St macaire en mauges

The territory of this commune occupies the north-eastern angle of the canton of Montfaucon. It is limiting in north by the communes of Andreze and of Saint-Pililbert-in-Mauges; in the south by those of Seguiniere, Saint-Andre-of-the-Walk and of Roussay, in the east by Seguiniere and Begrolles; in the west by Renaudiere.

Old names

  • Ecclesia beati Macharii de Spevano, 1119
  • Ecclesia Sancti Macharii, 1122,1142,1156,1163
  • Apud Espetvair, monachi Espetvan degentes
  • Espetua, before 1013
  • Espevan, Espetuan parochia, 12th century
  • Sanctus Macarius of territorio Sancti Florentii
  • The town of St Macaire, 1468
  • St Machaire, 1633
  • Macquaire saint, 1685
  • St Macaire, 1783 and well before in the majority of the acts of the 17th century.

Relief of ground

This territory forms a plate of 108 bills of quantities of rise towards north, has Bouzanne, of 107 has 113 bills of quantities towards south-west, cut by about central valley of the river of Avresme whose ceiling reaches only 91 bills of quantities in Bliniere, and 80 bills of quantities has its entry on Renaudiere the culminating point of 113 bills of quantities is close to Penneraiseric. Aubretieres are has 112 bills of quantities, the Vine has 109, the Walk has 107; it is the line of made separating water of the affluents of Evre of those from the affluents of the Monk, dropping gradually has 104 bills of quantities and same has 87 bills of quantities in the west of Neraudiere. The borough, places about in the center, occupies an intermediate position has 102 bills of quantities above the sea level.

Cours d' water

This general provision of the ground indicates to us run general of water flowing of north and the south in the river of Avresme which runs south-west in the North-East, dividing the territory in two about equal parts. Avresme that the land register names Vrenne and who is already citee at the 11th century under his true name, Avaresma, 1032-1082, the river of Anvresme, 1585, river of Avaresme, 1633, comes from Begrolles. While penetrating on St-Macaire, it takes the name of brook of Aiguillonnieres to the confluence of the brook of Goujonniere, then that of brook of Bernardiere lasting all its course on Saint-Nacaire to the confluence of Arensiere in extreme cases of Saint-philibert. On its course of 8,000 bills of quantities, it animates the Large one and the Small-Mill. Its affluents on the right have little importance, it are: the brook of the Hedges or Moncoualiere, on the commune close the village of the Hedges, flowing above that of Moncoualiere, after a kilometer of course the brook of Beaulieu, close to the village, flows downstream from the confluence of Tail, after a course of 600 bills of quantities. The brook of Arensiere coming from Saint-Philibert that it separated from Saint-Macaire on part of his course, ends with the board known as of Biottiere in extreme cases common of Saint-Philibert, Saint-Macaire and Benaudiere.

It that Avresme receives its affluents most considerable the brook of Goujonniere coming from Seguiniere, penetrates on the commune with the Ford of Menetticre and flows upstream of Bernardiere after 1,500 bills of quantities of course, is on the left enlarged on the left ruisselet of Touillere which limits with Saint-Andrew, of 700 bills of quantities of course. The brook of Girardrie or Chenillere, that all the old acts (1609-1686) call the brook of Dominier, is born close Girardrie and flows downstream from Bliniere, after a course of 900 bills of quantities. The brook of the Small-fields, close to this village, passes to the borough and finishes after a kilometer of course between Prevreau and the Orchard. The acts of 1609-1632 name it the brook of the Tanneries. It is a filament of water, remains antique pond of the Prioress. The brook of Bordering or the Pear tree, flows close to Sourballiere after a course of 1,300 bills of quantities. Finally the brook of Tail, on Saint-Macaire, with the Moors of the Game preserve, has its confluence downstream from Moncoualiere after 1,800 bills of quantities of course. The brook of Malveille, known as also from Landriere of the name of wood or it is born. as Saint-Macaire with the north-eastern angle, separate on 1,700 bills of quantities this commune of that of Andreze and continues on the latter to flow into Arondeau tributary of like Avresme.

The southern part of the commune is baignee by the Monk who is used as limit on 1,300 bills of quantities and animates there the mill of Grimault or Guillocheau. This river receives the brook of the Four-Standards coming from Saint-Andrew, it separate on almost all its course of 2,400 bills of quantities the two communes and flows below Large-Bretelliere; the brook of Garrot, thus names of the 1648, is born on Saint-Macaire, between the Heather and the bordering of the Cross, runs is in the west on a course of 3,700 bills of quantities. After receivehaving received the brook of Gaigne to the Bridge of the Game preserve, it limits with Renaudiere on a kilometer and penetrates on this last commune to go to the Monk. Its affluent on the right, the brook laughs Gaigne, with the Moors of the Game preserve of which it borrows also the name, runs south in north and separate on all its course of 2,600 bills of quantities the communes of Saint-Macaire and Renaudiere.

