Castle of Montmaur, French Heritage monument to Montmaur

The baronnie of Montmaur was the fourth of the Dauphine one, and its lords had the hereditary title of large huntsmen of the Dolphin.

Montauban, owners of the baronnie of this name, were the first lords.

This first race, following Guy Allard, died out in 1310, in the person of Raymond; Guillaume Artaud, wire of Mabille de Montauban, sister of the last lord and Guillaume Artaud, lord of Aix and Bellegarde, succeeded to him by taking the name and arm with Montauban. This account must obviously contain a considerable error: since 1212, Guillaume, baron de Montmaur, carries in the public acts the name of Arthaudi of Assembles-Albano, it is the same of his successors Isoard (1239), Raymond (1247) and Reynaud (1287).

This second race died out in 1434, in the person of Raymond Artaud de Montauban; his/her Marguerite sister married Sochon de Flotte, lord of the Rock, which began the third, that of Fleet-Montauban.

To the XVII E century, the baronnie of Montmaur was acquired by of Agout.

Montauban lent homage to the Dolphin in 1269, for this baronnie.

The castle of Montmaur is one of the monuments most remarkable and best preserved department of Hautes-Alpes.

Montauban carried azure to the three castles to three turns of gold, built of sand.

Source: Sigillography of the diocese of Gap per Joseph Novel 1870.

Castle of Montmaur
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Heritage listed, historical monument, or having been under investigation

Structural information

Castle of Montmaur, « Castle of Montmaur » is a construction of the city of Montmaur (France, Hautes alpes). Castle of Montmaur, French Heritage monument to Montmaur 2 montmaur, hautes alpes

Location and general information

  • identifier : 5253
  • item : Château de Montmaur
  • Location of the building :
    • Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
    • Hautes-Alpes
    • Montmaur
  • INSEE code of the municipality : 5087
  • Zip code of the municipality : 05400
  • Order in the communal list : 2
  • Name of the building :
    • The building is designated as follows : castle
  • State :
    • the current state of the monument is not known.

Dates and times

  • Period of construction : 3 different epochs of evolution of the building.
    • 14th century
    • 16th century
    • 17th century
  • Date of protection : 1988/10/13 : classé MH
  • Date taken into account : 1993/06/04

Construction, architecture and style

  • Materials:
    • We do not have this information.
  • Roofing :
    • We do not have this information.
  • Materials (roofing) :
    • We do not have this information.
  • Other about the composition roofs :
    • No information on the coverage of the place.
  • Floors :
    • any information about this construction.
  • Stairs :
    • No stairs mentioned on this construction.
  • Decoration of the building :
    • No information about decoration.
  • Representation :
    • No information on the ornamentation of the place.
  • Typology :
    • No information about typology.
  • Plan :
    • We do not know the type of plan for this building.

Monument and history of the place

  • Interest of the building : Site archéologique : 05 087 2 AH
  • Elements protected MH (historical monument) :6 parts of the building are subject to protection and are listed as follows :
    • stairs
    • elevation
    • roofing
    • court
    • vestibule
    • terrace
  • Constituent areas :
    • no information.
  • Parties constituantes étudiées :
    • no information.
  • Use :
    • We do not know the different uses that have been made of this construction.


  • Other :
    • other Information : property of a private person 1992
  • Details : Château, y compris terrasse au Sud et cour intérieure au Nord (cad. F 591) : classement par arrêté du 13 octobre 1988
  • Mérimée reference : PA00080591

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