Remains of the Castle, French Heritage monument to Montepilloy

Through some quotations of works of the middle of the 19th century discover the forms, the structure and the epopees of the castle of Montepilloy.

Louis Graves (first quotation) does one to us exposes archaeological traditional place with the architectural precise details which define the castle.

Vistor Offroy (second quotation) him on the other hand will take us along in an almost romantic account or the history and architecture intermingle to form its account. The provided precise details keep for as much their historical value.

Simeon Luce (last quotation) as for him counts to us the adventures of Robert de Loris at the time of the Jacquerie of 1358 which toubla the castle and its surroundings.

Technical vision of the Castle at the 19th century

there remains a wall side about it has

One Sees has Montepilloy of the considerable ruins of the important fortress edifiee at the 14th century on the site of another which dated from the Romance time; broad pits of fifteen bills of quantities still determine the figure heptagon of the enclosure. Ground boulevards defend the approaches of the door which is flanquee of two semicircular turns joined together by a construction has small square windows has mullions. The keep was rectangular, holding with the principal wall by a projecting square tower; there remains a wall side about it has machicolation. With the other end of the keep and towards the center of the place, high the large tower which dominates the country. It is a cylindrical solid mass of a masonry as beautiful as that of Pierrefopds, opening of loopholes and small square windows, rare, and couronnee of large machicolation and waste-gas mains. It is forty-five bills of quantities height and twenty of diameter at the base. It remains only with the third approximately of its circumference. The remainder was destroyed by means of the mine, just as the other fortifications.


  • Titrate: Archaeological note on the department of Oise.
  • Author: Low registers, Louis
  • Editor: A. Desjardins (Beauvais)
  • Go back to edition: 1839

Historiquo-romantic description of the castle

I moved on Montepilloy, while passing through Baron and I arrived there by a splendid sky. This village does not have anything remarkable by itself, but its tower draws the attention of the historian and the archaeologist. This tower, destroyed partly under Louis XIII, is today only one large fragment of itself it was at the fifteenth century, with Ferte-Milon, Pierrefonds, Coucy, Bethisy, Oulchy, Braine, Crepy, one of the most considerable fortresses of Valois. What in remainder is remarkable today by its rise and its solidity this tower sees heights of Dammartin it is 70 bills of quantities top, its circumference was of 80 bills of quantities its walls out of sandstone and out of stones of size, dregs by very-hard cement, have 2 bills of quantities thickness part of its entablature still exists; one sees there crenels, loopholes, casemates, machicolations and a fragment of staircase. The enormous blocks, detach from this tower by the mine and lying its foot has since centuries, could not be start. This tower dominated a castle-extremely whose remainders were transform into body of farm the ramparts are still rather well preserves the broad pit which surrounds them is half filled of debris the herds feed the grass which covers them, and the pigeon broods its eggs in the cracks of the tower. Close to the east a well which has, says one, as much depth than this tower has rise.

The origin of the fort of Montepilloy goes up at the beginning of the thirteenth century under Philippe the Beautiful one, it was occupies by Templiers, which also occupied in Valois the fortress of Vivieres. In 1419, the captain Robert d' Eune, who held the place of Senlis for Charles VI, returned it has Jean of Luxembourg, chief of Burgundian and after a honourable capitulation it was withdrawn has Montepilloy.

In 1420, the lord de Gamache came to attack an English body there who had taken refuge there it demolished them and took along captive Louis de Pacy, lord of Nanteuil, which was in their rows. In 1422, the fort of Montepilloy was subjected has Henri V, king d' Angleterre, whose troops are emparerent of Ferte-Milon, Bethisy, Chavercy and Xaintes.

But the military fact most memorable of Montepilloy is that which took place in the presence of the French Armies and English, in 1429. This fact east pays to length by Mr. Poilleux in his history of Valois.

Charles VII came from
to make crown has Rheims

Charles VII had been just made crown has Rheims he turned over with his army on Paris, and had stopped has Crepy but on the news that Compiegne opened its doors to him he directed his walk by Montepilloy. The duke of Bedfort, which held Senlis for the king of England, gathered with haste an army of twelve thousand men and came on the heights Montepilloy to await Charles VII the two camps were soon in presence. In that of the French one saw Jeanne d' Arc, the dukes of Vendome and of Alencon, of Bar and Lorraine, the marshals of Raiz and Boussac, the lords de Clermont, of Tremouille, Hire de Xaintrailles fifteen thousand men fought under these chiefs, orders by the king in person. Dimension of the English one saw Villiers-l' Island-Adam, of the bodies of archers, Burgundian, Picardy going under various chiefs and led by Bedfort to the head of its English in the middle of the banners deployees of France, Burgundy and Saint-Georges.

