Bonneveau (Bona Vallis or Matval), commune of 497 inhabitants, has 8 kilometers of Savigny, has 27 km of Vandome and has 53 kilometers of Blois. Surface 1095 hectares.

Diocese of. Mans, archidiacone of Castle-of-Dormouse, senior of Troo, election of Castle-of-Dormouse. Presenter the chapter of Troo.

Roman epoch

Old way of Turns has Paris (magnum iter, quod itur AD Parisios) according to an old manuscript preserves has Bonnevau. Remains of Gallo-Roman constructions, hollow bricks and have edges.

Time merovingienne

Dwelling seigneuriale of the beginning of the 6th century, has Matval. Childebert and the queen Ultrogothe, his wife, sejournerent there into 524. Third of ground of gold, the 7th century, bearing the name of Mattoval. (Hist. of Sells., p. 84)

The Middle Ages

With some hundred bills of quantities in the west of the church, on the reverse of the slope bordering the Sling, or the castle of Bonneveau meets, probably succeeding the old Dwelling merovingienne. Construction of 14th at the 15th century. Rectangular plan, surrounds by buildings on three dimensions, the fourth form by the rock, coupee has peak in this place. Principal main building at the top of the slope, with the foot of which the rich person valley extends from the Sling. In one of the dimensions, in return, beautiful tower has several stages, with cords, loopholes and machicolation. Opposite, in north, remainders of the main door and buildings containing the vault. Curious undergrounds extending to far under the rock. Corridors stopped by vast rooms, and separated, has all the changes of management, by doors in arches in tierce point built under the vault. One of these doors is decorated of a niche of 1m height, with conical platform surmounts by three will mascarons with the broad open mouths to let escape smoke from the lamp (see illustration Ci against).


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The seigniory of parish belonged to the M of Courtanvaux, parish of Besse-with-Maine. The girl of Charters of Souvre, Put of Courtanvaux, Anne de Souvre, had wife Fran?ois-Michel Tellier, Mis of Louvois, chancellor, of the orders of the king, minister and Secretary of State, which became, by this Mis alliance of Courtanvaux; it was in 1641 and died in 1691 it carried '' Of azure has three lizards of money installations out of stake, with the bent chief of mouths charges with three gold '' stars. Currency '' Melius frangi quam fleeti ''.

The commune of Bonneveau is arrosee in the west by the Sling and two small brooks.

At the beginning of the 6th century, there has Matval a dwelling seigneuriale occupied temporarily by king Childebert and Ultrogothe, his wife. One still sees in the west of the church, with the side of the slope, an old castle of 14th or 15th century, frame undoubtedly on the site of the manor of Childebert. One notices there curious vestiges of the military architecture of the 15th century of the loopholes, machicolations, undergrounds.

The Romance church, dediee has holy Jean-Baptiste, is attribuee has holy Thuribe, second bishop of Mans; it was initially the vault of a prioress of Saint M3edard's Day very in the past founds in this village by the Benedictines of Saint M3edard's Day de Soissons. It was much augmentee at the 14th century and in lately. The vault of the apse is decorated frescos which are not without value.

The most considerable manor of Bonneveau was that of Godeliniere of or one enjoys a very beautiful sight on the small valley of the Sling, it belonged, at the beginning of the century, has Mr. Lemoine of Godeliniere, former particular lieutenant of the bailliage of Vendome and old subdelegates of the intendant of the general information of Orleans.


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There are 56 localities (Place called, location known as) in Bonneveau : le moulin ; le bourg ; le chateau ; le champ du bourg ; la borde ; les planches ; beaumont ; la bouverie ; les noisetiers ; le charme ; les coteaux ; les vallees ; le buisson ; magny ; les charmettes ; le tilleul ; le cormier ; la pouletterie ; les savatiers ; le goulet ; la petite borde ; la bretonnerie ; la pagerie ; malitourne ; l observatoire ; la ruaudiere ; la moustiere ; le petit ruisseau ; le champ des vallees ; la jacquetterie ; la petite maison ; aigrefin ; comailles ; l aubrais ; la audairie ; la balazerie ; la basse audairie ; la basse godeliniere ; la bichais ; la chicanerie ; la costiere ; la detourne ; la godeliniere ; la goujetterie ; la haute audairie ; la petite boitellerie ; la petite godeliniere ; la ressendiere ; la thremelliere ; le champ des 4 vents ; le chateau de matval ; le chene de la croix ; les bardouillieres ; marcharron ; pourchassy ; servigny.

listeds buildings (classified and protected) in Bonneveau

Monuments in Bonneveau, Bonneveau has 2 buildings protected. Include :

  1. Manoir de Matval official reference : PA00098394 ;
  2. Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste official reference : PA00098395
Please note this list is likely to evolve, the data presented are from 2013.

Statistics for Bonneveau

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 41800
Insee code : 41020
Longitude : 0.781043
Latitude : 47.755350
Total population : 483 people
place called : 56
dead : 3
st : 3

Church, French Heritage monument to Bonneveau 2
« Church » is a construction of the city of Bonneveau (France, Loir et cher). Church, French Heritage monument to Bonneveau

Castle of Matval, French Heritage monument to Bonneveau 1
« Castle of Matval » is a construction of the city of Bonneveau (France, Loir et cher). Castle of Matval, French Heritage monument to Bonneveau