La bastide clairence

The Country house-Clairence, out of Bastida Basque, is carried in 1312 under the name of Baztida nueva of Clarenza (CH. of Camara de Comptos); country house of Clarence, in 1364, (charter of Navarre E. 459) of the Country house of Clarenca in 1398 (coll Duchesne vol. CXIV fos 186 and 187) of Country house of Clarencia in 1513 (CH. of Navarre); finally of Beata Maria of the Country house of Clerence, in 1767 (coll of the diocese of Bayonne).

One allots his fabulous origin has a colony of eight hundred people approximately come under control from lady Claire de Rabastens (Bigorre), In consequence of one of these dissensions and wars so common to the time of feudality, Claire, exit, says one, of the royal blood of Navarre, would have leaves its manor and its country in 1310 or 1311 to move towards our mountains. It obtained from king de Navarre a place of refuge to the feet of the Baigura mountain, between the communes of Oses and Irissarry. After a halt of some time, considering the opposition of the inhabitants of these communes, the colony was transported to the place or high today the city in a deserted and covered wood country, clean and hereditary ground of king de Navarre, in the ground of Arberoue, in the parish of St-Pierre d' Ayherre. The new Country house, of the name of the chief of the colony, would have taken the name of Clairence. To remain more in truth, let us say simply that this village was founds by kings de Navarre with the habits of Rabastens.


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There are 1 localitie (Place called, location known as) in La bastide clairence : les collines iduki.

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  1. official reference : PA00084415 ;
  2. Eglise Notre-Dame de l'Assomption official reference : PA00084416
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  • mediatheque pierre espil (13 rue gaskoina 64240 la bastide clairence)
    located maison des services publics elgar
  • bibliotheque (13 rue gaskoïna 64240 la bastide clairence)

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  • haritz barne (7 rue yats, 64240 la bastide clairence)

Statistics for La bastide clairence

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 64240
Insee code : 64289
Longitude : -1.280983
Latitude : 43.401727
Total population : 897 people
place called : 1
path : 2
place : 3
area : 6
route : 5
st : 9

Church of Notre-Dame of the assumption, French Heritage monument to La bastide clairence 2
Church built quickly at the beginning of the 14th century, shortly after the foundation of the bastide. Recovery (almost full reconstruction) in 1776 as a (...) Church of Notre-Dame of the assumption, French Heritage monument to La bastide clairence

Old Jewish cemetery, French Heritage monument to La bastide clairence 1
Of the decrees in the Portugal in 1496 brought the Jews, worried by the Inquisition in the 16th century and 17th century convert to Catholicism and moving (...) Old Jewish cemetery, French Heritage monument to La bastide clairence