Strong House; boarding school, said Chamagnieu Castle, French Heritage monument to Chamagnieu

The strong house of Chamagnieu probably goes back at the end to 13th, on this date it belongs to the Aynard family.

?The strong house of Chamagnieu is built on a terrace which dominates the plain, and is composed of a western wing flanquee of two circular towers. In the north and the south of this body of building two wings forming return of square and comprising a round tower. the roofs are of form polygonal except for a roof which is presented with a conical form.

Later, in the history of the strong house, 2 bodies of building including/understanding the classrooms were add (1972).

An orangery (built by the Yon family between 1826 and 1900) out of stone of size supplements the whole of our jous.

?The strong house of Chamagnieu is abundantly quotes in many documents of the 19th century. Parmis those which I could consult I raised some extracts relative to the various families having intervened has a title or another in connection with the place. You will thus find Ci after some information being staged between 14th and our days. You will go up same good before this date with the history of the family Loras or you will verez the year 1109 mentions for this line.

Notes concerning the strong house

Chamagnieu, November 7, 1326.
Concession in stronghold by the dolphin Guigues, count de Vienne and of Albon, lord of the Tower, the assent of Henri Dolphin, baron de Montauban and Mevouillon, regent of Dauphine, has Pierre de Croses, knight, for reward of services, 10 liv. good Vienneses of taxable quota have to take on the funds and heritages with the mandements of Valleys and Serves. Fact a. C-iacum, in the church of the place.

Chamagnieu, November 7, 1326.
etcInd. 9, Perceval of the Fen, canon of Lyon, tutor of the children of fire Guigues of the Fen, admits having received from Guigues, dolphin of Viennese, by the hands of Jean de Verneys, who repurchased prison of the dolphin, 10 livr. large Tournaments money, one comptee 1 den., and passes receipt of an equal debt. Act. a. C-iacum, in the cemetery; witnesses: Guillaume de Boenc, knight, Jean Humberti, lawyer, Humbert de Vareille (Varilles), etc Humbert Pilati

December 5, 1327.
Henri Dolphin, lord of Montauban and Mevouillon, gives has noble Guillaume Augier (Augerii) and has his Gillette wife, girl and heiress of noble Pierre Eynard, lord of the Mound, assist of Tiburge de Synna Oze, mother and tutor dud. Augier, the castle of Moydans, diocese of Gap, with its mandement, stronghold, justice, taxable quota, etc; more its rights on the ground and mandement of St-Andre-of-Rosans (in Ausans): has responsibility of hold the whole in stronghold and homage of the dolphin. Lesd. marry give has Henri their house and strong of Chamagnieu, in the island of Cremieu, diocese of Vienna, which had been aud. Pierre, with the orchards, vines, grounds, wood, strongholds, vassal, taxable quota and other rights. Tiburge receives 800 liv. for appreciation etc

Grenoble, December 6, 1327.
Confirmation by the Guigues dolphin of the exchange of the day before between his/her uncle and marry them Augier of the strong house of Chamagnieu, with nomination and receipt of lods etc, in quotes Gracionopolis, in the court delphinale.

Montluel, April 4, 1329.
(.?.) Ask nomination by Albert Vetule, knight, with the Guigues dolphin of the strong house of Chamagnieu, has to him leguee by the will of splendid Henri Dauphin, lord of Montauban and Mevouillon, subject to 10 livr. of annual rent has Henri de Moifond (Moyffone), damoiseau. The dolphin invests it by tradition of a stick, provided with the lord of Beauregard to perceive the fruits of them during 4 years, if convention between him and Henri Dauphin is executee without allowance. Albert passes recognition and lends liege homage. Fact in the castle Montis Lupelli; witnesses: Guy de Grolee, Sr of Neyrieu, Henri Vetule, Jean of Balme, Guillaume de Royn, knights, Jean Humberti, lawyer, Jean d' Amblerieu, clerk. Humbert Pilati, of Buissiere, not. imp. and roy.