The two chiefs seemed to also fear the exit of a combat it had been several days that the armies were in presence without coming to the hands. Lastly, an evening, the Picardy ones of the regent having insult the archers of the king, a duel of six hundred men began suddenly under the eyes of the two camps. During one hour and half, these brave men fought without losing an inch of ground, and with courage more the excess of lassitude alone baits made stop those which had been able to survive has this fight more half of the combatants remained on the battle field and each army withdrew its deaths and wound. Does injustice of the kings, cruelty of times have what served this widespread blood?

One called this combat the day of Senlis it took place under the walls of Montepilloy and on the same ground or, in the thirteenth century, the armies of Philippe-Auguste and the count de Flandres were also restees in presence without coming from there has a general action. Charles VII convinced that Bedfort would not give up its positionsse withdrew with his army has Crepy and of Compiegne has.

The fortress of Montepilloy remained with the capacity of the English. Jeanne d' Arc prisonniere was held there by them before being transferee in the fortresses of Beaulieu and Crotoy. It is said that at the time of the League, Catherine de Medicis, mother-in-law of best and proper mother of most fanatic of the kings, went up to the top of her tower to see in the plains of Baron the combat which were devoted to it between the royalists and the members of a league, that her perfidious policy armed the ones against the others. The print of the balls and the balls, the traces of mine that one still sees there prove that this tower was in hillock with the wars of the region but, though well delabree, it can such as it is, last well a long time still, if the hand of the man does not complete his destruction. Its high position makes that it is discovered it tres-loin, and that it dominates a great extent of country.


  • Titrate: My last leisures; The sister of charity; Lamartine
  • Author: Offroy, Victor
  • Editor: Lemarie wire (Dammartin)
  • Go back to edition: 1874

The jacquerie by Simeon Luce

Montepilloy (Mons speculatoris), belonged then has Robert de Lorris of which one of wire, Gilles, was bishop of Boundary-line of 1352 has 1388.

its men carried the devastation

While Pierre Gilles and his men carried the devastation has Tremblay, Gournay-sur-Marne and in general in all the localities of the surroundings of Gonesse has, Etienne Marcel sent another troop, under the orders of Jean Vaillant, provost of the currencies, to destroy the castle of Ermenonville.

A circumstance of the most interest, it is that the Parisian men-at-arms and the Jacques de Beauvaisis were gives appointment to the attack of this fortress. The general captain of all lowland of Beauvaisis, the famous Guillaume Fixes, was same there in person. The castle, which belonged has Robert de Lorris, chamberlain of king Jean and one of his favourites, was attacked, removes, delivers to plundering and finally close-cropped. Robert de Lorris itself was force to disavow kindness and nobility, and to swear that he loved best the middle-class men and the commune of Paris that the noble ones. But this condition it has had the safe life, like his wife and her children.

The Jacques thus demolished into 1358 this castle. During the year which followed the insurrection, Robert de Lorris brought an legal action against the culprits, to which he claimed 10,000 pounds of damages for the destruction of his castle, and 500 pounds of allowance for the loss of its furniture. By stop of November 25, 1363, the Parliament ordered an investigation.

  • Titrate: History of the jacquerie.
  • Author: Luce, Simeon (1833-1892)
  • Editor: H. Champion (Paris)
  • Go back to edition: 1894

Remains of the Castle
Crédit photo : (Remains of the Castle, montepilloy)

Heritage listed, historical monument, or having been under investigation

Structural information

Remains of the Castle, « Remains of the Castle » is a construction of the city of Montepilloy (France, Oise). Remains of the Castle, French Heritage monument to Montepilloy montepilloy, oise

Location and general information

  • identifier : 99463
  • item : Restes du château
  • Location of the building :
    • Oise
    • Montépilloy
  • INSEE code of the municipality : 60415
  • Zip code of the municipality : 60810
  • Order in the communal list : 2
  • Name of the building :
    • The building is designated as follows : castle
  • State :
    • current state of the monument : remains

Dates and times

  • Period of construction :
    • We have no information on the time of construction of this monument.
  • Date of protection : 1963/05/03 : classé MH
  • Date taken into account : 1993/12/03

Construction, architecture and style

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Monument and history of the place

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  • Other :
    • other Information : property of a private person 1992
  • Details : Château (restes) (cad. AB 24) : classement par arrêté du 3 mai 1963
  • Mérimée reference : PA00114753

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Remains of the Castle, French Heritage monument to Montepilloy. Picture of joel.herbez
Restes du château, montepilloy
Remains of the Castle, French Heritage monument to Montepilloy. Picture of joel.herbez
Restes du château, montepilloy
Remains of the Castle, French Heritage monument to Montepilloy. Picture of joel.herbez
Restes du château, montepilloy
Remains of the Castle, French Heritage monument to Montepilloy. Picture of joel.herbez
Restes du château, montepilloy
Remains of the Castle, French Heritage monument to Montepilloy. Picture of joel.herbez
Restes du château, montepilloy
Remains of the Castle, French Heritage monument to Montepilloy. Picture of webmaster
Restes du château, montepilloy
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