The department of the Rhone was creates during the French Revolution, in 1793, by dismemberment of the department of the Rhone-and-Loire, and corresponds to the provinces of the Lyonese and the Beaujolais wine.

The department increased on several occasions communes of the surroundings of Lyon, catches at the close departments:

  • in 1790 the Rhone-and-Loire obtained the fastening of the commune of Guillotiere pertaining to the province of the Dauphine one
  • in 1852,4 communes of Isere (Bron, Vaulx-in-Vellum, Venissieux and Villeurbanne; Saint-Fons belonging to Venissieux until 1888)
  • in 1967,6 communes of Ain and 23 communes of Isere
  • in 1971,1 commune of Isere (Dovecote-Saugnieu)


The department draws its name from the Rhone, river which crosses it.

The major part of the territory east composes of the medium mountainss of the mounts of the Beaujolais wine in north, and the mounts of the Lyonese in the south. They are bordered in the east by the plain of the Saone, then, from Lyon, by the valley of the Rhone. In the east of Lyon, the plain of the Lyons east forms a characteristic outgrowth.

The department of the Rhone belongs to the Rhone-Alps area. It is bordering on the departments of Ain, Isere, the Loire and the Sa?ne-et-Loire.


Climate of the Rhone east as for the remainder of the area of the semi-continental type with alternate influences of the climates Mediterranean, continental and oceanic. The winters are rather rigorous (sometimes strong frosts and episodical snowfalls) and the summers are hot and shine upon. The wind often blows there: the mistral is felt regularly starting from the north of the valley of the Rhone, including in the department, and the wind of south blows often and sometimes violently in front of the disturbances coming from south-west. This mode of wind of meridian orientation (NORTH-SOUTH) is with the alignment of the Saone-Rhone valleys and the reliefs in the west (Solid mass-Exchange) and the east (the Alps), which channel the wind in the valley.

The storms of summers can be violent ones and frequent.

Source: Wikipedia.

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