Gourdon (lat. 44? 44 ' 18; length. 0? 57 ' 18 O.). Gourdon (Gurto, Gurdonium), situee has 47 kilometers of Cahors, in the north-eastern part of the department, presents the picturesque aspect of an old city to the tortuous streets, at the houses blackened, echelonnees on the sides of a rock. The corbels, which are still very-many in Quercy, formerly particularly had their residence on this rock, if one refers some to the etymology Gor dun (mountain with the corbels). The first charter or the name of Gourdon appears is of 839. Certain Odolric, of origin visigothe, was lord. Him the family left Gourdon, powerful and famous in the country. It is one of its members who killed Richard Lion-hearted with the seat of Chalus. It belonged to the garrison. Having recognized the king of England which had sat down with the variation, but little distance has, during an attack to observe more at ease defense of the castle, Bertrand de Gourdon adjusted it so that it transpierced it by the shoulder. Richard was carries in a desperate state; but the castle having been taken, one brought his murderer to him: which evil I have had done it, exclaimed it by seeing it, so that you wanted to kill me? I am Bertrand de Gourdon, answered without disorder the young principal rafter. You have cuts the throat of your hand my father and my two brothers; me same you wanted to make me hang. I am avenge. Do to ego what you will want. By Georges saint, you are a brave man, exclaimed Richard. I leave you the life, return you freedom; that him hundred schillings are given. Unfortunately Richard died, and Marcades, chief of its lorry drivers, instead of carrying out his promise, made, says one, skinning sharp heroic Bertrand de Gourdon. Since this time, the groins of the family of Gourdon porterent all the name of Richard in remembering the glorious action of their ancestor.

Gourdon always had aversion for the English. Under Louis saint, under Philippe the Beautiful one, it resisted as much as it could with the consequences of the drafts which obliged them has to receive the foreigners. It had a castle then surrounds by very-strong walls. Oblige to give up it under Charles VII, the English demolished it.

Gourdon had its communal charter early that the bishop of Cahors and the seneshal of Quercy confirmerent in the medium of the XIII E century. It is redigee as a Languedocien, and each paragraph starts with these words: Dressed up are of Gordo (it is the habit of Gourdon). In 1396, Charles VI confirmed the privileges grant to the city by the duke of Anjou his uncle, governor of Languedoc. One reads there, in this charter of confirmation: '' That no inhabitant of Gourdon, with the authority of the tax prosecutor or of any other person, for a criminal or civil fact, can be tears off out of the spring of sat of Gourdon, but that it is held to answer in the aforementioned spring. The consuls have the right to create the consuls every year, and have a treasure, a seal and a bell commun runs. Us grant to consuls and with inhabitants that those which will come to the steps of the aforesaid the city, which are usually held Thursday, can be there year summers for tax liabilities or different, neither the food products which they bring being taken nor seized since the hour of midday of Wednesday until the same hour of next Friday. ''

The church of Gourdon, dediee has holy Pierre, is of this time: commencee in 1304, achevee in 1514. The style in is severe, the bold and slim cut: the vault has nearly 25 bills of quantities above paves. The vessel of the church and its two square towers, enfermees and covered with a roof, dominate all the city and contribute has to make its aspect picturesque.

Gourdon was taken by the calvinists in 1562; but the lords of Themine, who were Masters, montrerent a great fidelity with kings de France. Henri IV raised one of them with the rank of marshal, and it was that one which was given the responsability, in 1616, to stop the prince of Conde by the order of Marie de Medicis. In spite of this important service, the regent, influencee by the duke of Epernon, did not delay has to conceive suspicions against the marshal, who was strengthens in his formidable castle of Gourdon. D' Epernon ordered to the inhabitants to drive out it this position and provides them troops. They donnerent the attack indeed, raserent the fortifications and brulerent the fortress.

General Cavaignac, chief of the executive power in 1848, is originating in Gourdon by his/her father. Gourdon makes a rather wine big business and nut; it manufactures coarse cloths and hats.

The weapons of the city are: mouths has five gourds of gold posees in saltire.

Source: Illustrated France. Geography, history, administration and statistics by Malta-Brown Victor-Adolphe, Plon 1865.


