The department was creates with the French Revolution, on March 4, 1790 pursuant to the law of December 22, 1789, primarily from the old province of Walk.

To the XIX E century

Since the Middle Ages, as in all the communes of the department, much men every year in the big cities left on the building sites the building to be made engage as mason, carpenter, roofer etcC' is as well as the masons of Hollow became builder of Cathedral, in 1624, they built the dam of the La Rochelle, at the XIX century, they participerent with the construction of Paris of the baron Haussmann. Initially temporary of March has November, the emigration became final: thus the Hollow one lost half of its population between 1850 and 1950. One finds in the book of Martin Nadaud Memoires of Leonard, the description of this exodus which so strongly marked the lifestyles.

To the XX E century

In 1917, a Mutiny of the Russian soldiers in Courtine settles in the military camp creusois.

From 1963 has 1980,1 630 children reunionnais orphan were move by the French authorities with an aim of repopulating the French departments victims of the rural migration like the Hollow one, the Tarn, Gers. This child abduction by whole planes was organizes under the authority of Michel Debre, deputy of the Meeting at the time. This episode of the French history, very known with the Meeting, which has gives place has many written studies or filmees is commonly calls the business of the Children of Hollow or Reunionnais of the Hollow one.


The Hollow one belongs to the area of the Limousin. It is bordering on the departments of Correze, of High-Vienna, Allier, of the Puy-de-d?me, Expensive and Indre.

The department east locates at the north-western end of the Massif Central. The plate of Millevaches occupies south-east. The department culminates has 932 Mr. in the drill of Chateauvert, has Saint-Oradoux-of-Chirouze.

source: wikipedia.

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