Domfront. Small town. Chief town of sub-prefecture. County court. Communal college.

According to the tradition, Doinfront draws its origin from the Front recluse, who preached the Gospel in the country of Passed, and was fixed on the rock or the city was built towards to the 540, those of the inhabitants whom it converts with Christianity built initially some thatched cottages, defricherent wood surrounding, and jeterent the bases of the current city.

Guillaume Ier, lord of Bellesme. made build in 1011, on the summit of the rock or she sat, a castle of form square, defended by four grosses towers, and evironne of deep pits sizes in the rock. The principal exit of this castle was at midday: two doors out of iron and a tray closed the entry of it. To put the inhabitants of Doinfront at the shelter of the incursions of the close people, Guillaume de Bellesme made surround, in 1014, this rock of large walls, flank of distance in distance by turns couronnees of parapets, whose vestiges which remain can give an idea.

According to a statement of the state of the fortifications, draws up in 1562, the city was girded of twenty-four turns: one entered there by four doors, glazes of bastions, in the interior, one saw undergrounds of a great beauty, and several beautiful cisterns. Guillaume de Bellesme usually made his residence in his castle of Domfront, it there died about the year 1030 or 1031, and was buries in the church Our-Lady-on-the Water, which it had made build, or there sees penny tomb raised in tuff in the vault Holy-Ell.

At that time, Domfront was already a considerable place.

In 1048, Geoffroi Martel, count d' Anjou, besieged Domfront and made itself main from there. William the Conqueror, duke of Normandy, having solved to take again this place, surrounded it by troops, made raise four forts to lock up all the exits, walked on Alencon, which it took by storm, and seized Domfront by trick then.

In 1089, Rotrou, count de Mortagne, tried, without sugars, to take this city. Have 1091, the inhabitants of Domfront, at the time of the government of Robert de Montgommery, livrerent their city has Henri, young person wire of William the Conqueror, who increased by them much the fortifications, made his place of weapons of it and often resided at it. After the assassination of Arthur, duke of Brittany, by Jean-without-ground. Philippe-Auguste, unworthy of this crime, made confiscate and joins together with the crown all the properties that Jean had in France, and made besiege Domfront by Rainaud, count de Boulogne, who seized some.

Philippe-Auguste besieged Domfront again have 1211, took this place and gave it in prerogative has its second wire, Philippe the Hard one, who made it strengthen in 1228.

Robert, count d' Artois, took this city in 1341. Philippe de Navarre attacked it with the head of a considerable body of troops and made itself main from there on behalf of the English, who conserverent it until 1360.

The duke of Burgundy besieged it in 1412; the city went after some attacks, but the castle, which was well strengthens and well supplies, resisted has all the attacks. Henri V, king d' Angleterre, besieged Domfront in 1417, and took this city by capitulation, on July 12, 1418, after a vigorous resistance on behalf of the inhabitants. Charles de Cidant and the lord de Blainville repritent it in 1450. The Protestants surprised it, pillerent it, there reflect fire and brulerent the Notre-Dame church in 1568.

Misfortune count of Montgommery, that Catherine de Medicis continued since it had wounds Henri II, in 1559, was besieges in Domfront, on March 9, 1574, by the count of Matignon, has which it queen had gives order to deliver it to him dead or sharp. Montgommery made an exit as of the same evening, and a second the 12. one and the other without success. Throughout this memorable seat. the day of the 23 was most terrible and most disastrous: the artillery carried the fire, death, desolation in the city and ruinerent it; Montgommery, force to give up it, were withdrawn in the castle, or it was defended as a determined man, with the small number of brave men who eiaient remainders fasteners to him. Matignon made at once establish a battery of five parts of large artillery, which struck down the castle, and there made a breach of 45 feet; twice besieging them monterent with the breach, twice, highly push back, they lacherent foot, reculerent, and after five hours of an obstinate combat, were oblige to withdraw itself, after a considerable loss. The number of besieging increasing every day and besiege them being reduce has fifteen or sixteen, Montgommery, lack of all, went the 26, and had the distinct head has Paris one month after.

Jean of the Stone quarry, baron de Vernie, surprised Domfront in April 1389, and made declare this city, in spite of it, for the League. The last days of December of the same year, Henri IV made summon the place to open his doors. The inhabitants, divided of opinion, took the weapons the ones against the others: the Varnished one left the castle to support the members of a league; the partisans of Henri IV, though fewer, chargerent with as well promptness, as a great number of their adversaries were kill. There the Varnished one accepted a wound mortal; the inhabitants seized his person, informed of it the king, who sent to them a help of two hundred riders and granted a general amnesty.

The country of the surroundings of Domfront is cut of drills, slopes, heathers and marsh; the ground is in general not very productive, and divided by an infinity of bays and pits plants of fruit trees. The city is built in a picturesque situhation, on a rock escarpe cut has peak of the dimension of the setting one, and with the bottom of which the small river of Varennes runs. The interior is sad, the streets are narrow, tortuous, escarpees and bordered of badly built houses; low year of the rock is the church Black-Lady, one of the oldest buildings of the department, than unfortunately one drops in ruin. The air is pure, but too sharp there for the delicate chests; water is rare there and of bad quality.

Factories of fabrics, drills, druggets, serges and other fabrics. With the surroundings, forging mills, glassmakings and paper mills.


