Pra, Pratum, Pratz, Prat, village of the district and the burreau of station of Saint-Claude; canton of Moirans, perception and parish of Saint-Lupicin, has 5 kilometers of Saint-Lupicin, 10 of Moirans, 13 of Saint-Claude and 47 of Lons-the-Salt maker.

Altitude of Pra, 572 bills of quantities; church of Saint-Romain-of-Rock, 632M.

The communes of Small-Chatel or Chatel-Grenet and SaintRomain-of-Rock were joined together has that of Pra the 11 septemhre 1822.

The territory is limiting in north by Lavans, the south by Vaux, the east by Molinges, Marigna and Lavans, in the west by Jeurre, Large-Chatel and Villards-in Heria. The Barn of Amaurandes, the Barn Under-the-Rock, the Largeone, Barns of Arnaurandettes, Under-the-Curtil, Louviere, the Coinand Barn, in Chasal, the Rock, theNew one, the Pre-Round, the Warp end, the Barn of Chascau, Valiere and On Champied of which houses isolees which belong to the commune.

It is cross-piece by the secondary road n? 4, of Lons-the-Salt maker has Geneva; by the local roads tie has Saint-Romain, has Large-Chatel, has Lavans, has Champied, of Small-Chatel with the road departemantale n? 4, and by the way of Amaurandes. The Commercial Life was an old way which, of Lons-the-Salt maker, Orgelet and Moirans, tended has Geneva by the bridge of Brives.

The village east locates in the valley of Saint-Lupicin, against the Eastern reverse of a mountain of or one dominates the course of Lizon and the mounts surrounding. The houses, laid out by groups, are built out of stones and glazes in sheeting planks and ancelles. Two thirds at least are high of a stage above the ground floor.

Pop in 1790,260 inhabitants; in 1846,445; in 1851,455, including 246 men and 209 women.

The oldest registers of the civil statue go back to 1793.

Land register carries out in 1834: territorial surface 984 Hectares, divided in 2490 pieces which 178 owners have, including 48 open; surface imp. 973 hectares knowledge: 428 in grazing grounds, 271 out of grounds lahourable, 206 in hois, 32 in near and orchards, 8:00 62 in undergrowth, 6:35 in waste lands, mulberry trees and rocks, and 51h in gardens.

Ground, of a poor fertility, produced corn, meteil of corn and rye, oats, barley, but, vegetables dry, potatoes, hemp, fruits, hay and fodder artificial. The product of cereals is enough with local consumption. The wine is imported.

There high in the commune of the animals are horns, of the pigs which one fattens, some goats and of the poultries, 20 hives of bees.

One finds on the territory of the marl not exploitee, of the ordinary stone has to build and of size, of many and rich yellow marble careers with pink veins, exploitees by Misters Dargaudet Co, monumental masons has Molinges.

There are three country cottages belonging to the members, in whom one annually manufactures 20,000 kilo of cheeses, Gruyere way.

The hahitants attend the steps of Saint-Claude. Their main resource consists in the agriculture and the product of the cheese dairies.

Communal goods: a vault with the hamlet of Saint-Romain; a common house, hatie in 1836, which contain the town hall, the housing of the teacher and the study hall, frequentee in winter by 42 boys and 21 girls; there has moreover, is Saint-Romain, a sousmaitre holding a school frequentee in winter by 18 boys and 12 girls; three fountains, including one with laundrette, has Pra; a fountain with laundrette has Saint-Romain; another has Small-Chatel; one hatiment being used as deposit has a pump fire; a pump manoeuvree by a company of 25 firemen.

Source: Gazetteer, historical and statistics of the communes?? By Alphonse Rousset and Frederic Moreau (architect) 1857


pratz, French city Department of jura with 2 historical sites listed or simply studied for their remarkable character.
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There are 8 localities (Place called, location known as) in Pratz : petite rue ; saint romain ; champandre ; champied ; en daresy ; les amourandes ; petit chatel ; trevie.

listed building (classified and protected) in Pratz

Monument in Pratz, Pratz has 1 building protected. Include :

  1. Chapelle de Saint-Romain-de-Roche official reference : PA00102002
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Places of Culture

Librarie pratz, pratz has 1 Librarie :

  • mediatheque municipale (1 grande rue 39170 pratz)

Statistics for Pratz

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 39170
Insee code : 39440
Longitude : 5.788956
Latitude : 46.422183
Total population : 460 people
place called : 8
path : 2
dead : 2
place : 1
route : 2
st : 8

Chapel of Saint-Romain-de-Roche, French Heritage monument to Pratz 1
« Chapel of Saint-Romain-de-Roche » is a construction of the city of Pratz (France, Jura). Chapel of Saint-Romain-de-Roche, French Heritage monument to Pratz

Career, French Heritage monument to Pratz 2
Housing square floor foreman. Repair facility (forge), ruined, once covered with a shed roof. Career as part of the set of extractive industry says the (...) Career, French Heritage monument to Pratz