The Flour mill of Mazerolles (extracted the famous book Volume 1 (2011) Jean-Luc Herpin Histoires of the bread, the furnaces and the mills of Poitou-Charente, the High Pyrenees and the World

The flour mill of Mazerolles was edifiee in 1865 on the basis D ? an old mill. The old bridge or was wounds John Chandos disappeared in XVIe century. It east replaces by a vat then by a suspended bridge in 1833 and the current bridge in 1870. Another bridge for the railway line Poitiers-Limoges was built in 1866. And the same year, Alexandre-Philippe Escouault builds the hydraulic flour mill which functioned jusqu ? in 1968.

L ? lock and the imposing building which dominates Vienna always exist and are in progress D ? installation. The threshold bars Vienna, has L ? site or was to exist an old bridge or a guet. C ? is on Right Bank, just downstream from the threshold which was concealed the Constable De Chandos, chief of the English armies, on December 31, 1369, then qu ? it defended the bridge against the troops of Jean Kerouet, abbot of Savin Saint, and then qu ? he was administrator of the town of Poitiers, after the defeat of Jean the Good.

A first monument existed there still has a few years, Right Bank, is L ? place supposes or the Constable was wounds.

A first payment D ? water of the mill was writes on October 5, 1965. The payment D ? water was revises in 1870, following differences constatees compared to that D ? origin. A second payment D ? water, always into force was established by order of the prefect on August 2, 1870 and stipulates that the level of legal upper pond D ? water is of 3m53 downwards D ? a granitic block of rock, locates near the house of Mr Etienne Bernard.

In 1901, the driving force was of 42cv, utilisee for the operation of the mill. The flour mill has cease its production of flour suitable for making bread in 1965 and continued an activity of trade D ? animal feeds until in the years 1970.

In 1980, a promoter had projete D ? team the site D ? a KAPLAN turbine has propellers has variable blades, absorbent 30m3/s and actuating a generator JEUMONT SCHEREIDER D ? a total power of 499KW. This project which N ? did not succeed yet watch L ? opportunity D ? of equipping the site to produce L ? electrical energy and this, without production of gas has greenhouse effects, nor of nuclear waste ?

Source: Mixed trade-union of the Montmorillonnais Country. Study carried out by SOGREAH in November 2010.N? 4560796


mazerolles, French city Department of charente maritime with 1 historical site listed or simply studied for their remarkable character.
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There are 3 localities (Place called, location known as) in Mazerolles : le puits des vallieres ; la romade ; le moulin de gazon.

listed building (classified and protected) in Mazerolles

Monument in Mazerolles, Mazerolles has 1 building protected. Include :

  1. Eglise paroissiale de Machennes official reference : PA00104801
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Places of Culture

Librarie mazerolles, mazerolles has 1 Librarie :

  • bibliotheque municipale (place de la republique 17800 mazerolles)

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  • le vauban (16 rue gambetta, 17800 mazerolles)

Statistics for Mazerolles

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 17800
Insee code : 17227
Longitude : -0.506439
Latitude : 45.603462
Total population : 220 people
place called : 3
path : 1
dead : 1
place : 1
st : 17

Parish Church of Machennes, French Heritage monument to Mazerolles 1
« Parish Church of Machennes » is a construction of the city of Mazerolles (France, Charente maritime). Parish Church of Machennes, French Heritage monument to Mazerolles