Aubie et espessas

Aubie and Espessas

Little story in the large one

  • In 458, according to the monastic movement of expansion of the Middle Ages, Templiers settle has Bordeaux. They found there hospitals and places of worship.
  • It is in 1272, as testifies some a stone of foundation updated during work of restoration, than Templiers make build the church of Aubie. Like its neighbor of the prioress of Espessas, it accomodates many pilgrims who go has Saint-Jacob de Compostelle, by the ways of the Livornese.
  • In 1312, Beautiful Philippe the, jealous one of the financial power of Templiers and coveting their goods, obtain from the pope Clement V the suppression of this kind. At that time, Saint Martin's day d' Aubie is a parish of the Archbishop's palace of Borough, pertaining to the diocese of Bordeaux.
  • In XVIeme century, the area, although agitee by local conflicts, knows an extraordinary economic advancement. There exists little of documents over this time of XVeme and XVIeme centuries. We however know, by a collation (note) of March 24, 1523, that the parish church Saint Martin's day d' Aubie and its cure depend on the Saint-Pierre Prioress to the Bonds of Espessas. Texts of 1575 and 1583 confirm it: the Prioress regular about Saint-beno?t of Espessas enjoys half of the decimal funds of Aubie.
  • In same time, by application of the 1078,1080 and 1326 councils, it is precise that only the vicars and cleans it of Aubie are entitle has to carry out the parochial ministry as secular priests (the monks of the regular orders, like that of Saint-Beno4it cheese, are prohibited functions curiales).
  • The end of XVIeme century is disturbed by the Wars of religion. The Saint-Saver Abbey of Blaye, to which east attaches the prioress of Espessas, is, as all the parishes which depend on it, in a great state of misery. Several conflicts between the successive priors and the cures of Aubie worsen the situation.
  • To the XVIIIeme century, on May 29, 1745, the Archbishop of Bordeaux entrusts to the noviciate Jesuits of Saint-Andrew de Cubzac, the Prioress of Espessas and his appendices of Aubie and Salignac. At that time, the two parishes count 900 inhabitants including 618 practitioners. The church of Aubie is then the center of the religious life of the two parishes, its cure having the whole of the incomes of the Prioress.
  • In 1754, visit of the Archbishop who notes that the church of Aubie is in fort bad condition.
  • In 1787, the scandal of the ciborium takes place! The parishioners of Espessas, wish to recover the ciborium of Aubie, applicant that it be theirs. It follows a riot from there; Aubie in victorious fate and the ciborium will remain there!
  • In 1813, the two communes are joined together.
  • In 1820, the two churches, not maintained, are in such a state of misery that the mayor of Aubie considers the demolition of the church of Espessas to renovate that of Aubie. It was without taking into account the determination of the inhabitants of Espessas which, always very fasteners has their bell-tower, counteract vigorously, and, constant by their bishop, undertake themselves the restoration of their church. It will have to be waited until 1827 so that Aubie restores his.

The church of Saint Pierre be Bonds of Espessas

It is a Romance church dating from the 12th century and fortifiee subsequently. It presents a frontage decoree serrations or teeth of saw whose shelf rests on a continuation of let us modillons tangent. Leo Drouyn indicates that '' the frontage is surmontee of a modern bell-tower pinion bores of two bays for the bells ''. One notices, on the right under the porch of Romance style saintongeais, a calcareous stone stoup. The nave has arcades isolees inside. The apse has sides cuts whose columns go up to the cornice and whose walls were elevated for defense. '' It has escaped with the architects restorers of the XIXe century and thus preserves still a very strong Romance identity '', indicates Bernard Larrieu. The high altar is out of wood and the retable out of stone; they date from the 18th century and are classes Historic buildings as object by decree of July 30, 1970. The bell bronzes date of 1556 of it, it was classee Historic building as object by decree of October 12, 1942.

The church Saint Martin d' Aubie

The church St Martin d' Aubie is a Romance church has flat bedside said templiere whose apse goes back to XIIeme century. The Chorus, vault lierne, are enlightened on the flat wall of the bedside by two Romance, long and narrow bays decorated stained glasses. With XIVeme or XVeme century are associated there side chapels. It is as of this time as date the statue hones some (classee historic building) representing an young girl holding a book in her left hand. (Perhaps the Virgin teenager) By its gracious posture, it precedes the Gothic style. Christ in cross (wood) beginning of XVIeme, the Virgin doree and her retable of XVIIIeme are registered on the inventory of furniture classifies.

Source: Friends of the inheritance Albin.


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Town or city :
Postcode of city : 33240
Insee code : 33018
Longitude : -0.389451
Latitude : 44.998209
Total population : 973 people
place called : 2
path : 6
dead : 14
st : 35

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« Espessas Church » is a construction of the city of Aubie et espessas (France, Gironde). Espessas Church, French Heritage monument to Aubie et espessas