Church, French Heritage monument to St aigny

information on the commune of Aigny Saint available on the fabric is rather weak when the old documents are consulted. The rare mentions which I could find do not refer has its church and what one finds door on various subjects like here:

Saint-Aigny east locates has a very-small distance from the White; the limits of this commune are has a kilometer. It touches, by its other end, has Merigny, or are two doctors, has 3 or 4 kilometers of Saint-Aigny. This commune does not have the poor, as has it to us declares the mayor; all its inhabitants are eases; it can get has few expenses, and on all its points, the helps of any species. And however the 3/8 of its inhabitants die without care (12 out of 32) (Source: Report of work of the Company of Berry has Paris, Volume 5 By Societe of Berry, Paris).

One also finds, in addition to these medical statistics a description of the local flora always in a returned Count of the company of Berry:

It is especially in the valley of Hollow or close to its edges that are a greater number of remarkable and rare plants. In addition to Yoeillel of the Carthusian monks, black Yorobe, Yandryale, the purple gremil, the melitte has large flowers, digital the yellow, the boxwood, the long-lived reprimand, the seal of Solomon, Yail of the bears, stinking Yiris, red Yepipactis, which are more or less widespread in this zone, one meets the squill of autumn, which covers certain meadows of Hollow and Anglin and goes up until on the rocks of Fongombaud and the hillock of the castle of Bouchet; and as fixees has privileged points, the bulbous corydale, between the White and Ruffec; the dental one, with the foot of the rocks of Saint-Aigny; Superb Yoeilltt, close to Belabre; the cherry tree of St Lucia, the bellflower erinet on the rocks of Fongombaud; the limodore, in the park of Benavent; the clandestine one, at the edges of Hollow, has Argenton and with the White; Bi-annual Yenothere, has Argenton; the doronic of the panthers, close to the White, and the marlagon, if remarkable by its beauty, in wood of Saint-Gaultier and Boismarmin and on the slopes of the slopes of Romefort, Rouilly and the White.

I thus let the visitor propose information which it will be able to find or which it has in his possession.

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Heritage listed, historical monument, or having been under investigation

Structural information

Church, « Church » is a construction of the city of St aigny (France, Indre). Church, French Heritage monument to St aigny st aigny, indre

Location and general information

  • identifier : 63299
  • item : Eglise
  • Location of the building :
    • Indre
    • Saint-Aigny
  • INSEE code of the municipality : 36178
  • Zip code of the municipality : 36300
  • Order in the communal list : 1
  • Name of the building :
    • The building is designated as follows : church
  • State :
    • the current state of the monument is not known.

Dates and times

  • Period of construction : 2 different epochs of evolution of the building.
    • 13th century
    • 15th century
  • Date of protection : 1932/05/11 : inscrit MH
  • Date taken into account : 1993/09/14

Construction, architecture and style

  • Materials:
    • We do not have this information.
  • Roofing :
    • We do not have this information.
  • Materials (roofing) :
    • We do not have this information.
  • Other about the composition roofs :
    • No information on the coverage of the place.
  • Floors :
    • any information about this construction.
  • Stairs :
    • No stairs mentioned on this construction.
  • Decoration of the building :
    • No information about decoration.
  • Representation :
    • No information on the ornamentation of the place.
  • Typology :
    • No information about typology.
  • Plan :
    • We do not know the type of plan for this building.

Monument and history of the place

  • Elements protected MH (historical monument) :
    • Any particular element of the building is subject to protection in our database.
  • Constituent areas :
    • no information.
  • Parties constituantes étudiées :
    • no information.
  • Use :
    • We do not know the different uses that have been made of this construction.


  • Other :
    • other Information : owned by the 1992 municipality
  • Details : Eglise : inscription par arrêté du 11 mai 1932
  • Mérimée reference : PA00097445

Contributions documentaries made by visitors

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JOJO 4/9 says of the history of this building :

L'église de ST-AIGNY (Indre).

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Church, French Heritage monument to St aigny. Picture of JOJO 4/9
Eglise, st aigny
Description of this building by JOJO 4/9 :

L'église de St-Aigny (Indre).

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