Pontorson, chief town of C. of 2,141 inhabitants in the English Channel, and small port on Right Bank of Couesnon channel, is the terminus of. tram of the Mount-Saint-Michel.

Access point obliges of one of the most famous excursions of France, the small town is animee the summer by a considerable movement of tourists.


Pontorson had formerly a castle, of which there remain nothing and which defended Of Guesclin; his/her Julienne sister thwarted there a night attack of the English, who had gains his chambrieres. These perfidious maidservants were bent in bags and jet?s in Couesnon. To the doors of Pontorson, Mr. Hericher says, is the ground of Glaquin; one knows that the king gave to the constable a ground with the doors of this city and, among the many old forms of the name of Of Guesclin, Glaquin is one of most constant. Close to the bridge, it had one of its most famous duels.

The church belongs to the Romance style of the XII E century with vaults ajoutees to the XV E century. With the frontage, large Romance gate flanks turrets with pinnacles pay; one enters on the Southern side of the church, by a Romance small door, with grotesque figures.

In top of the left side, vault with important stone retable of the Rebirth, very mutilates and which represents various scenes of Passion; all the characters are decapitate. Above, old statues of saints, out of wood. Under the window of left of this same vault, of the same low-relief time than the retable, also mutilates, and representing the Rise.

Source: The Mount-Saint-Michel, Glazes, Fougeres, Dol and their surroundings by Joanne, Adolphe (1813-1881). Scientific editor publishes in 1922.


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There are 33 localities (Place called, location known as) in Pontorson : le colombier ; l isle ; le pave ; le flechet ; les grands pres ; la metairie ; la lande ; la caserne ; les ormeaux ; le hamel ; martigny ; la saudrais ; les clotures ; le houet ; les venelles ; les courbes ; le thuet ; la hacherie ; le fougerais ; cauge ; la ducheterie ; la fouquetiere rte rennes ; la jacotiere ; la pailma ; le clos des hogues ; le clos faucon ; le clos houet ; le grand enclos ; le pont landais ; le trt burel rte de rennes ; les couronnelles ; les couronnelles delta ; petit verdun.

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Monuments in Pontorson, Pontorson has 4 buildings protected. Include :

  1. Eglise Eglise : classement par liste de 1889 official reference : PA00110543 ;
  2. (Saint-Michel (rue) 34, 36) official reference : PA00110544 ;
  3. official reference : PA00110545 ;
  4. official reference : PA00110546
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Places of Culture

Librarie pontorson, pontorson has 1 Librarie :

  • bibliotheque municipale (1 rue de bree 50170 pontorson)

Statistics for Pontorson

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 50170
Insee code : 50410
Longitude : -1.479864
Latitude : 48.555090
Total population : 4188 people
place called : 33
alley : 2
boulevard : 3
path : 8
current : 1
dead : 16
place : 9
route : 19
st : 95
square : 1

Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Eglise' à pontorson (manche 50170). Le duc Robert, père du Conquérant, bâtit le château et l'église de Pontorson, et fit de cette forteresse un des anneaux de cette chaîne de défense contre la Bretagne qu'il établit depuis le Mont Saint-Michel jusqu'à Saint-Hilaire.

Ancien prêche protestant
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Ancien prêche protestant' à pontorson (manche 50170). Ce bâtiment servait autrefois de chapelle au prieuré de Pontorson, mais, devenu la propriété de Gabriel de Montgommery, il fut converti en temple protestant.

jardin de l'hôpital
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'jardin de l'hôpital' à pontorson (manche 50170).

Prieuré d'Ardevon
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Prieuré d'Ardevon' à pontorson (manche 50170).

Hôtel Guiscard-de-la-Ménardière
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Hôtel Guiscard-de-la-Ménardière' à pontorson (manche 50170).