Transportation routes

The ways of great communication of Cholet has Vallet (5,575 bills of quantities) and of the Member has Beaupreau (4,000 bills of quantities) cross the territory of the east to the west and the south to north, and cross in the borough of or leaves, towards the North-East, the way of shared interest of Saint-Macaire has Vezins (3,125 bills of quantities). At the exit of the borough, towards west, the local roads are detached from Roussay and Saint-Philbert, and this last that of Villedieu by Moncoualiere. With the way of great communication of Cholet Vallet has, but with the Walk, has three kilometers in the west of the borough, joins another local road coming from Saint-Andre-of-the-Walk which serves all the south-western part of the communal territory already crossed by the way of Houssay.


The borough locates about at the center, forms the single agglomeration groupee today in particular on the way of Servant, and also, and right from the start, the junction with that of the Member, passage of the ancient way of Mortagne have Beaupreau. It is formee of home vulgar among which are however noticed some houses of 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, in particular that known as the Seminar, with the entry of the borough towards Begrolles, carrying to the coat of its chimney this date and this figure 1572 Mr. B. that known as of the Cross, still curious by its door in accodance surmontee about crawling cabbages and a cross pattee. A plan of the 17th century at that time offers to us the whole of the group with its buildings, prioress, church, vaults, furnace has round of applause. Four seventh of the total population (1,177 inhabitants) resident to the borough. It is for the importance the seventh agglomeration of the district. The census of 1881 gave a total of 561 households left again between 530 houses, including 180 households and 165 houses for the scattered population groupee in 70 villages, hamlets or firm isolees.

  • Titrate: Bulletin - Company of sciences letters and beautiful arts of Cholet
  • Author: Company of sciences, letters and arts of Cholet and its area
  • Editor: Company of sciences, letters and beautiful arts of Cholet (Cholet)
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There are 76 localities (Place called, location known as) in St macaire en mauges : les alouettes ; les bruyeres ; bel air ; le petit moulin ; le poirier ; le poteau ; les 4 vents ; les bonnes ; les haies ; la roche ; le verger ; beaulieu ; beausoleil ; les lilas ; la varenne ; la promenade ; le chene vert ; l oree du bois ; la plaisance ; la gagnerie ; le rivage ; la colline ; l ancienne gare ; les petites landes ; la moinerie ; la menardiere ; la bernardiere ; la rocherie ; les rosiers ; la comtee ; la chauviniere ; le tail ; la juillerie ; la bliniere ; la landriere ; la goujonniere ; la cle des champs ; garrot ; le bordage ; la pineliere ; la bodiniere ; la louisiere ; l aulnay ; la chalouere ; la musse ; le petit prieure ; la biottiere ; la moncelliere ; la binaudiere ; la chenillere ; bouzanne ; l auberiviere ; l aulnay neuf ; la buxiere ; la ceriserie ; la coiffardiere ; la courbiere village ; la grande bretelliere ; la grande moncouaillere ; la menettiere ; la neraudiere ; la penneraiserie ; la petite bretelliere ; la petite merveille ; la petite moncouaillere ; la segouiniere ; la sourbaliere ; la terre guibert ; le chemin de l aire ; le grand bois girard ; le moulin garciau ; le moulin grimault ; le patis de chene souche ; le patis rond ; le petit bois girard ; les aiguillonnieres.

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Places of Culture

Libraries st macaire en mauges, st macaire en mauges has 3 Libraries :

  • bibliothèque intercommunale a la page (1 rue de l'église 49450 st macaire en mauges)
  • bibliotheque intercommunale du temps libre (rue augustin vincent 49450 st macaire en mauges)
  • service lecture publique communauté de communes moine et sèvre (6 rue jean moulin 49450 st macaire en mauges)

Cinema de st macaire en mauges, st macaire en mauges has 1 cinema :

  • espace boris vian ( 2 rue du prieure, 49450 st macaire en mauges)

Statistics for St macaire en mauges

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 49450
Insee code : 49301
Longitude : -1.028365
Latitude : 47.127482
Total population : 5811 people
place called : 76
alley : 53
avenue : 2
boulevard : 5
path : 2
place : 4
roundabout : 1
route : 3
st : 85
square : 2

Menhir said the great stone lifting, French Heritage monument to St macaire en mauges 2
« Menhir said the great stone lifting » is a construction of the city of St macaire en mauges (France, Maine et loire). Menhir said the great stone lifting, French Heritage monument to St macaire en mauges

La Bernardière Chapel, French Heritage monument to St macaire en mauges 1
Construction small and rural, including the structure of oak certainly dates from the late 15th century. In 1771, blessing of the chapel under the patronage of (...) La Bernardière Chapel, French Heritage monument to St macaire en mauges