Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Sauveur, French Heritage monument to Collonges la rouge

Church. Us here in the red city, as one named the borough of Collonges formerly. Indeed, all is red dark here, this color is given by the stone of the country: a reddish sandstone, which makes good masonry. The church, red like other constructions, seems really monumental (it is it actually), but one is astonished to see such a work in such a small borough. These three bell-towers if bring closer, emerging above the roofs moussues, make think has a monastic old city, purer Middle Ages. It is, which indeed the bell-tower of the church of Collonges is perhaps the oldest construction of this kind that we have in the Limousin. Here what Mr. R. Fage in a strong study says that it published in 1907 on the Limousin Bell-tower has Vepoque Romance:

'' One knows neither an inscription nor a document making it possible to date it. Its history and its archaeology were not studied. It is known that the church of Collonges had a real importance as of the 8th century, when the count of Limoges, Roger, and his Euphrasie wife donnerent it, with its appendices, with the abbey of Gharroux (Vienna) (Mr. the Ponlbriere abbot. Dictionary of the parishes of the Tulle diocese). On the site of this first, church a prioress was founds on an unknown date. Charroux preserved on the prioress of the rights that Philippe 1st confirmed to him in 1077 (Mr. the Poulbriere abbot. Dictionary of the parishes of the Tulle diocese). The Romance bell-tower was to exist at that time.

'' One raised there all the elements of the Limousin bell-tower: the cupola on the lower floor, the combination of the plans squares and octogonal, the cord or stringcourse on the stage of transition, finally, the full gable applies, to four faces of the octagone. But it is noted that these various characters are, thus-to say, at the incipient state. The octogonal plan includes/understands four large dimensions and four dimensions smaller; the latter are turn towards the angles of the plan squares. The gable, very thick and not very acute, does not exceed the cord of the upper floor, the jambs which support it are broad and massive, their external edge is on the same line that the edge of the octagonal stage and form projection with the solid mass squares which against butts the small face of the octagone. Though it had has its provision of excellent materials, a red sandstone, of a compact grain, very resistant and easy has to cut, the manufacturer has avoids all the processes of ornamentation which could have reduced the stability of the building. The two windows in semicircular arch, which open on each face of the stage squares tower, distant one of the other, are separated by a pilaster engages which supports the repercussions of a double blind arcade in semicircular arch forming relieving arch. The columns which frame these windows are of a strong diameter, with capitals epanneles and bases decorated with tori; their arc is double, without the least ornament in the projection, without the simplest moulding. Lastly, to give on the floor of transition more solidity, no window was bored there; the gable and its supports do not frame a bay; they are brackets on a blank wall. The upper floor has only one window, in semicircular arch, without posts, on each one of its four large faces (the circular crowning of the bell-tower of Collonges is certainly of a more recent time and must be contemporary, like the arrow out of frame, of the rebuilding of the church. In the origin, the tower was to be deadened by a stone arrow affecting the octagonal form).

'' As a whole, this bell-tower has an antiquated aspect that we do not find with the same degree has Saint-Junien and has Uzerche. The manufacturer of Collonges has finds the transition between the two plans and knew to spare it by means of the solid masses of angle, the stringcourses and the gables; he has gives thus has his tower the characteristic silhouette. He had the design of the Limousin bell-tower. ''

If the bell-tower has preserve in entirety almost its construction first, it is the same church which, in the beginning, had the form crucifere, and is today only one quadrilateral lengthens. The nave was remade towards 14th or the 15? century, just as the vaults.

The frontage of this church shows a rather odd characteristic: One sees there in full wall a quantity of stones sculptees which were used like hardcores as filling. While studying and gathering these stones, by a separated drawing, which is easy because of their nature different from that from the ordinary stones from construction (the stones sculptees are a white limestone and the others are red sandstone), one realizes that they formed formerly the tympanum of the gate of the church, as well as known as Mr. the Poulbriere abbot:

'' One finds, as has Carennac (Batch), the representation of Christ triumphing sitted in an acute aureole, in the middle of the four animals evangelic. Under its feet and along a first zone a half of the apostolic senate tronait: the six figures of this lintel were detached some under three arcades geminees, appuyees has their center by small posts: Of each dimension of the Saver, in the higher zone this one has, distributed the other apostles, also arrange under blind arcades, but blind arcades without support. Finally two angels oppose under the archivolt supplemented decoration. ''

We unisons has Mr. Poulbriere canon to say that '' since this work is not entirely lost, one could operate the rebuilding of it. It would be an invaluable remainder of the 12th century which, with the bell-tower, would constitute the most interesting part of the church of Collonges. ''

The State, which has class the church, .devrait certainly to make gather these details of sculpture and reconstitute this tympanum.

  • Titrate: Bulletin of the Company of the letters, sciences and arts of Correze
  • Author: Company of the letters, sciences and arts of Correze
  • Editor: Museum of the Cloister (Tulle)
  • Go back to edition: 1879

Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Sauveur
(Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Sauveur, collonges la rouge)

Heritage listed, historical monument, or having been under investigation

Structural information

Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Sauveur, « Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Sauveur » is a construction of the city of Collonges la rouge (France, Correze). Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Sauveur, French Heritage monument to Collonges la rouge collonges la rouge, correze

Location and general information

  • identifier : 23534
  • item : Eglise Saint-Pierre ou Saint-Sauveur
  • Location of the building :
    • Limousin
    • Corrèze
    • Collonges-la-Rouge
  • INSEE code of the municipality : 19057
  • Zip code of the municipality : 19500
  • Order in the communal list : 11
  • Name of the building :
    • The building is designated as follows : church
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    • the current state of the monument is not known.

Dates and times

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  • Date of protection : 1905/04/04 : classé MH
  • Date taken into account : 1993/09/15

Construction, architecture and style

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Monument and history of the place

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  • Other :
    • other Information : owned by the 1992 municipality
  • Picture : bc335fcc96819ebd72e3fa77315f79d5.jpg
  • Details : Eglise : classement par arrêté du 4 avril 1905
  • Mérimée reference : PA00099722

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Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Sauveur, French Heritage monument to Collonges la rouge. Picture of Lumière du matin
Eglise Saint-Pierre ou Saint-Sauveur, collonges la rouge
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Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Sauveur, French Heritage monument to Collonges la rouge. Picture of Lumière du matin
Eglise Saint-Pierre ou Saint-Sauveur, collonges la rouge

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