Le monastier sur gazeille


le monastier sur gazeille, French city Department of haute loire with 6 historical sites listed or simply studied for their remarkable character.
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There are 59 localities (Place called, location known as) in Le monastier sur gazeille : le mont ; les combes ; le villard ; la tuilerie ; la riviere ; le moulin bas ; saint victor ; la borie ; chateauneuf ; la rousselle ; le goutail ; le bouchet ; le fraysse ; le mazel ; l herm ; le pouzat ; couyras ; le coudert ; les marteaux ; les palles ; les narcisses ; les rochas ; les massonnes ; le garay ; la freydeyre ; aurouze ; chabannes hautes ; chamarier ; choulet ; la besseyre haute ; la beysseyre basse ; la grande borie ; la grande cueille ; la petite cueille ; la prade de saint victor ; le crouzet de meyzoux ; le moulin de pomeyrol ; le moulin de recoumene ; le pertuzat ; le pont de l estaing ; les hourches ; les immorandes ; les inclavades ; les rascoux ; artaud ; avouac ; barthe cure ; besseyrole basse ; chabannes basses ; chabriac ; crouziols ; fontfreyde ; granegoules ; la besseyrole haute ; meymac ; meyzoux ; moulines ; moutette ; salces.

listeds buildings (classified and protected) in Le monastier sur gazeille

Monuments in Le monastier sur gazeille, Le monastier sur gazeille has 6 buildings protected. Include :

  1. Ancienne abbaye official reference : PA00092709 ;
  2. official reference : PA00092710 ;
  3. Eglise abbatiale (ancienne) : classement par liste de 1840 official reference : PA00092711 ;
  4. official reference : PA00092712 ;
  5. Maison (Saint-Pierre (rue) 79) official reference : PA00092713 ;
  6. official reference : PA00092929
Please note this list is likely to evolve, the data presented are from 2013.

Places of Culture

Librarie le monastier sur gazeille, le monastier sur gazeille has 1 Librarie :

  • bibliotheque intercommunale (place du couvent 43150 le monastier sur gazeille)

Statistics for Le monastier sur gazeille

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 43150
Insee code : 43135
Longitude : 4.046061
Latitude : 44.919858
Total population : 1779 people
place called : 59
avenue : 3
path : 1
dead : 4
place : 5
area : 1
roundabout : 1
route : 11
st : 19

St. John's Church to Le-Monastier-sur-Gazeille
Romanesque church burnt down in 1362 and rebuilt in the 15th century, the surviving original façade. The western part has remained Romanesque and Romanesque spirit, with its comb. The building consists of a Romanesque span cradle broken accompanying the facade and three Gothic aisles, the last accompanied by two chapels side forming transept, itself forming chorus.

Abbey Church Saint-Chaffre to Le monastier sur gazeille
To 680, Calminius, Governor of Auvergne, built an oratory dedicated to St. Peter on his property of the Villard, certainly to the location of the current Monastier, North of the Church. This oratory, ruined and too small, is abandoned. Vulfade, Abbot of le Monastier from 950 to 982, undertakes a new building south of the oratory.

Abbey Castle of Le-Monastier-sur-Gazeille
In the 14th century, the Abbots of le Monastier last their safety by building the Castle whose remains represent that the base of a building originally higher, and distorted by the holes. This decision followed the siege of le Monastier ravaged by the road in 1361. The Castle survived without apparent modifications until the mid 16th century.

The Recoumene viaduct to Le monastier sur Gazeille
This viaduct, built from 1921 to 1925 on the so-called line Transcevenole by engineer Paul Séjourné, marks the height of the system of construction of the (...) The Recoumene viaduct, French Heritage monument to Le monastier sur gazeille

Old Abbey, French Heritage monument to Le monastier sur gazeille 2
The Abbey was founded about 570 by Carméry, Governor of Auvergne. After the collapse of the first building, a reconstruction is undertaken of 1074 in 1086. (...) Old Abbey, French Heritage monument to Le monastier sur gazeille

House, French Heritage monument to Le monastier sur gazeille 5
The Kings of France were weekly markets near the Church of St. John, causing elongation of the city to the South. Montpezat road then take the name 'St. Peter', (...) House, French Heritage monument to Le monastier sur gazeille