Does Peuplee as of the protohistoire, ancient Savoy have highly interests the Romans who? 1st front J occuperent it. - C. (celebrates Roman way Vienna-Milan by Small-Saint? Bemard). With 5th, the cruel invasions, which succeed the Roman forfeiture? establish in Savoy a transitory kingdom burgonde which passes then to? Merovingiens. The succession of Charlemagne allots Savoy to the corridor lotharingien. ? With 10th, the count Humbert-with-White-Hand founds the House of Savoy which? becomes duchy in 1416. This great Savoyard State develops towards Italy of North: ? dukes transport their capital of Chamb?ry has Turin in 1563. Province of the kingdom? Piedmont-Sardinia, annexee by the 1st Republic and Empire, become again Sardinian? Savoy votes by plebiscite its return to France in 1860, by 130.533 yes against 235 not. ? Does Savoy have preserve its character, its identity and its traditions within the large one? nation.


Is Savoy located in the large Alps of North, gardee by natural doors? whose only alpine Furrow offers an easy access.

Two principal collars connect Savoy to Italy:

  • the collar of the Small Saint Bernard in Tarentaise,
  • the collar of the Mount-Cenis in Maurienne

The department includes/understands also famous the collar of Iseran connecting Val of Isere into High Tarentaise has Bonneval on Arc into High Maurienne.

Worked? by is the glacial erosion, Savoy sillonnee of a network of roads penetrating in the middle? of all the solid masses. Does hydro-electric energy largely use the rivers? torrent-like and has there develops an active industrialization, with its counterparts? unaesthetic and polluting.

Is agriculture in strong reduction confined especially in? the breeding, but is the Savoyard economy compensated largely by tourism of winter and? also of summer (40% of the French ski, the most prestigious stations). Finally Savoy? distinguish by: more the French big lake (Le Bourget), the most collar and most? road (Iseran), the most important hydropathic establishment (Aix-the-Baths), longest? railway tunnel (the Mount-Cenis), the largest aluminium factory (St-Jean-of? Maurienne), most powerplants, the 1st natural park (Vanoise)? more the skiables vast domains in world (300 km2).


Are the artists express in Savoy as of antiquity (basilica of Likes, museums of? Lanslevillard and Moutiers). Are the Middle Ages mark by Romance sanctuaries, little? many but remarkable, and especially by the extraordinary murals of? high Maurienne and of high Tarentaise. But does Savoyard art reach its apogee with its? proper schools at the time baroque, of 16th with 18th: monumental art and glowing it? more research, retables immense, splendid sculptures, polychrome statues? severe or naive, vice of gildings are found as well in the cathedrals? that in the humblest vaults of mountain. The craft industry, so much in a form? rural traditional that creative, develops the growth parallel to of? tourism.

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