The department was creates with the French Revolution, on March 4, 1790 pursuant to the law of December 22, 1789, starting from part of the province of Dauphine to which it belonged with the High Alps and Isere.

The limits of the department were several times modifiees following the annexation of Comtat Venaissin in 1792 then of the creation of the department of Vaucluse in 1793. The towns of Carpentras and Valreas, in particular, belonged to the transitory Drome of way. These modifications creerent an enclave of Vaucluse (canton of Valreas) in Drome, the largest enclave of this kind in France.


Drome belongs to the Rhone-Alps area. It is bordering on the departments of Ardeche, Isere, of Hautes-Alpes, of Alp-of-High-Provence and Vaucluse.

The very wide department and with the relief storm belongs to the solid mass of the Western Alps integrating the pre-Alps of Vercors, Diois, Devoluy, Baronnies in the East and the valley of the Rhone in the West. The culminating point east locates in the solid mass of Devoluy has 2.456 bills of quantities, the Round Rock.

One distinguishes there sometimes:

  • The '' Drome of the hills '' in north, the green character similar to the mounts of the Lyonese,
  • The plain of Valence in the west of the bottom of the wolf,
  • Vercors in the east (Regional natural park),
  • The valley of Drome and Diois with the foot of Vercors (or more the high summits of the department are),
  • Drome of Provence in the south.

But these recent names do not have basic history, linguistics or ethnological.

A characteristic of Drome east also to completely surround a territory which belongs to the department close to Vaucluse, the Enclave of the popes.

The department draws its name from Drome, river prealpine tributary of the Rhone, long 110 km finding its source in extreme cases of the High Alps and Drome, at the Build-of-Bottoms.

Source: wikipedia.

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