St lo

St-Lo, handle, commune of 682 hectares, have 20-97 Mr. (35 Mr. in front of the Notre-Dame church), in the green valley of Vire, tribute, of the English Channel, and on a rock hill dominating Right Bank of this river, with joining of Torteron and C Dollee, by 49? 6 ' 59 of lat. and 3?25' 55 of Western longitude, 314 kilometers of Paris, granting. chief town of department, district and canton, prefecture.

Appendix of the church reformee of Chefresne, Oratoriens, brothers of the Christian Doctrines, sisters of St-Paul of Chartres, the Good-Saver, the St-Sacrament.

Court of 1st authority (court of Caen), Justice of the Peace, bankruptcy court, Inspection of academy (Caen), teacher training school teachers, small seminar, ecclesiastical college, art school, school prim. higher public boys, school prim. superior public girls, 6 public schools, 5 private schools, library of 15.000 volumes, museum, theatre.

Military chief town of subdivision of the 10th army corps (Rennes), district of the 80e regiment of territorial infantry, office of recruitment, major (61 brigade), capit. (11 brigade) and 5 gendarmerie squad, of which 2 has horse, police station and commission of the railroads.

Directors and inspectors of the direct taxation and the land register, the fields, the stations and telegraphs, general paymaster, porception, principal controller and assessor of taxes, registrar of mortgages. Inspection of the 1st district of the stud farms (Apple-brandy, left bank of the Flowering ash, the Eure, Flowering ash, the Seine, Seine-et-Oise, Seine-Lower, Handle) and deposit of stud farm (Apple-brandy, Handle; 50 stations, 372 standards), deposit of goes up, Succursale of Banque de France, Societe of agriculture, horticulture, archaeology and natural history, pomological Association of the West. Acknowledge, notaries, ushers, checking of the weights and measures, auctioneer.

Departmental prison, civil hospital and soldier (200 beds), orphanages of St-Joseph (25 young girls), the hospital (31 boys), Good-Pasteur, asylum of alienees of the Good-Saver (800 women), welfare office (32 569 francs of income).

Medicinal spring, port on Transfers; 40 boats. Large goes for the fatty corns and animals.

Trade of cider, honey, cattle, horses suitable for goes up cavalry, poultries, fresh and dirty butter.

Manufacture cloths known as of St-Lo, drills of Canisy, serges, basins, banners, druggets, laundries, tanneries, manufactures baby carriages, covers, lime, pieces of furniture, wooden-soled shoes, spinning mill of wool.

St-Lo east locates in major part on a hill or rather on the allongee end and rock of a plate that bathe of the East in the West Dollee in North, Torteron in the South, and which falls to the West on Right Bank from Vire. Suburbs extend to from these brooks and this river, on the left bank of which the station of the railroad is.

The old city is the part of current St-Lo which forms headland directly above the river principal it is a true site of Gallic city.


Church Notre-Dame (historic building), old collegial, of 14th, 15th and 16th century, three Gothic naves, not of transept, rich frontage has reasons vary but without any symmetry, flanquee of two turns of 75 Mr. top. of which arrows, though of the same style than the church, were executees only at the 17th century; with the side Northern, between nave and chorus, pulpit, external Gothic: many remainders of canopies of 15th and 16th century.

Co.-cross, rebuilt in 1860 and free imitation of the old church, which was of Romance style and of which there remains partly the curious gate; this old church depended on an abbey of Benedictines founded at the 11th century.

In the hotel of cheap, beautiful modern building, celebrates marble of Torigni, ancient pedestal of statue with inscriptions, coming from Torigni-sur-Vire and originally from Old man (Apple-brandy).

Remainders of the ramparts. Houses of the 15th century. Monument of the publicity agent Leonor Havin (Paris does not have), who was appointed of St-Lo of 1831 has 1848. With a Western Southern Western Kilometer, remainders (16th and 17th century) of the castle of Vaucelle.


St-Lo, of origin Gallic or at least Gallo-Roman, bore during antiquity the name of Briovera, which meant in Celtic language '' Bridge-on-Transfers ''. At the 4th century, holy Laud or Lo (Laudus), bishop of Coutances, came to preach there the Gospel after its death (368), part of its relics was apportee there, and later the city took its name. The bishops of Coutanees had a long time the jurisdiction temporal, as well as spiritual, on St-Lo, which they fortifierent at the 12th century, and which, under the suzerainty of kings de France, become at the 13th century an effective sovereignty, took row among the most important places of war of Normandy.

The calvinists arrived has to make themselves some main in 1562, and they mutilerent the religious monuments of them. The catholics took it again in 1574 and massacrerent 3000 people after it there to have several times lost and recovers, they ended up being maintained there; but their hatred against the Protestants showed relentless there, especially after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

During the Revolution, St-Lo was called Rock-of-the-Freedom. This city became the chief town of the department of the English Channel only in 1800, succeeding has Coutances.

Man famous

  • The Glassmaker (1811-1877), one of the largest astronomers of the 19th century.
  • Octave Layer (1812-1890), novelist and dramatic author.
  • according to some authors, the famous cardinal Duperron (1556-1618), theologist and diplomat, would be does not have St-Lo and not in Switzerland.

