Neuville sur saone

The Neuville-on-Saone, or Neufville-l' Archbishop, in the past Vimy, were initially only one small borough known under this last name, when Camille de Neufville, archbishop of Lyon and lieutenant-general of the province of Lyonese, Forez and Beaujolais wine, chose its residence there. Letter-licences, datees of July 1666, joined together and erigerent in marquisat, in favour of Camille de Neufville, the baronnies of Vimy, Montaney, Ligniere, the ground of Ombreval and the strongholds of Monjoly. Vimy then took the name and the title of its lord. Neufville-l' Acheveque became an almost royal stay then; its splendid castle, its immense park made the admiration of all the visitors. All fortune, all the history, all the splendour of Neuville are summarized in the life of the prelate.

Of all this state, of all this princely apparatus which made of this borough Versailles of the surroundings of Lyon, there remains to him only its charming situation on left bank of the Saone, to which links a suspended bridge, its entourage of delicious country houses, its beautiful water, its port gracefully rounded, and the reputation meritee of its meurettes. It is not any more that one simple chief town of canton of the department of the Rhone, or the memory of Villeroi, Lauzun, Pierre d' Epinac, Boufflers, the large-Cop and the marshal's wife de Luxembourg, loses each day its energy. The castle of Camille de Neufville and fairyhoods which surrounded it, witnesses of so many festivals, all disappeared. Its current quay develops with elegance, since the flood of 1840 made less regularly replace by solid and convenient houses constructions groupees, before this disaster, on banks of the Saone. You will notice the twin bell-towers of its church, which dominate the country and print its character to him. These bell-towers are the almost exact copy of those which you will find has Lyon, with the church of Large-Hotel-God and the houses of the Hotel-of-City, opposite the Large-Theatre.

Source: Route of Dijon has Lyon while following the Gold Dimension and the Saone by Joseph Bard 1850.


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There are 3 localities (Place called, location known as) in Neuville sur saone : le parc ; la cavin ; source camille.

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  1. official reference : PA00118007 ;
  2. Eglise Notre-Dame de l'Assomption official reference : PA69000020
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  • rex (4 av du 11 novembre, 69250 neuville sur saone)

Statistics for Neuville sur saone

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 69250
Insee code : 69143
Longitude : 4.827818
Latitude : 45.870298
Total population : 7114 people
place called : 3
alley : 6
avenue : 11
path : 25
dead : 12
place : 15
dock : 2
route : 1
st : 41

Church of Notre-Dame of the assumption, French Heritage monument to Neuville sur saone 2
The arrival of a new population attracted by prosperous industries requires the construction of a new Church. Building from 1677 to 1681. in the 18th century, (...) Church of Notre-Dame of the assumption, French Heritage monument to Neuville sur saone

Château D'ombreval, French Heritage monument to Neuville sur saone 1
« Château D'ombreval » is a construction of the city of Neuville sur saone (France, Rhone). Château D'ombreval, French Heritage monument to Neuville sur saone