Maine et loire

Place in the boreal hemisphere, and being lost so to speak in the whole of Europe on part of the west of France, the department of Maine and the Loire does not take again its importance that being compares with the remainder of the kingdom, in which will see we it appearing in the forefront, either for the extent, or for the fertility, or for its territorial richnesses. Locate at the center of the west of France, this department seems to take part, by its position, with the advantages which are and in the departemens North and those of the South, without having the disadvantages of them: the cold are never very intense there, and heats are there never enough sharp to tire and the ground and the men.

The general form of the department of Maine and the Loire is almost parallelogramic. Narrower of north in the south than of the west in the east, its bigger length is of a degree (25 miles). In north it is bordering, and on a rather right line, at the department of Mayenne, while going from St-Aubin of Pouance has Chemire on the Sarthe, by Chaze, the Hullin Vault, St-Gilles of Wood, Chatelais, Hotel trade, St-Saver of Flee, Montguillon, Jaille, Seurdres and Mire. In the North-East while skirting the department of the Sarthe, it obliques while following Morannes, St-Germain, Gouy, Fougere, St-Quentin, Clefs, Genneteil, Chigne and Broc.

In the east it touches the department of Indre and the Loire, while following the territories of Chalonnes, Meigne the Viscount and Breil, and does not start has to return which Parcay has, dropping towards Courleon, to rectify themselves a little towards Breille, and to follow until the end of the drill of Fontevrault, on a slightly oblique line in the west and passing in extreme cases of the territory communes of Brain on Allonnes, Varennes, Retz and Fontevrault. Exists a a little projecting point, with the angle of the general parallelogram. The north-eastern dimension is more sinuous: a curve very returning, especially towards Epieds, opposite the department of Vienna, arises to surround the commune of Antoigne, or exists a prolongation blunts which goes close Brion, and of which dimensions it looking at the west returns much to go towards Puy Notre Dame. The last western portion, going until worms Puy St-Bonnet, skirts the department of Two-Separate, while moving a little to south-west by the limits of the territories of St-Macaire, Brignon, Clere, until Cerqueux.

Of this last point with Separates Nantes, and while following the points bordering on Maulevrier, Tessoualle, to the commune of Torfou, one finds a line almost parallel in the south: the portion which is compared to Mortagne and of Tiffauges, of the department of the Vend?e, turns to south-west.

The west coast of the department of Maine and the Loire is most irregular: when quite same one would give up at the department of the Loire-Inf?rieure the canton of Champtoceaux, for that of Mortagne (department of the Vend?e), as the project was proposes. Indeed, of Torfou St-Crespin has, in south-west, the department of the Loire-Inf?rieure, between Separates and Maine, penetrates in that of Maine and the Loire, while the commune of St-Crespin, of this last department, forms a rather acute prolongation. Beyond, always in the west, opposite the department of the Loire-Inf?rieure, Maine and the Loire forms a line sinuous and returning of St-Crespin to the Game preserve, until near Gilds, of or it advances in the North-West. The line of delimitation, formee by the Loire, from the Game preserve, looking at west in the east, by Champtoceaux, Drain, Lira, Marillais, Mesnil, will take has Ingrandes, follows St-Sigismond and Cornuaille, by looking at the west. Towards the commune of Freigne is a kind of parallelogram wedges by the department of the Loire-Inf?rieure, by three of its dimensions, while beyond of Cande it is this department which seems to return in Maine and the Loire, by the communes of Vritz and of the Pine. Chanveaux, Previere, Carbay, go up in sinuous line towards the sudouest, while touching, towards the end and by only one point, the department of Island and Vilaine, which finishes the district of Maine and the Loire.

Source: Statistics of Maine and the Loire per Auguste Nicaise Desvaux in 1834.

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