Pyrenees atlantiques


The department was creates under the name of department of the Low-Pyrenees to the Revolution French, on March 4, 1790 pursuant to the law of December 22, 1789, starting from Bearn, of the three Basque provinces (Labourd, Low-Navarre and Drunk), of the Gascon grounds of Bayonne and of Bidache thus of some parishes of Soubestre attach administratively to the subdelegation of Saint-Sever.

One can note the presence of two enclaves of the Hautes-Pyr?n?es gathering five communes in the east of the department.

The department took the name of Yr?n?es-Atlantiques on October 10, 1969.


The department of the Yr?n?es-Atlantiques belongs to the Aquitaine region. It is bordering on the departments of the Moors, Gers and the Hautes-Pyr?n?es, as well as Spain (autonomous community of Aragon, community Forale de Navarre, Basque autonomous community). It east borders in the west by the Bay of Biscay or of Biscay (dimension Basque). The chain of the Pyrenees crosses the department of is in west of the collar of Aubisque to the Ocean.?

The social life and policy of the Basques are organized around the etxe or etche, because only the owners household heads of a house attended the assemblies of the village. It is the initial element of integration in the community. The groin of the family inherited the house.

Like the etxe, the Basque house, the box (or ostau) inhabitant of B?arn is the angular stone of the identity of the family. The social hierarchy was established on the basis of '' box '' transmitted with the whole of the grounds to the groin. The house inhabitant of B?arn is built with rollers of the gray gave in the mortar. Tiles punts or more frequently of slates are present on the roofs. One of the essential characteristics of the house inhabitant of B?arn is thus her roof: the slope can reach 50? more, or same.

In the Basque Country as in Bearn, the houses vary according to the valleys, the geographical surfaces.

Source: Wikipedia.

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