St nectaire

St-nectary, Puy-de-Dome, commune of 3530 hectares, with the slope Are Mounts Gild, made up of two principal centers St-Neclairc-the-High or the Mount-Cornadore, center municipal and parochial, on the slopes of a hill which crown the church has 820 bills of quantities of altitude, above being born Fredet, flowing left, and have 2 kilometers of Couze de Champeix; St-nectary-the-Low, has one Southern kilometers Is and downstream from St-Nectary-the-High, 700-750 has bills of quantities of altitude, between Puy Mazeyres (903 bills of quantities) in North East and Puy d' Eraigne (895 bills of quantities) in the Western South;

Canton of Champeix (14 kilometers), district of Issoire (27 kilometers), 41-21 Western Southern Southern kilometers of Clermont-Ferrand, 4 public schools, mineral Water very frequentees (See low), casino, 3 small establishments of petrifying water, two mills.

Water of St Nectary

Springs thermal or cold, chloro-bicarbonated ferruginous strong. Known Roman epoch. Emergence Of the granite. Twelve sources, exploitees in three establishments

  • with the establishment of the Mount-Cornadore or St-Nectary-the-High, source of the Mount-Cornadore, source of the Park, Large and Small Red source, Morange source, source of the Rock, Intermittent source;
  • with the Roman Baths, has St-Nectary-the-Low, source of the Large-Bubble, source of the Shell
  • with the Boette Baths, pareillement St-Nectary-the-Low has. Great Boette source, source of the Ladies, source St-Cesaire. Moreover, three sources, the Fountain-Reds are drink utilisees, on the spot, in a fourth establishment, which is still has St-Nectary-the-Low.

More than 25 other sources are neither captees nor utilisees.

Flow of 24 hours

  • Sources of the Rock, 1512 hectolitres
  • source of the Mount-Cornadore, 720 heclolitres
  • Large-bubble, 720 bectolitres
  • Great Boette source, 432 hectolitres
  • source of the Park, 72 hectolitres
  • Small Red source, 86 hectolitres

Density Sources of St-Nectary-the-High, 1.001; sources of St-Nectary-the-Low, 1.003.


  • Great Boette source, 46?
  • source of the Rock, 43?, 7
  • source of the Mount-Cornadore, 41?
  • source St-Cesaire, 40?, 9
  • source of the Large-Bubble, 37?, 5
  • source of the Shell, 26?
  • intermittent source, 25?
  • sources of the Park and source of the Ladies 19?
  • Small Red source, 18?

Characters private individual

This water is limpid and colourless in the basins and when one receives them in glass, but they are disturbed rather quickly in contact with the air; while cooling they become yellowish and precipitate a sediment ocrace; some sources exhale this odor known as sulfurous which one notices in certain sodic bicarbonated water, their savour is salee, more or less lixivielle, more or less ferruginous, hot one fraiche and prickly according to the sources they release few gas bubbles in glass, though strong gas columns make bubble the basins has intervals very bring closer, and form above some sources a thick layer of carbon dioxide; finally they are petrifying like the water of St-Allyre.


Baths and showers of water, vapor and gas, inhalations, pulverization, drink. The Roman Mount-Cornadore and Baths dispatch with the outside but export exceeds hardly 800 bottles for the first and 1200 for the second.


The highest source St-Nec-to conceal-the-High has 784 bills of quantities above the sea level; St-nectary-the-Low has 700 bills of quantities or a little more.

Climate Of mountain, crossbred and evenings fraiches and wet. Season Of June 1 to September 30.

Physiological action and therapeutic

This water is stimulative digestive functions at the beginning of the treatment; has moderated amount, they excites thirst and determines the constipation, they are diuretic and make the urine alkaline; employed in baths, they produce in general an excitation marquee nervous system, while by their carbon dioxide they act like anaesthetic on the skin. In short they are exciting, tonic and reconstituting by carbon dioxide, sodic chloride, iron and the arsenic which they contain, at the same time as resolvent and antiplastic by bicarbonate of soda.

