The department was creates with the French Revolution, on March 4, 1790 pursuant to the law of December 22, 1789. It has be form around Angoumois and of its old capital, Angouleme, which was selected to be the chief town of a department which integrated into the west Cognacais (limits of the current Charente-Maritime until Bassac) and South-Charente with Barbezieux, which belonged to Saintonge, and into the east the grounds limousines of Confolentais, like some communes of Poitou in north and Perigord in the south.

Charente was habitee paleolithic means (sites of Vilhonneur, Guards-the-Pontaroux, Sers, Mouthiers).

During the History, there forever really exists of unit, neither policy, neither nun, nor legal. The cut between the Angoumois, in the east, centers on Angouleme and Saintonge, in the west, centree on Saintes and including Cognac, which existed already at the time Celt has perdure until the Revolution and did not completely disappear besides.

Saintonge is thus nommee because it was the territory of Santons, while the Angoumois would have been the territory of another tribe, smaller, Agesinates. During the Roman occupation, all Charente became a rich person Gallo-Roman area of which there remain in particular the thermal baths of Chassenon and the theatre of Bouchauds.

Following the great invasions and the collapse of the Roman Empire, the department enters during one time of lethargy like the whole of Aquitaine to which it belongs.

At the time medieval, fortified towns were erigees between X E century and the XII E century, period during which each village also built its Romance church. Cities and castles strengthen (Cognac, Angouleme, Villebois-Lavalette

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