Poisson, commune of the district of Vassy, erigee in chief town of canton in 1825. It is situee on Bongeant, with the confluence of Pissincelle, has 49 kilometers of Chaumont, in a small valley to which lead three valleys formees by raised slopes and plants of vines, whose wine is enough estimates. The territory, which is cross-piece by the ways of great communication n? 2 and 16, has 1544 hectares of extent.

One works there iron mines in rock which, of the 1616, have it to build factories has iron on Corroding with the permission of the abbot of Saint-Urbain, owner of the seigniory. Remainder, remains, amonceles on a close mountain, reveal us the existence of old forging mills has arm and milked horse. There has today, is Poisson, two hautsfourneaux and several stamping mills of which one east calls Chenezonval, of the name of the brook which feeds it. These factories occupy of forty has fifty workmen.

This important commune, which has 233 hectares of wood and 187 of waste lands, contains a population of 1478 inhabitants. There is walk Thursday of each week and one holds three fairs in the year to with it: January 2,May 1, September 3. The girls have a school particuliere under the direction of the sisters of Providence. The church, dediee has Saint Agnan, has a cure and a vicar.

In 1789, Poisson belonged to the monks of Saint-Urbain, except for the strongholds of Riaucourt and Sampigny or of the ironmasters, which belonged then to the Mollerat family. This family lived the castle whose Mr. Marquette inherited Fleury, which was appointed with the legislative Body, then Misters de Maupas, her nephews. The parish depended on the election on Joinville, Champagne general information and ressortissait of the prevote of Andelot to the bailliage of Chaumont. For the spiritual one, it had two churches separated by Corroding and dediees, one has Saint Amand, bishop of Rhodez; the other has Saint Agnan, bishop of Orleans. The first, old parish of the castle, was diocese of Trawl-nets, senior of Joinville; the second of the diocese of Toul, senior of Reynel.

But since 1638, time to which Poisson was depopulates by the war and by the plague, these two churches did not have any more that only one cleans and the Saint-Agnan church was parochial, although one made the same offices in the Saint-Ainand church. The distinction of the dioceses always existed; but one followed the catechism of Toul. The abbot of Saint-Urbain was outlet drain of the cure and decimator.

A few years before the revolution a lawsuit, which made scandal, was brings by the abbot against the cure in connection with the dimes. Unmemorable time, it was of use has Poisson, as in many vineyards Champagne, to tell to Passion two ibis the week in summer, to attract the blessing of the sky on the vines, and at the time or the wine ran press, it cure was going to receive there what one called the Right of Passion; i.e. each vine grower gave him, according to its generosity, two, three or four pints of wine. However the wine dimes which belonged to the abbey took in the cellars and consequently after the right of Passion. It thus missed actually a few pints with the monks; they were claimed despoil; the cure defended the use and had for him the inhabitants; one printed memories, one insulted oneself and the lawsuit was not yet finishes when the constituent assembly put the parts of agreement, by removing the dimes and right of Passion.

Poisson is old. He is made by it mention with Xe century under the name of Piscio, and there exist traces of cutting off on the mountain of Chatel, or one also has finds weapons and currencies. There was still in XIIIe century of the lords of the name of Poisson. Aubert lived about 1250. One had it calls Civot. He was knight and they are its two sons, Aubert and Hugues, which have gives, in 1294 and 1295, most of the seigniory to the monks of Urbain Saint. Hugues had as a Isabelle woman. The forks patibulaires, signs of the justice of the abbey, were dressees on the mountain of Chatel. One raised them in 1468, and the official report of information teaches us that they had been renversees by a storm that cleans it of Saint-Agnan, lord Guillaume, native of Limoges, had entreats:

'' Ledist lord Guillaume yssit outside of the aforesaid the esglise, looked in hault the naked one which for perilous leure estoit and him sembloit estre, entreated it while saying: goes-T to cheoir with the Forks! who for at the time estaient on tests montaigne of Chastel, and incontinent icelles were destroyed and jettees has ground. ''

Source: Old and modern Haute-Marne by Emile Jolibois in 1858


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There are 3 localities (Place called, location known as) in Poissons : grande rue ; la forge ; le fourneau.

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Monuments in Poissons, Poissons has 3 buildings protected. Include :

  1. Eglise Saint-Aignan official reference : PA00079189 ;
  2. (Joinville (route de)) official reference : PA00079188 ;
  3. (Saint-Amand (rue de)) official reference : PA00079187
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Statistics for Poissons

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 52230
Insee code : 52398
Longitude : 5.327410
Latitude : 48.434296
Total population : 750 people
place called : 3
dead : 1
place : 2
route : 2
st : 20

Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Eglise' à poissons (haute marne 52230). Le portail de l'église Saint-Agnan de Poissons est remarquable. Il est du commencement du XVIe siècle, époque de transition du style ogival au style de la renaissance. C'est un porche carré auquel on arrive par douze degrés semi-circulaires.

haut fourneau, scierie, brosserie dite S.A. Millot Collot
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'haut fourneau, scierie, brosserie dite S.A. Millot Collot' à poissons (haute marne 52230).

Usine Métallurgique, Usine de Produits Chimiques, Usine de Menuiserie (Usine de Minium)
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Usine Métallurgique, Usine de Produits Chimiques, Usine de Menuiserie (Usine de Minium)' à poissons (haute marne 52230).

Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Scierie' à poissons (haute marne 52230).

Croix de chemin du 16s située à l'entrée du village
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Croix de chemin du 16s située à l'entrée du village' à poissons (haute marne 52230).

Château rue de Saint-Amand
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Château' à poissons (haute marne 52230).