Especially indiquees in the affections of the liver with or without clogging, they also succeed in cloggings mesenteric of the children with saddles many and liquid, in hepatic and splenic hypertrophies of paludic origin, in of the same anaemia causes, by curing hares against which has fails quinine, in the metrites and perimetrites at the lymphatic ones, and in certain cases of albuminuria. Lacking tone dyspepsia, and the gastralgie caracterisee by these periodic pains that one has comparees has of cramps, are traitees successfully has St-Nectary It is the same of the gravel. One cures there also the manifestations of the lymphatism and the scrofule, in particular the leucorrhee, so frequently symplomatic of the strumeuse diathese. Rheumatism is one of the affections which one generally sees has this station the neuralgias, and especially sciatica, conceal there rather quickly with the balneal treatment. One has recommends this water against the dermatoses which refer to the diatheses arthritic or strumeuse finally, they have in much case brings the resolution of cysts and benign tumours of the ovary.

The establishment of the Mount-Cornadore, has St-Nectary-the-High, locates at the West of the church, which dominates it and at the junction point of two tiny brooks of the basin of Couze by Fredet, contains 24 cabinets of baths, 4 apparatuses has showers, 4 pulverizers, a cabinet for special treatment, and a house for the refreshment bars. The New establishment, has St-Nectary-the-Low. transport in accordance with all the present needs for the thermal practice, includes/understands a principal body forms of three houses Renaissance kind, communicating between them by galleries semicircular, of the same style, and two side houses which being added to the frontage, give him a total development of 62 bills of quantities Of each dimension of the hall household inside leave the transverse galleries on which open the cabinets of baths, 21, the swimming pool of swimming, the rooms of hydrotherapy and massage, and refreshment bars. The establishment of the Roman Baths, which can be regards as an appendix of the New establishment contains 12 cabinets of baths opening on a rotunda or are the refreshment bars.

The thermal spa of St-Nectary east served by the railway station of Elbows, on the line of Clermont has Nimes, to which connects a road of 21 kilometers (since St-Nectary-the-Low).


The church St-Nectary (historic building), the most complete type, after North-Lady of the Port of Clermont and St-Paul-in Issoire, of the Romanesque art auvergnat, is built on an emerging rock of a kind of chasm the two towers square of the West are absolutely modern, the octagonal tower of crossing is a faithful restitution of that which existed before 1878. Splendid capitals, one represents the church itself such as it had been projetee at the end of the 11th century, and such about which it was executee. Bust-reliquary of the 12th century, out of copper representing holy Baudime, disciple of saint Nectary; 2 enamels of the same time or the 13th century representing one Christ, the other the Virgin. A Virgin out of wooden of the 13th century. Cemetery, small Romance sepulchral vault.

On a place of St-Nectary-the-High, stone cross (historic building) of 15th or 16th century.

With St-Nectary-the-Low, in a property particuliere, dolmen (historic building), one of most beautiful of Auvergne, whose table is nearly 4 bills of quantities length. Close to this dolmen, ruins of an ancient village built out of stones cigs, analogues has those of Chazeloux and Cottoughe, but less vast and less caraclerisees.

Behind the New establishment, cave of the Mount-Cornadore, simple excavation or runs a petrifying source. With two kilometers Southern Is, cascades Covering or of Saillan, high of 7 bills of quantities formee by Couze. With 2 kilometers Southern Western of St-Nectary-the-Low, other dimension of Puy d' Eraigne, not less beautiful cascade of the Barns, formee pareillement by Couze, has 5 kilometers upstream that of Projecting. In the Western North of the Mount-Cornadore, Puy de Chateauneuf 934 bills of quantities, formerly crown by a castle which one sees the ruins, and containing similar remarkable caves has those of Jonas; close to the ruins, tumulus gone covered and ancient stone cigs walls. Other interesting caves, and menhir, surmounts by a cross, close to the hamlet of Boissiere in the West of Puy de Chaleauneuf.