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There are 152 localities (Place called, location known as) in Gourdon : le clos ; les combes ; bel air ; les vignes ; la riviere ; les bordes ; les fourches ; le colombier ; les fourniers ; saint jean ; la baraque ; la bruyere ; la garenne ; les garennes ; la maladrerie ; les places ; les graves ; les sagnes ; les pins ; la plaine ; les vergnes ; metairie basse ; le terrier ; les barbiers ; les curades ; saint romain ; le moulin bas ; chanteperdrix ; les combettes ; la clede ; la gourgue ; molieres ; lapeyre ; marty ; le fourquet ; salvat ; monges ; lacombe ; latour ; le rial ; vezes ; le piboul ; lagarrigue ; campagnac ; coupiac ; chaunac ; peyrelevade ; fontvielle ; les grezes ; la borie basse ; le petit parc ; le pradel ; lavaysse ; la croix de pierre ; bournazel ; le pontanel ; le bos ; boisset ; pech redon ; le roucal ; les vitarelles ; pechagut ; maillol ; les valades ; la peyrugue ; plagne ; vernicou ; crabier ; les carbonnieres ; la brugue ; labarde ; le castelat ; costeraste ; grimardet ; le tustal ; les vignes vieilles ; bajou ; tartas ; ecoute s il pleut ; largentiere ; lalbenque ; pech peyrou ; metairie petite ; le debas ; grezels ; la combe de mourliac ; le champ du pigeonnier ; borne ; carbou ; caussenille ; champ de bonnet ; champ de guiral ; champ de l abbe ; combe de cahors ; donnadieu ; dregoulene ; engarlade ; flagel ; flagel est ; font daudan ; font louval ; gagnepa ; gaussigneres ; jean iv ; la daulie ; la glevade ; la melve prouilhac ; la plaine nord ; la vergne grande ; labio ; lafontade ; le bertiol ; le bourriat ; le breil bas ; le breil haut ; le brulat ; le cap des bories ; le marges ; le moulin de marsis ; le moulin de taillade ; le pied noir ; le puy de soy ; le souk ; le verdie haut ; le viguie ; les bories de prouilhac ; les coustous ; les hermissens ; les hermissens sud ; les lavaudes ; les martinous ; les rouquiers ; les standous ; lestivinies ; loumenat ; mandou ; mont marsis ; montijot ; notre dame des neiges ; noualet ; pech busque ; pech cujoul ; pech degassat ; pech pichou ; petit pech ; prouilhac ; resoules ; rochevigne ; roquemeyrine ; sagone ; taille mayre ; vaudran.

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Monuments in Gourdon, Gourdon has 4 buildings protected. Include :

  1. Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Neiges official reference : PA00095100 ;
  2. Eglise Saint-Pierre official reference : PA00095101 ;
  3. Eglise des Cordeliers official reference : PA00095102 ;
  4. Maison Cavaignac official reference : PA00095103
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Places of Culture

Librarie gourdon, gourdon has 1 Librarie :

  • bibliothèque jacques laurent (place noël poujade 46300 gourdon)

Cinema de gourdon, gourdon has 1 cinema :

  • l'atalante (4 boulevard des martyrs, 46300 gourdon)

Statistics for Gourdon

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 46300
Insee code : 46127
Longitude : 1.423344
Latitude : 44.751744
Total population : 5086 people
place called : 152
alley : 1
avenue : 12
boulevard : 6
path : 10
dead : 11
place : 13
route : 11
st : 77

St. Peter's Church, French Heritage monument to Gourdon 2
« St. Peter's Church » is a construction of the city of Gourdon (France, Lot). St. Peter's Church, French Heritage monument to Gourdon

House Cavaignac, French Heritage monument to Gourdon 4
« House Cavaignac » is a construction of the city of Gourdon (France, Lot). House Cavaignac, French Heritage monument to Gourdon

Eglise des Cordeliers, French Heritage monument to Gourdon 3
« Eglise des Cordeliers » is a construction of the city of Gourdon (France, Lot). Eglise des Cordeliers, French Heritage monument to Gourdon

Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, French Heritage monument to Gourdon 1
« Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Neiges » is a construction of the city of Gourdon (France, Lot). Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, French Heritage monument to Gourdon