Montluel, April 6, 1329.
Guigues, dolphin of Viennese, declare that pursuant to the will of his uncle Henri Dauphin, lord of Montauban and Mevouillon, it invested strong house of noble Chamagnieu Albert of the Cow; he gives commission to the baillif of the Tower, to the lord of the manor of Cremieu and has Humbert. .illais, to put it in possession. Fact a. Montem Lupellum.

Henri Dolphin, lord of Meuillon & Montauban, bequeathed by his will of March 17 1328, the strong house of Chamagnieu, with mandement of Sand pits, has noble Albert of the Cow, which accepted the nomination of Guigues Dauphin from it, on April 4, 1329.
Albert of the Cow belonged to the gentlemen of the ground of the Tower & Valbonne in 1339.
Jacques of the Cow was canon of Vienna in 1330.

Antoine III of Maugiron, lord of Leyssins, Beauvoir-of-Marc, Bourgoin, and ground of Ruy, Chamagnieu, etc

Antoine III of Maugiron embraced the ecclesiastical state; he is known as priest incorporates church of Vienna and vice-chancellor of the vault of the saints Maurice and Laurent, founded, in the cathedral, by Lancelot Lyatard, in his letters of provisions of September 30, 1514; wire of Peronnette Lyatard, widow of Fran?ois de Maugiron, and prior commendataire of the prioress of Saint-Sorlin, in Bugey, in an act of 1518 prior of Tullins, in 1520. After of these of his brothers, Guillaume and Pierre, not being provided with the major orders, it returned in the civil life, act of which one finds a certain number of examples and who was not disapproves by the ecclesiastical authority, because Antoine de Maugiron, knight, lord of Beauvoir-of-Marc, east calls '' dilectus filius noster, '' in a pontifical of July 5, 1542, relative bubble has foundations in the church of Saint-Maurice.

According to letters patent, data has Argily, July 2, 1521, king Fran?ois Ier orders to give his friend and ferroaluminium Antoine de Maugiron, brother and successor of Peyraud, in possession of the ground of Beauvoir-of-Marc, joined together with the Field after the death of known as Peyraud, until the refunding of 8.000 1. It was provided with the load of captain lord of the manor of Quirieu and of Balme, as Viennese, by letters of Francois, duke of Estouteville, governor of Dauphine, data has Dijon, November 18, 1535; in consequence of the opposition of the public prosecutor delphinal, it was accepted only on December 23, 1536.

In October 1537, Antoine de Maugiron, Sr of Beauvoir, accepted a mandate of 20 ECUs, to be ale, in station, of Lyon towards the Dolphin, to carry to him the letters of the chancellor and the cardinal of Tournon. Fran?ois I was arrives has Lyon, on October 6, and the Dolphin had left there, the 10, to order the army in Piedmont.

Antoine III provides, August 6, 1540, an enumeration by which he states to have the ground, jurisdiction and seigniory of Beauvoir-of-Marc, plus the strong house of Louvres, to that Beauvoir, and various revenues, more with mandement of Faverges, like heir to Pernette Lyatard, its mother, a strong house and the incomes which depend (the domanial ground on it on Beauvoir-of-Marc included/understood Charantonnay, Royas, Mepin, Savas, Moidieu, Estrablin, Revolet, the strong houses of Gerboules and Louvres. Faverges included/understood, Veyrins, Corbelin and the strong house of the Borough. (Cant. from Tour-du-Pin) the high seigniory belonged to Virieu). New difficulties are eleverent between him and the Field, because it is the object of a letter of Fran?ois I, Macon September 10, 1541, by whom the king notifies to people of the accounts that Antoine de Maugiron has lends to him homage for his grounds of Beauvoir, Bourgoin and Chamagnieu (these two last of the chief of its wife) and them enjoint to make it put in possession known as seigniories.

