Neighbouring communes

To the North and to the East, beyond the Saône, the following communes of the Ain Department: Trévoux, Reyrieux, Parcieux-Massieux. South: Saint-Germain, Chasselay and the expensive. Northwest: Lucenay and Amberieux.

Hamlets and localities

Bille-le-Vieux et le Jeune, Chavarot, les Chanaux, la Chapelle, Champ-Grillet, Chuel, les Chevrannay, Criroute, Combes, Doyel, les Essarts, Estarpy, Fouilloux, Fourgnieux, Frillon, Grande-Bruyère,

Grand-Pré, Gravillon, Gravières, Gagère, Jérusalem, l'Ile de la Pradelle et l'Ile Bène, les Marronniers, les Moilles, Oillardes, Paillasse, Pillotière, Port-Maçon, la Polossière, Portel, la Pradelle, Pontillonne, Raquin, la Salle, Sacollet, les Saignes, Servère, Serves, la Thibaudière, Varennes, Petit et Grand Vessieux

Geological formation. Origin and rich soil

The land of the commune of Annecy have been formed, to the North, by the modern or ancient alluvial deposits of the Saône and the Azergues, to the South by ancient silt and gravel.

All likely to be worked layer is deep.

The topsoil is siliceous and silico-clay. Enough with potassium it contains very average doses of nitrogen and phosphoric acid. It is poor in lime.

Main productions.

The cultivated surface extends 1.593 hectares. The vineyard covers 140 hectares. Also: wheat (400 hectares), rye (10 hectares), barley (10 hectares), oats (100 hectares), buckwheat (15 hectares), potatoes (10 hectares), the beet forage they carrots (180 hectares), clover and fodder various (225 hectares), Prairie natural irrigated and non-irrigated (390 hectares), gardens (10 hectares), wood (10 hectares), the vassibles (50 hectares).

Livestock includes; 67 horses and mules, 450 dairy cows, 380 oxen and students, 250 sheep and sheep, 400 pigs, 50 goats.

Source: Dictionary illustrated of the communes of the Department of the Rhone by Messrs. e. Rolland and D. Clouzet


quincieux, French city Department of rhone with 1 historical site listed or simply studied for their remarkable character.
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There are 35 localities (Place called, location known as) in Quincieux : champ grillet ; les bruyeres ; la pierre ; les vercheres ; les layes ; les mouilles ; jerusalem ; les grandes terres ; grange rouge ; la pierre blanche ; la levee ; les grandes vercheres ; le fouilloux ; les places ; les graves ; la pradelle ; la thibaudiere ; chavaroux ; billy le jeune ; billy le vieux ; cd 51 ; chamalan ; en chuel ; la charriere du puits ; la sale ; lafrary ; le champaron ; le crouloup ; le grand veyssieux ; le petit rivat ; le petit veissieux ; le pre dessous ; les genestels ; les grenettes ; les terres plates.

listed building (classified and protected) in Quincieux

Monument in Quincieux, Quincieux has 1 building protected. Include :

  1. Eglise du hameau de La Chapelle official reference : PA00118019
Please note this list is likely to evolve, the data presented are from 2013.

Places of Culture

Librarie quincieux, quincieux has 1 Librarie :

  • bibliotheque municipale (22 route neuville 69650 quincieux)

Statistics for Quincieux

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 69650
Insee code : 69163
Longitude : 4.776599
Latitude : 45.904238
Total population : 2699 people
place called : 35
alley : 2
path : 41
hamlet : 1
dead : 14
place : 3
route : 8
st : 9
square : 1

Church in the hamlet of La Chapelle, French Heritage monument to Quincieux
« Church in the hamlet of La Chapelle » is a construction of the city of Quincieux (France, Rhone). Church in the hamlet of La Chapelle, French Heritage monument to Quincieux