Manor said the Grande Maison, French Heritage monument to Nogent le rotrou

We enter, street of the Rhone n? 9, at one nogentais, Mr. Tremblay, who makes us in an extremely pleasant way the complete honors of the old hotel of the lord de Mereglise with pinion characteristic of the XVI E century and hexagonal tower. In a big room of the first stage, beautiful stone chimney has twisted columns, unfortunately coated with a paint which thickens contours of them. With the hearth, an admirable plate of conservation or the signs of the Revolution mix with the weapons with the Royalty, two escutcheons separated by the Phrygian cap and the inscription: The Nation, the Law, the King.

Source: Bulletin (historical and archaeological Company of the Flowering ash) 1904-1951.

Collection of antiquities of the Pole

When the counts of the Pole faisoient their residence with the dict Nogent, several lords, for estre close to eulx, made bastir houses with the dict Nogent or they are logerent.

Eutr' others the lord of Dardenay fist to bastir there a house that one still names the tower of Ardenay, which it increased by taxable quota and revenues belonging to the lord of Cheneliere now.

The lord of Mereglise, a house calls the tower of Mereglise, with taxable quota and revenues.

The lord of Montgaudry, a tower and house appellee of its name and several others.

Source: Collection of antiquities of the Pole, counts and lords of ladicte province etc by Bart of Swell 1890.

Manor said the Grande Maison
Crédit photo : (Manor said the Grande Maison, nogent le rotrou)

Heritage listed, historical monument, or having been under investigation

Structural information

Manor said the Grande Maison, « Manor said the Grande Maison » is a construction of the city of Nogent le rotrou (France, Eure et loir). Manor said the Grande Maison, French Heritage monument to Nogent le rotrou nogent le rotrou, eure et loir

Location and general information

  • identifier : 42321
  • item : Manoir dit La Grande Maison
  • Location of the building :
    • Centre
    • Eure-et-loir
    • Nogent-le-Rotrou
  • Address : 9 rue du Rhône
  • INSEE code of the municipality : 28280
  • Zip code of the municipality : 28400
  • Order in the communal list : 11
  • Name of the building :
    • The building is designated as follows : manor
  • State :
    • the current state of the monument is not known.

Dates and times

  • Period of construction :
    • The building dates mainly from the period : 18th century
  • Date of protection : 1949/11/22 : inscrit MH
  • Date taken into account : 1993/09/14

Construction, architecture and style

  • Materials:
    • We do not have this information.
  • Roofing :
    • We do not have this information.
  • Materials (roofing) :
    • We do not have this information.
  • Other about the composition roofs :
    • No information on the coverage of the place.
  • Floors :
    • any information about this construction.
  • Stairs :
    • No stairs mentioned on this construction.
  • Decoration of the building :
    • No information about decoration.
  • Representation :
    • No information on the ornamentation of the place.
  • Typology :
    • No information about typology.
  • Plan :
    • We do not know the type of plan for this building.

Monument and history of the place

  • Elements protected MH (historical monument) :
    • Any particular element of the building is subject to protection in our database.
  • Constituent areas :
    • no information.
  • Parties constituantes étudiées :
    • no information.
  • Use :
    • We do not know the different uses that have been made of this construction.


  • Other :
    • other Information : property of a private person 1992
  • Details : Manoir dit La Grande Maison : inscription par arrêté du 22 novembre 1949
  • Mérimée reference : PA00097180

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Description of this building by Grand Titus :

Logis seigneurial qui se situe au 9 rue de Rhône à Nogent le Rotrou.

Rotrou III, deuxième compte du Perche, develloppe en grande partie le "Bourg-le-Comte" au pied du château (XIIème siècle). Il y logea des officier de sa suite et tout autour s'établirent les marchands dans le paturage voisin (d'où le nom de Paty). Ce manoir fait parti du quartier du Paty et il est le témoin de cette époque.

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Manor said the Grande Maison, French Heritage monument to Nogent le rotrou. Picture of Grand Titus
Manoir dit La Grande Maison, nogent le rotrou
Description of this building by Grand Titus :

Le Manoir dit la Grande Maison, 9 rue de Rhône, Nogent-le-Rotrou :

Édifice du 16ème siècle, transformé au 18ème siècle. Pignons ornés de motifs scultés du 16ème siècle. Dans la cour intérieure, à la rencontre des deux bâtiments d’angle, se trouve une tourelle renfermant un escalier à vis, en pierre. À l’intérieur, cheminées de pierre et boiseries du 18ème siècle.

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