Antoine de Maugiron, lord of Beauvoir-of-Marc, Leyssins and Louvres, married Marguerite Bohier, girl of Henri Bohier, seneshal of Lyon, and Claudine Picot; she was widowed, 1529, of Fran?ois Dupre, clerk with the alienation of the field delphinal, lord of Chamagnieu, Bourgoin and Ruy. Antoine was maintained in the possession of the seigniory of Bourgoin, undivided between him and Robert and Fran?ois Dupre, children resulting from the first marriage of his wife, with the help of 800 1. and 400 escus sun, October 31, 1532 (arch. Isere. B. - A. Prudhomme. Nol. over Bourgoin, 1881. - Domanial ground of Bourgoin, depended the strongholds on Ruy and jallieu and the strong houses of Built-Jallieu and Ratary. The incomes of this seigniory rose then has 800 1. - Dupre, consular family of Lyon; Fran?ois Dupre, wire of the first marriage of Marguerite Bohier, married Marie dejons who tested on July 1, 1571; he had only one natural girl, legitimee, Marguerite Dupre, married has Abel de Loras, to which she carried the goods of her family; become widowed, it tested on December 28, 1640. - Domanial seigniory of Chamagnieu (cant. on Cremieu) the ground on City and the strong houses of Betenou depended, Chamagnieu, Mianges and Bellegarde).

By its will of August 2, 1542, P. Perrin, notary has Vienna, Antoine de Maugiron desired being buries in the church of Beauvoir-of-Marc, with the tomb of his predecessors; bequeath has Benoit de Maugiron, priest, his natural son and gives, 500 esc. however ground. ; has Sebastien de Maugiron, his other wire naturalness, 1.000 esc. however ground. ; has Antoine de Gumin, Sr of the strong house of Romanesche, its nephew, the strong house of Leyssins, with substitution in favour of Guy de Maugiron and his sons Guillaume and Annet. Heir Guy de Maugiron, knight, seigor of Ampuis and Montleans, his/her cousin, with substitution.

Noble lady Marguerite Boyer, widow of lord Antoine de Maugiron, Sr of Beauvoir-of-Marc, and ram known as Beauvoir and of Bourgoin, receipt of 7.000 1.t gives has Guy de Maugiron, April 5, 1548.

Sebastien de Maugiron, wire natural of Antoine, was man-at-arms in the company of Guy de Maugiron, last in review, with the camp in front of Perpignan, on September 15, 1542.

LORAS: mouths, with the band losangee of gold EFF of azure. Steyert blasonne a fasce. - Loras-Montplaisant broke: party, with 1st of mouths, the FASCE losangee of gold and azure; with 2nd of mouths, the BAND losangee of gold and azure.

Currency: VN IOVR the AVHAS.

One of the pines old chivalrous houses of the Dauphine one. Anthelme de Loras crossed in 1109; Louis de Loras in 1250; Guyonnet in 1297; Louis II in 1337; Etienne in 1334; Guichard in 1339; Louis III in 1353.

It has form six branches principal, extinct today. Only one interests us, the lords of Chamagnieu and Montplaisant. Montplaisant was locates close to Saint-Sorlin in Bugey: Antoine de Loras the receipt, on August 28, 1457, of Humbert de Lentenay; Etienne de Loras, his son, resold it on July 23, 1578 has Louis of the Fountain, lord of Ruffieu. - Chamagnieu came in Loras by the marriage from Abel de Loras with Marguerite from Pre, in 1598; Saix in Bresse them echut in the same way: Ennemond de Loras of Pre, their son, rider, seigmor of Saix, married Marie Gontal and died in 1674.

Louis de Loras, knight of Saix, were allowed at the Assembly of Bresse, on June 3, 1760. - In addition to evidence of nobility made in 1783 front of Hozier, this house was representee, on March 29, 1789, has Bourg in Bresse, by Claude-Louis, count de Loras, knight, lord and baron of Saix, Apple trees and Saint-Martin-of-Mount, knight of Saint-Louis, lieutenant of the Marshals of France.

