Loir et cher

The department of Loir-et-Cher was form of a portion of Touraine (26,989 hectares) (the territory of the old provinces of France was not or was badly registers; the figures which we give here are consequently only approximate) and of whole or part of three countries of old Orleanais: Clean Orleanais (403,202 hectares), Blesois (185,971 hectares) and Dunois (23, 504 hectares); it owes its name with the two rivers of the Dormouse and Expensive which cross it.

It east locates in the central area of France, between the 47? 11 ' and the 48? 8 ' of latitude, and between the 0? 5 ' and the 1? 45 ' of western longitude; its chief town, Blois, are by 47? 35 ' 21 of latitude and 1? 0 ' 2 of Western longitude. It has as limits: in north, the Eure-et-Loir; in the North-East, Loiret; in south-east, the department of Expensive; with the south, that of Indre; with south-west, that of Indre-et-Loire; with the North-West, that of the Sarthe. These limits are conventional. In the North-West, the Sling and the Dormouse separate it from the Sarthe on a rather long extent; in the south, the course of Expensive is useful to him, on a certain point, of border of the dimension of Indre; in the east, Beuvron runs during 10 kilom. between the departure, Loir-et-Cher and that of Expensive.

The biggest length of the Loir-et-Cher east that of the drawn diagonal, the North-West in south-east, between the limits of the commune of Plessis-Dorin and those of the commune of Orcay, i.e. approximately 125 kilometers. Its width varies from 40 has 50 kilometers. Its surface is of 635,092 hectares: under this report/ratio, it is the 31e department of France.

Source: Geography of the department of the Loir-et-Cher by Adolphe Joanne in 1869.

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