The canton of Eymet east locates in the basin of the Garonne, whose Drot is an affluent; the city sat on left bank of this river, in a valley narrow, but fertile and rich in picturesque sites.

This region presents the traces of an very-old population; it has a rather remarkable Celtic monument that time and the barbarians could not destroy. One sees has a kilometer of Rouquette (borough of the canton of Eymet), a cromleck form of stones limestones, placees of field, on a circular line, and surmontees of an enormous horizontal flint of three bills of quantities length.

Roman civilization appears to be arretee in this country with kindness; monuments curious, and recently discovered, attest its presence there during the centuries passed since the first times of the invasion until the fall of Bottom Empire.

In spoil of the royal road, not yet terminee, of Limoges has Mount-of-Marsan, passing by Eymet, one has finds two statues: one represents a man of an ripe age and the other a teenager. Both are of size more than ordinary and are characterized by the purity from the forms and the correction from the drawing. Bricks has facings, of the fragments of pottery fine and some imperial medals rather well conservees surrounded them; dimension has, lay a section of column cannelee of a great dimension. With fifty steps of distance, and on the same line, a section of wall inserts of four bills of quantities approximately and demolished by the workmen, has lets escape from its remains of the medals silver and bronze from Domitien, Trebonius Gallus, the two Gordian ones, Volusien, Galien, Salonine and Philippe; other Roman medals, has large module, of Adrien, Trajan, etc, etc, had been rencontrees in the commune of Rouquette, under a secular oak shot down by a logger. Not far from, an owner smashing a land in tillage which dominates expenses small valley, updated an aqueduct out of bricks has edges; finally, any advertisement which of Drot the conquerors of Gaules liked the valley, and has this species of military colonists that Rome sent following its armies to consolidate its empire. It is not known if a Roman camp (castrum) has occupies the space which currently contains the town of Eymet; but the small brook which is circumvented around its enclosure and which filled later the pits of the walls, bore unmemorable time the name of the Tiber: this name extends has a street and with the adjacent district.

According to the popular tradition, an abbey of Benedictines rose on the ground or are today places the church, the presbytery and the contiguous place. This abbey, as well as preceding constructions, was entirely ruinee during the invasion of the barbarians; nevertheless, it is believable that it determined, around it, the establishment of some more or less important dwellings, first core of the posterior foundation of the city.


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There are 129 localities (Place called, location known as) in Eymet : grange neuve ; la chapelle ; saint martin ; le rousset ; les sables ; la maisonnette ; les roux ; la tuiliere ; la maison du bois ; le cluzel ; les graves ; plaisance ; bron ; la plaine ; la basse cour ; la gravette ; la perche ; roche ; le rocher ; la mouliere ; les andrieux ; couderc ; la borie ; foirac ; fraysse ; la borie neuve ; peyrelevade ; le maine ; le caillou ; le luquet ; l angle ; tous vents ; les vieilles pierres ; les bruges ; l ourme ; blis ; la castagne ; carreyrou de la centauree ; carreyrou de la coriandre ; carreyrou de la marjolaine ; carreyrou de la pervenche ; carreyrou du serpolet ; le pont de juillet ; lescouroux ; angelys ; berbol ; boca ; bretou ; cadesque ; canevelle ; carrefour ; carroussel ; cogulot ; colong ; courtiade ; eylias nord ; eylias sud ; fonfrede ; fonpeyre ; galevente ; galiniere ; gensac ; grand gaillard ; grand maragnac ; gravet ; la brande d eylias ; la cote de poutet ; la cote de rouquette ; la durande ; la gagerie ; la gilette ; la grange brulade ; la grossette ; la guilhe ; la mazane ; la panouille ; la plombanie ouest ; la rode ; lanusse ; laulerie ; lauzanac ; le baillou ; le carquet ; le chateau de poutet ; le chateau pinquet ; le galet ; le maine du pauvert ; le maine saint sulplice ; le moutique ; le roc de salomon ; le rousset neuf ; le tuquet blanc ; le vergne ; lescoussou ; lespinet ; metairie de poutet ; montauzel ; palanque ; paute ; pauvert ; pazier ; pech de la roque ; penot ; pestillac ; petit gaillard ; petit rouquette ; peyraud ; peyretout ; peyroulet ; pouquette ; poutasse ; pressillac ; sabana ; saint jean bruc ; saint sulplice d eymet ; sainte marthe ; sauban ; saumet ; sous les cotes ; terrade ; titel ; tonadre ; mal basty ; neguessaoume ; pile ; pont barreau ; pre de leygat ; reyjaud ; st aulaine de l angle.

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Monuments in Eymet, Eymet has 5 buildings protected. Include :

  1. Dolmen d'Eylias official reference : PA00082530 ;
  2. Pigeonnier de la Garenne official reference : PA00082531 ;
  3. official reference : PA00132928 ;
  4. official reference : PA00135165 ;
  5. official reference : PA24000051
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  • bibliothèque intercommunale du pays d'eymet 0 (31 rue du couvent 24500 eymet)
    located 31 rue du couvent

Statistics for Eymet

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 24500
Insee code : 24167
Longitude : 0.437836
Latitude : 44.706813
Total population : 2623 people
place called : 129
alley : 1
avenue : 10
boulevard : 1
path : 4
place : 4
dock : 1
route : 7
st : 24
lane : 2

Castle of la bastide, French Heritage monument to Eymet 2
Bastide founded in 1270 by Alphonse de Poitiers. Castle included in the fortification of the bastide. Remains attached to the North wall, inside the city walls. (...) Castle of la bastide, French Heritage monument to Eymet

La Garenne Pigeonnier, French Heritage monument to Eymet 4
« La Garenne Pigeonnier » is a construction of the city of Eymet (France, Dordogne). La Garenne Pigeonnier, French Heritage monument to Eymet

Eylias dolmen, French Heritage monument to Eymet 3
« Eylias dolmen » is a construction of the city of Eymet (France, Dordogne). Eylias dolmen, French Heritage monument to Eymet

Castle of Pouthet, French Heritage monument to Eymet 1
« Castle of Pouthet » is a construction of the city of Eymet (France, Dordogne). Castle of Pouthet, French Heritage monument to Eymet