Octavien OF CHAPONAY, knight, baron de Morance, lord of Eybens, of Bresson, Saint-Marcel, Lizerable, Walls it, Leyrieu, Sainte-Marie, Certeaux and other places, captain with the regiment of Piedmont, was maintained in his nobility with noble Laurent his brother, by judgement of Mr. of the Ford, intendant of the provinces of Dauphine Lyonese Drill and Beaujolais wine, of June 18, 1667; returned homage to the King of the seigniory of Saint-Marcel and stronghold of Lizerable, on March 29, 1680; gave procuration, on May 18 of the same year, to make homage, on its behalf, of the same seigniory of Saint-Marcel; provides the consent and enumeration of the stronghold of Lizerable and ground of Morance, next on June 5; on October 21, 1686 tested, and did not live any more on January 29.

Woman: young lady Louise de Loras, girl of fire lord Artus, lord of Chamagnieu and lady Claire de Villars; marry by contract of April 25, 1643 which made, its will on October 29 and died before January 29, 1720. Of this marriage are resulting:

  • 1 Gaspard de Chaponay, knight, who follows:
  • 2 NR. of Chaponay; known as the captain of Chaponay, alias the lord of Saint-Marcel, which was captain with the Dauphin regiment, infantry when it was concealed in a combat gives in Flanders, between the French Army and confederate them, on August 14, 1673.
  • 3 Alexandre de Chaponay, knight 'about Malta;
  • 4 Louise de Chaponay, married has Mr. Jean-Baptiste of. Clermont, knight, baron de Saint-Cassin;
  • 5 Catherine de Chaponay, which one is unaware of the fate
  • 6/7 Eleonore and Francoise de Chaponay, nuns with the monastery of Sainte-Marie de Cremieux;
  • 8/9 Marie-Angelica and Marie-Anne-Josephe, nuns with the monastery of Holy Ursule de Cremieux.

Laurent-Charles of GAYARDON, Marquis de Fenoyl, Lord of Tiranges, Boiffet, of Chaumont, of Montaignac & Baker, successively Page of Mr. the Duke of Berry, free from its Guards, & Captain of Infantry in the Regiment of Tallart, by commission of October 14, 1719, baptizes has Montbrison on March 10, 1696, was Marie, by contract of March 7, 1728, with Madeleine Laisne, girl of Antoine, Ecuyer, & of Madeleine the Boilerman. Of this marriage make resulting:

  • 1 LAURENT-FRANCOIS, which follows
  • 2 CLAUDINE-CHARLOTTE, born on February 26, 1741, bride, in 1757, has Mr. the Count de Loras, Seigneur of Chamagnieu & Saix into Dauphine
  • 3 MADELEINE, known as Madam de Fenoyl, Chanoinesse of the Chapter I Leigneux, born the ier May 1743
  • 4 CATHERINE, known as Madam de Tiranges, born on November 12, 1744, also Chanoinesse de Leigneux.

Baltasar de Villars, lord of Laval & the Thicket, was general lieutenant with the presidial & seneschalsy of Lyon, & first president at the Parliament of Dombes after his/her father-in-law, & died on April 12 of the year 1629. II had wife on April 3 of the year 1592. Louise de Langes, girl of Nicolas, lord of Laval, of Dammarin-in-Lyonnois, &c. died 9. August of the year 1630. of which it had Helene de Villars, rams of Laval, married on November 22 of the year 1607. has Pierre de Seve, lord of Montalier, first president at the Parliament of Dombes & adviser of state; Eleonore, allied has Humbert de Chaponai, lord of Lislemean, lieutenant generat in the seneschalsy of Lyon, then main of the requests, intendant of justice are provinces of Lyonnois, Bourbonnois & of Berri; & Claire de Villars, married has Anus of Loras, lord of Chamagnieu & Montplaisant into Dauphine.

Note: In the list of the permanent members of the Jokey-Club * (founds in 1834, 2 rue Rabelais has Paris), of 1920 1930 have, figure the following name:

Viscount of Jonage, castle of Chamagnieu, by Cremieu (Isere).?
Viscount Marcel de Jonage, 4,?rue?de?Berri, and castle of Chamagnieu, by Cremieu (Isere).

