Cotes d'armor


The department of Dimension-of-North was creates with the French Revolution, on March 4, 1790, pursuant to the law of December 22, 1789. It includes/understands part of the old province of Brittany, made up of the east of the eveches of Cornwall and Tregor, almost totality of the eveche of Saint-Brieuc (the extreme south being attaches to Morbihan), of the North-West of the eveche of Saint-Malo, one small portion in the west of the eveche of Fraud, as well as two small portions in north of the eveche of Valves.

To the civilian, it extends on the counts de Penthievre and by Tregor, increase essence of Poudouvre and north parts of Poher and Porhoet. It thus takes again an important part of the old kingdom of Domnonee (from which the name disappears to the XI E century).

The formation of the department was very discussed. The western part wanted a department centers on Morlaix gathering the North-West of Brittany. The town of Saint-Malo wanted that a department was form around it, with the detriment of Saint-Brieuc and Rennes, but this project did not have any support of the representatives of the other Breton cities. Finally, the department of Dimension-of-North extended until the Rancid one, St-Malo obtaining only some communes facing him on the left bank of Rancid (of which Dinard). The town of Saint-Brieuc obtained to be the chief town for it, with the detriment of Quintin, another candidate as peuplee as it.

During two centuries, the department bore the name of Dimension-of-North. A long time critical and judges devaluing, this name was exchange on February 27, 1990 - nearly thirty years after in 1962 the General advice had given an favorable opinion in this direction - for Cotes of Armor, literally meaning '' dimensions of the country of the sea ''.


The department of the Dimensions of Armor belongs to the Brittany area. It is bordering on the departments of Finistere in the west, Morbihan in the south and Ille-et-Vilaine in the east.

source: wikipedia.

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