Belfry said the clock tower, French Heritage monument to Beaune

The tower features a vaulted well cellar, a ground floor which housed a shop, and 5 floors covered with floor on beams. The cave is accessible by a straight staircase in stone, the 1st floor by a spiral stone staircase and the other by wooden straight stairs. 5 Floors are pierced side street of coussièges Windows, the 6th rectangular day on each side. On the 2nd floor, a fireplace has retained a Raven and ancient walls. The tower is covered with a slate roof in Pavilion surmounted by a bell tower with lace covered frame of lead
* its gargoyles arrow is decorated with a Ducal in the upper third Crown and a spur Ridge. In 1395, following a dispute between Beaune and the abbaye de Maizieres, the Duke le duc Philippe Philippe it bold ordered the religious of transfer to the city for 200 F, a tower and located House Street market in coal. In November 1397, the Duke gave part of the money raised on salt for the establishment of a clock on the tower. the oldest Bell is dated 1407 (see file). A deliberation of 8 April 1575 refers to a market with Jehan de Curtil, Roofer in Beaune to cover the tiles sealed, chalkboards and other clock. In 1681, minutes of visit described the building as a tower with 6 floors (levels) which only 1 may be inhabited, others have no floor (the weight of the clock then descended to the 2nd floor)
* Tower, found to be in poor condition, will have to be raised 12 feet (3.90 m) to hear the clock throughout the city. At this date, the great East window contains a dial surmounted by a moon
* at the end of the 18th century, Bredeault reports that a half black, half Golden globe marked the phases of the moon. 2 entries on paper found in the globe in 1800 indicate that it was made in 1620 and enhanced in 1780. A new clock was purchased in Paris in 1860 and the dial replaced in 1880. In the 17th century, the other window was decorated with a mercury lead. The clock tower was repaired many times over the centuries
* as a result of an estimate of repairs drawn up in June 1749 by entrepreneurs beaunois Bellevault and red, the municipality decided on December 20, 1750, to demolish the Tower in too poor condition. Before the general disapproval, the destruction project was abandoned and the building consolidated by tie rods following the quote from 1749. A memory of repair was established in 1785 by Pourcher. In 1893, the framing, roofing and plumbing of the campanile art were restored, and walled bays or partly destroyed returned by Selmersheim quotation.

Source: Ministry of Culture, France

Belfry said the clock tower
(Belfry said the clock tower, beaune)

Reported to be remarkable heritage of quality.

Structural information

Belfry said the clock tower, The tower features a vaulted well cellar, a ground floor which housed a shop, and 5 floors covered with floor on beams. The cave is accessible by a straight (...) Belfry said the clock tower, French Heritage monument to Beaune beaune, cote d'or

Location and general information

  • identifier : 25033
  • item : Beffroi dit tour de l'horloge
  • Location of the building :
    • Bourgogne
    • Côte-d'Or
    • Beaune
  • Address : rue Marey
  • INSEE code of the municipality : 21054
  • Zip code of the municipality : 21200
  • Order in the communal list : 17
  • Name of the building :
    • The building is designated as follows : belfry
  • State :
    • the current state of the monument is not known.

Dates and times

  • Period of construction :
    • We have no information on the time of construction of this monument.
  • Investigation : 1988
  • Date of protection : 1885/08/27 : classé MH
  • Date taken into account : 2001/10/08

Construction, architecture and style

  • Materials: 2 elements are used in the main structure of the building.
    • limestone
    • rubble
  • Roofing : Coverage of this building is varied there are 3 different types :
    • polygonal spire
    • pavilion roof
    • roof
  • Materials (roofing) : 2 elements in the composition of the hedge, among them we noted
    • slate
    • lead cover
  • Other about the composition roofs :
    • A mode of coverage listed 'segmental barrel vault'
  • Floors : 2 type of floors in this manual :
    • basement
    • 5-storey square
  • Stairs : 8 types of stairs have been cataloged in this monument, stairs are of type :
    • spiral staircase
    • straight staircase
    • masonry
    • in frame
    • stairs in work-
    • staircase
    • straight staircase in masonry
    • spiral staircase in masonry
  • Decoration of the building :
    • No information about decoration.
  • Representation :
    • No information on the ornamentation of the place.
  • Typology :
    • No information about typology.
  • Plan :
    • Plan Type 'regular square plan'

Monument and history of the place

  • Elements protected MH (historical monument) :
    • Any particular element of the building is subject to protection in our database.
  • Constituent areas :
    • no information.
  • Parties constituantes étudiées :
    • no information.
  • Use :
    • We do not know the different uses that have been made of this construction.


  • Other :
    • other Information : property of the municipality
  • Picture : 70aa7fcbd5bc389bae289ca785e31b33.jpg
  • Authors of the survey MH :
    • Olivereau Christian
    • Fromaget Brigitte
  • Mérimée reference : IA21000103

Men involved in this construction

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