

To the first time belong the apse, the transepts, the chorus, the principal nave and two vaults; at the second, the remainder of the vaults, naves secondary and the bell-tower.

Architectural character, Romance style; form, Latin cross; semicircular apse.

The church is entirely voutee; the chorus is in the intersection of the transepts, opposite the apse. The principal nave, offering the figure of a parallelogram, dominates collateral the, separate ones of it by two lines of columns.

At the end of the southernmost secondary nave, high the bell-tower. This building, though alters, presents this of interesting, that having been repairs on several occasions, it keeps samples vary various types of architecture.

, Is noticed, and been able to specify itself the moment or the overcome full-clotheshanger, fight still, and ends up succumbing in front of the triumphing warhead. The warhead itself there apparail in its birth and its end.

Some windows, by the straightness of their lines, note the clearness of paramount art, while others, surchargees of ornaments, indicate a style degenerates.

The church formed formerly with the monastery large squares. There was in the medium, a rather roomy court, which the arcades surrounded of the cloister. Only one of these dimensions exists, and the old refectory is used today as common house.

As for the historical events, we will recall that Berenger, Viscount of Carlat, had concedes in 1030 has three monks, the ground on whom is built the church. The temple upright, one of the monks, Gausbert, made initially build a monastery in which were established of Auguslins, then an old people's home intends to the travellers who, coming from Rodez, crossed these dangerous mountains.

Also this territory, names then Mont latronum (mountain of the robbers), gave up its fatal designation, and was called from Mons salutis (Montsalvy) It is right to remark here, that the use and the introduction of the hospitals into High-Auvergne, come us from the abbeys.

Each convent had its chaplaincy and its old people's home; they them first thus doterent our country of this holy institution, girl angelica of charity.

Montsalvy still shows the vestiges of the castle of Mandulphe, property of Armagnac, the vault of the Recluse, and the wall of the Devil, cyclopean monument, or rather astonishing basaltic casting, odd work of nature.

The city is re-elected for its fabrics, and especially for its green peas, which were exported formerly to Paris. - Schistous and granitic Ground. Culvinet. Calvinet, baronie, with baillage and prevote.

It belonged to the count initially, of Rodez, then at the 13th century has Eustace de Beaumarches, baillif of the mountains.

In 1333 it was the dolphin of Auvergne with, later has Pierre de Lavie, lord of Villemur, nephew of the pope Jean XXII (J. of Euse), who yielded it has Clement VI (? ndw: has to check delicate reading) (Roger); and finally in 1642, this ground passed to prince de Monaco.

Its strong castle, held by the Protestants in 1591, was demolished in 1634, on the Cassaniouze orders. of Richelieu.

The church of Cassaniouze preciously keeps a processional cross of a great beauty, the principal face represents God the Father, sitted under a Gothic platform, holding the world of a hand, and blessing other.


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There are 42 localities (Place called, location known as) in Montsalvy : la combe ; les vignes ; les 4 chemins ; le fraysse ; roumegoux ; les garrigues ; aiguebonne ; la grangeotte ; le cambon ; la fage ; lavergne ; riols ; le cayla ; lalo ; la limagne ; boutelongue ; coffinhal ; combalies bas ; combalies haut ; escure ; grange de dureau ; l ort del catusier ; la croix de riols ; la croix du coq ; la fin du monde ; la sainte font ; lalo bas ; langlais ; le blat ; le brougnounet ; le fialaire ; le fradin ; le meyniol ; le pre d alby ; le puech du blat ; le puechfranc de lalo ; l hippodrome ; la pierre droite ; le garribal ; le moulinier ; placa de la font de l arc ; pouchines.

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  1. Ancienne abbaye Notre-Dame de l'Assomption official reference : PA00093554 ;
  2. Deux anciennes portes (Marcelin-Boulle (rue)) official reference : PA00093555
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Statistics for Montsalvy

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 15120
Insee code : 15134
Longitude : 2.476752
Latitude : 44.723907
Total population : 912 people
place called : 42
avenue : 4
path : 5
faubourg : 2
place : 8
route : 2
st : 20

Abbey Notre Dame de L'Assomption, French Heritage monument to Montsalvy 1
In the middle of the 11th century, saint Gausbert had built a monastery buildings was ordered to the South of the Church, around the Court of the courtyard, (...) Abbey Notre Dame de L'Assomption, French Heritage monument to Montsalvy

Two ancient gates, French Heritage monument to Montsalvy 2
All of the town was bounded by the ancient city walls, whose site is now marked by roads. We are talking of two main city gates that opened the Chamber. The (...) Two ancient gates, French Heritage monument to Montsalvy