Verchin-in-Ternois, commune of Fruges.

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Verchin, in 1789, belonged to the seneschalsy of Saint-pol. and had a local habit redigee in 1507 following the habit of Artois. Its parish church, initially diocese of Therouanne, then of Boulogne, senior of Bomy, was consacree has holy Orner; the abbot of Dommartin presented to the cure.

Source: Topographic dictionary of France Committee of historical and scientific work (France) 1907.


verchin, French city Department of pas de calais with 2 historical sites listed or simply studied for their remarkable character.
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  1. Eglise Saint-Omer official reference : PA62000006 ;
  2. official reference : PA62000108
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Statistics for Verchin

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 62310
Insee code : 62843
Longitude : 2.106961
Latitude : 50.501326
Total population : 224 people
hamlet : 1
dead : 2
st : 13

Castle Park, French Heritage monument to Verchin 2
« Castle Park » is a construction of the city of Verchin (France, Pas de calais). Castle Park, French Heritage monument to Verchin

Church Saint-Omer, French Heritage monument to Verchin 1
Church of late flamboyant style, rebuilt in the 17th century on the ruins of the old church. There is the defensive layout of the tower-porch, built around (...) Church Saint-Omer, French Heritage monument to Verchin