Picturesque guide of the traveller in France By Girault de Saint-Fargeau 1838


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There are 165 localities (Place called, location known as) in Domfront : grande rue ; la ferme ; la barriere ; beauregard ; le frene ; l epine ; la roche ; la gloriette ; belle vue ; la rochelle ; les tanneries ; l usine ; la palue ; les landes ; la martiniere ; la verrerie ; les planchettes ; le point du jour ; les marais ; le chene vert ; l oree du bois ; la metairie ; la poterie ; tournebride ; la barillere ; les jaunais ; le rocher ; l aumone ; la houssaye ; les fieffes ; le chesnay ; beau soleil ; la guillerie ; la lamberdiere ; la renaudiere ; la croix des landes ; la haie ; le pissot ; les 3 chenes ; la petite ferme ; la bigotiere ; la raterie ; la guillotiere ; la rousseliere ; trompe souris ; la colomberie ; la galonniere ; la goirie ; la touche ; beauvent ; la chauviniere ; le champ du poirier ; villaine ; la californie ; la baliniere ; la goujonniere ; la forge neuve ; basse cour ; la rouillere ; la roulette ; la foucaudiere ; la gaudiniere ; la poultiere ; la buneliere ; l hotellerie ; le passoir ; la cloutiere ; la massonniere ; le gres ; la pitouziere ; la gateliere ; la foutelaie ; la petite poterie ; la basse rousseliere ; la petite gaudiniere ; la noe blanche ; la bocagerie ; becuel ; belle vallee ; bellieu ; courmareau ; de bel air ; des maisons neuves ; fouteau de la renaudiere ; haut loup ; l enclos du pissot ; l etang des landes ; l eteurrie ; l etre fourre ; l hotel jardin ; l oisillere ; la baseille ; la basse rouillere ; la batioliere ; la bourgaudiere ; la calandiere ; la cavardiere ; la cosniere ; la croix de la lieue ; la croix pavee ; la croix silliere ; la davaudiere ; la ferme ecole ; la fiselliere ; la fontaine aux merles ; la fosse roussel ; la galisiere ; la geraumiere ; la goetiere ; la haie au gue ; la haie fray ; la halte de saint front ; la haute colliere ; la haute vaie ; la helonniere ; la loquellerie ; la merillere ; la pageotiere ; la pavere ; la petite fiaudiere ; la planche fourchee ; la poucherie ; la prairie de godras ; la rimbert ; la roustiere ; la semasiere ; la torillere ; la truberdiere ; le bas lose ; le bois bitout ; le bois bunoux ; le bois hale ; le bois launay ; le champ bazeille ; le champ godard ; le chaponnais ; le chateau gohier ; le clos d aval ; le greve cheval ; le gue thibout ; le haut bazeille ; le haut du marais ; le haut lose ; le haut notre dame ; le longuet ; le lude ; le moulin d auvieux ; le parc turpin ; le petit lude ; le pont de caen ; le riantel ; le saut gautier ; le tertre maffard ; le val nicole ; le velodrome ; les bagotieres ; les balheres ; les bossandiers ; les jugeries ; les maphardieres ; les noes rousses ; les poulicheres ; les toutinieres ; losias ; matiniere.

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Monuments in Domfront, Domfront has 5 buildings protected. Include :

  1. official reference : PA00110791 ;
  2. Eglise Notre-Dame-sur-l'Eau Eglise Notre-Dame-sur-l'Eau : classement par liste de 1840 official reference : PA00110792 ;
  3. Enceinte de la ville official reference : PA00110793 ;
  4. Manoir de la Palue official reference : PA00110794 ;
  5. Eglise Saint-Julien (Commerce (place du)) official reference : PA00125312
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  • mediatheque intercommunale du domfrontais (36 rue du docteur barrabe 61700 domfront)

Statistics for Domfront

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 61700
Insee code : 61145
Longitude : -0.607088
Latitude : 48.606859
Total population : 4388 people
place called : 165
path : 3
dead : 18
place : 10
route : 1
st : 66

Notre-Dame-on - water Church, French Heritage monument to Domfront 2
« Notre-Dame-on - water Church » is a construction of the city of Domfront (France, Orne). Notre-Dame-on - water Church, French Heritage monument to Domfront

Garden of the retirement home, French Heritage monument to Domfront 1
« Garden of the retirement home » is a construction of the city of Domfront (France, Oise). Garden of the retirement home, French Heritage monument to Domfront

Castle, French Heritage monument to Domfront 1
« Castle » is a construction of the city of Domfront (France, Orne). Castle, French Heritage monument to Domfront

Church Saint-Julien, French Heritage monument to Domfront 3
Replacing a church dating from the first half of the 18th century, the Saint-Julien Church was built from 1924 to 1933 by the Parisian Architect Albert (...) Church Saint-Julien, French Heritage monument to Domfront

The city walls, French Heritage monument to Domfront 4
The town of Domfront was founded around 1014 by the construction by Guillaume de Belleme of a castle, probably wooden, which it was the Barnyard, itself (...) The city walls, French Heritage monument to Domfront

Manoir de la Palue, French Heritage monument to Domfront 5
Place mentioned as early as the 14th century. The current Manor House is between the 15th and the 16th century. The building includes a corps de logis main (...) Manoir de la Palue, French Heritage monument to Domfront

The castle garden, French Heritage monument to Domfront 8
« the castle garden » is a construction of the city of Domfront (France, Orne). The castle garden, French Heritage monument to Domfront