Haute garonne


The department was creates with the French Revolution, on March 4, 1790 pursuant to the law of December 22, 1789, starting from part of the province of Languedoc. It was vaster than now because it included part of the Tarn-et-Garonne with Montech and Castelsarrasin. They was the courses of the Tarn and Tescou which drew its limit.

General information

The Haute-Garonne belongs to the Midday-Pyrenees area. The department does not constitute a historical area of France. It is an administrative division formee of various pieces of Languedoc and Gascogne.

The department is cross-piece by the higher course of the Garonne river which gives him its name. Contours of the department follow the orientation of the river. The river enters to France has Fos, then passes has Montrejeau, near Saint-Gaudens and in the center of Toulouse, before leaving the department. The Garonne crosses the department over a length close to 200 kilometers. Of is in west, the channel of the South and the side channel in the Garonne crosses the department of the Haute-Garonne. The Garonne course the department while crossing three distinct geographical areas. A mountainous region in the south of the department belongs to the Pyrenean solid mass. The peak of Perdiguere (3 222 m) being more the high summit of the Haute-Garonne. A first plain, more to north, extends from Montrejeau until Saint-Martory, or the Garonne past bordered in south-east by the slopes of Comminges. The large Toulouse plain, after St-Martory, extends on all north from the department. In Toulouse, the plain is bordered in the west by the hills of Lomagne, in the east by the slopes of Lauragais.

Source: wikipedia.

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