* The Jockey Club was creates in 1834 by the Company of encouragement for the improvement of the races of horses, and then bore the name of Circle of encouragement before taking his current name. The club knew several addresses: 2 rue du Helder, 2 rue Drouot, 30 rue de Gramont, 1 rue Scribe from 1863 before intaller in 1925 have its current address. Among his 1.150 members, one counts mainly members of the French nobility, on the model of the British clubs.

strong House; boarding school, said Chamagnieu Castle
Crédit photo : (strong House; boarding school, said Chamagnieu Castle, chamagnieu)

Reported to be remarkable heritage of quality.

Structural information

strong House; boarding school, said Chamagnieu Castle, Built in part on a terrace that overlooks the plain, the strong House consists of a West Wing flanked by two circular towers high on a basement floor piece (...) Strong House; boarding school, said Chamagnieu Castle, French Heritage monument to Chamagnieu chamagnieu, isere

Location and general information

  • identifier : 65227
  • item : maison forte ; pensionnat, dit château de Chamagnieu
  • Location of the building :
    • Rhône-Alpes
    • Isère
    • Chamagnieu
  • Place name : le Château
  • INSEE code of the municipality : 38067
  • Zip code of the municipality : 38460
  • Order in the communal list : 6
  • Name of the building : The building is designated by the following 4 names :
    • stronghold
    • strong
    • home
    • boarding school
  • State :
    • the current state of the monument is not known.

Dates and times

  • Period of construction :
    • We have no information on the time of construction of this monument.
  • Years :
    • 1895
    • 1930
    • 1972
  • Investigation : 1995
  • Date taken into account : 2002/11/18

Construction, architecture and style

  • Materials: 5 elements are used in the main structure of the building.
    • limestone
    • rubble
    • coating
    • ashlar
    • stone
  • Roofing : Coverage of this building is varied there are 8 different types :
    • roof with long tails
    • rump
    • terrace
    • sprocket cover
    • conical roof
    • polygonal roof
    • pinion
    • roof
  • Materials (roofing) :
    • the main material of this building is mechanical tile
  • Other about the composition roofs :
    • A mode of coverage listed 'cupola'
  • Floors : 4 type of floors in this manual :
    • stage base
    • ground floor raised
    • 2 storey square
    • rez-de-chaussee
  • Stairs : 4 types of stairs have been cataloged in this monument, stairs are of type :
    • masonry
    • staircase
    • staircase
    • staircase in masonry
  • Decoration of the building : 7 forms of decoration are present
    • stained glass
    • ironworks
    • sculpture
    • carpentry
    • stucco decoration
    • wallpaper
    • mosaic
  • Representation : 4 ornamental motifs have been identified
    • arms
    • ornamental plant
    • head
    • candelabra
  • Typology :
    • The only information on the typology 'fortified house with towers of circular plan'
  • Plan :
    • We do not know the type of plan for this building.

Monument and history of the place

  • Elements protected MH (historical monument) :
    • Any particular element of the building is subject to protection in our database.
  • Constituent areas : 5 distinct parts in the constitution of this place :
    • park
    • farm
    • orangery
    • home
    • by
  • Parties constituantes étudiées : The investigation carried out on site has allowed to identify 2 distinct parts in the constitution of this place :
    • funeral chapel
    • chapel
  • Use :
    • We do not know the different uses that have been made of this construction.


  • Other : 4 various other information are available
    • Rhône-alpes region
    • in the former dining with servant
    • a small tent is carved a stylized human figure. in the same room
    • flexible leaves and plant candelabra. the mosaic of the grand lobby is decorated with a stylized plant ornament. public property of cultural heritage
  • Author of the survey MH : Pelletier Olivia
  • Mérimée reference : IA38000026

The complete official record is available at service régional de l'inventaire Rhône-AlpesLe Grenier d'Abondance - 6, Quai Saint Vincent - 69001 Lyon -

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