The megaliths and the old group of stone-built houses cigs which one still sees has St-Nectary prove that the site occupies by this thermal spa was lives antiquity. Remains of swimming pools and other traces of Roman civilization, meetings have St-Nectary-the-Low, prove moreover that the Romans knew some and utiliserent the sources. The Roman establishment was undoubtedly in its full prosperity, when the Nectaire priest, disciple of the large apostle of Auvergne, holy Austremoine, was withdrawn and died in the vicinity. The basilica raised on its body was the origin of B. mount-Cornadore, which took its current name only about the 12th century, without never losing the old one completely. Water, abandoned with the Middle Ages or utilisees only by the inhabitants of the country, has starts again has to be known with the outside only a few years before the Revolution. The first establishment was built only in 1824, has St-Nectary-the-Low. There was establishment with the Mount-Cornadore only from 1841.

old source attention:

  • Titrate: Gazetteer and administrative of France and its colonies.
  • Editor: Hatchet (Paris)
  • Go back to edition: 1890-1905


st nectaire, French city Department of puy de dome with 6 historical sites listed or simply studied for their remarkable character.
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There are 15 localities (Place called, location known as) in St nectaire : les granges ; la maison rouge ; saillant ; boissieres ; farges ; sauvagnat ; freydefont ; lambres ; lenteuges ; les arnats ; sailles ; sapchat ; treizanches ; saint nectaire le bas ; saint nectaire le haut.

listeds buildings (classified and protected) in St nectaire

Monuments in St nectaire, St nectaire has 6 buildings protected. Include :

  1. Croix du Marchidial (Marchidial (place du)) Croix du Marchidial : classement par liste de 1889 official reference : PA00092373 ;
  2. Dolmen du Parc Dolmen du Parc (cad. K 432) : classement par liste de 1862 official reference : PA00092374 ;
  3. Dolmen de Saillant Dolmen de Saillant : classement par liste de 1862 official reference : PA00092375 ;
  4. Eglise Saint-Nectaire Eglise : classement par liste de 1840 official reference : PA00092376 ;
  5. Tumulus-dolmen de la Pennet (ou Pineyre) official reference : PA00092377 ;
  6. Villa Russe official reference : PA63000073
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Statistics for St nectaire

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 63710
Insee code : 63380
Longitude : 2.951453
Latitude : 45.601964
Total population : 685 people
place called : 15
alley : 1
avenue : 1
path : 3
area : 8
route : 5
st : 3

Church Saint-NECTAIRE, French Heritage monument to St nectaire 4
Church of the 11th and 12th centuries, of auvergnat style, consisting of a narthex with Gallery above, a nave with aisles overcome forums, two transept with (...) Church Saint-NECTAIRE, French Heritage monument to St nectaire

Cross of the Marchidial, French Heritage monument to St nectaire 1
Cross washes from the end of the 15th or 16th century. The front is carved of a Christ; the rear face of a Pietà paid on a cod-lamp. (...) Cross of the Marchidial, French Heritage monument to St nectaire

Villa Russian, French Heritage monument to St nectaire 2
From hydros born at the beginning of the 20th century along the Valley of the Couze, Jean Giraudon, entrepreneur, decided to create a station that he sponsor, (...) Villa Russian, French Heritage monument to St nectaire

Villa Russian, French Heritage monument to St nectaire 6
From hydros born at the beginning of the 20th century along the Valley of the Couze, Jean Giraudon, entrepreneur, decided to create a station that he sponsor, (...) Villa Russian, French Heritage monument to St nectaire

Tumulus-dolmen of the reproduced (or Pineyre), French Heritage monument to St nectaire 5
« Tumulus-dolmen of the reproduced (or Pineyre) » is a construction of the city of St nectaire (France, Puy de dome). Tumulus-dolmen of the reproduced (or Pineyre), French Heritage monument to St nectaire

Dolmen Park, French Heritage monument to St nectaire 3
« Dolmen Park » is a construction of the city of St nectaire (France, Puy de dome). Dolmen Park, French Heritage monument to St nectaire