The inhabitants are call Laudiens or better St-Laws.

old source attention:

  • Titrate: Gazetteer and administrative of France and its colonies.
  • Editor: Hatchet (Paris)
  • Go back to edition: 1890-1905


st lo, French city Department of manche with 11 historical sites listed or simply studied for their remarkable character.
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There are 66 localities (Place called, location known as) in St lo : le gros chene ; le val ; la metairie ; la maconnerie ; les monts ; la capelle ; le vallon ; pierrefitte ; cantepie ; les 5 chemins ; le hamel ; le bas hamel ; la pouliniere ; la petite suisse ; les hauts vents ; la butte ; la haute folie ; le hutrel ; le pissot ; hotel hebert ; le haut hamel ; le long champ ; la chevallerie ; la coudree ; la monnaie ; martinville ; la heutiere ; les botteaux ; la heuperie ; le hamel aubree ; la hervurie ; les pallieres ; la monterie ; boivin de haut ; ecole gendrin ; fumichon ; hotel cauvin ; la bellourie ; la calotte ; la canee ; la fresneliere ; la jardiniere de bas ; la jardiniere de haut ; la nouvelle calotte ; la nouvelle canee ; la soudetterie ; la tiquerie ; la verte impasse ; le bosdel ; le burillon ; le cauchais ; le clos vignot ; le haut de candol ; le monchais ; le re du chene ; le valencon ; les montceaux ; les penitents ; les ruinieres ; la trapiniere ; mazurage ; moulin des rondelles ; moulin du berot ; planche du bois ; raoulerie ; vieille rue valvire.

listeds buildings (classified and protected) in St lo

Monuments in St lo, St lo has 9 buildings protected. Include :

  1. official reference : PA00110581 ;
  2. Eglise Notre-Dame Eglise Notre-Dame : classement par liste de 1840 official reference : PA00110582 ;
  3. official reference : PA00110583 ;
  4. Maison (Thiers (rue) 11) official reference : PA00110584 ;
  5. Manoir de Bosdel official reference : PA00110585 ;
  6. Poterne (Poterne (rue de la) ; Beaux-Regards (place des)) official reference : PA00110586 ;
  7. Vestiges des remparts official reference : PA00110587 ;
  8. Haras national official reference : PA00125304 ;
  9. (Dunant (rue) 715) official reference : PA50000056
Please note this list is likely to evolve, the data presented are from 2013.

Places of Culture

Museums st lo, st lo has 2 Museums :

  • Musée du Bocage Normand, ferme du bois Jugan (Ferme de Boisjugan 50000 saint-lo)
    Ouvert de novembre à février du jeudi au dimanche de 14h à 18h, de mars à mai et octobre du mercredi au dimanche de 14h à 18h, de juin à septembre du mercredi au vendredi de 10h à 12h et de 14h à 18h, le samedi et le dimanche de 14h à 18h, les jours férié
    closed : 1er janvier, 25 décembre, 1er mai
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts (Centre Culturel Jean Lurçat 50000 saint-lo)
    Ouvert du mercredi au dimanche de 14h à 18h, sur rendez-vous le matin
    closed : 1er janvier, Pâques, 1er mai, Ascension, 1er novembre, 25 décembre

Librarie st lo, st lo has 1 Librarie :

  • bibliothèque annexe mersier (avenue des tilleuls 50000 st lo)
    located centre social marcel mersier

Cinemas de st lo, st lo has 4 cinemas :

  • cinemoviking (esplanade jean gremillon, 50000 st lo)
  • cinemoviking (esplanade jean gremillon, 50000 st lo)
  • drakkar (29 rue alsace lorraine, 50000 st lo)
  • majestic (25 rue torteron, 50000 st lo)

Statistics for St lo

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 50000
Insee code : 50502
Longitude : -1.094165
Latitude : 49.119398
Total population : 21585 people
place called : 66
alley : 8
avenue : 8
boulevard : 5
path : 17
hamlet : 1
dead : 43
place : 20
dock : 1
roundabout : 1
route : 6
st : 310
square : 5

Eglise Notre-Dame
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Eglise Notre-Dame' à st lo (manche 50000).

Ancienne léproserie de la Magdeleine
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Ancienne léproserie de la Magdeleine' à st lo (manche 50000).

jardin public
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'jardin public' à st lo (manche 50000).

Vestiges des remparts
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Vestiges des remparts' à st lo (manche 50000).

Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Poterne' à st lo (manche 50000).

Manoir de Bosdel
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Manoir de Bosdel' à st lo (manche 50000).

Maison 11 rue Thiers
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Maison' à st lo (manche 50000).

Haras national
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Haras national' à st lo (manche 50000).

Château de la Vaucelle
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'Château de la Vaucelle' à st lo (manche 50000).

église Sainte-Croix : clocher
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'église Sainte-Croix : clocher' à st lo (manche 50000).

jardin public
Patrimoine classé ou inscrit dit 'jardin public' à st lo (manche 50000).