Church, French Heritage monument to Villeneuve le comte

In the extent of this Parish (Romainvilliers), on the edge of the drill of Crecy, was the castle and the hamlet of Villeneuve-the-Count S. Paul. One builds a church in this place: the Abbot of S. Germain complained some like attack made with the Privileges about his Monastery, because according to a Bubble of the Pope Luce III, one could build no church in the extent of the parishes of the Abbey without the assent of the Abbot and the Monks. The abbot wanted same to make cut down this new church but one came from there has a compromise.

Guillaume de Nemours, who held for at the time the Seat of Meaux, proposed to set up Villeneuve-the-Count in Parish distinct from that of Romainvilliers, and whose presentation would belong to the Monks, the abbot agreed and thus was to it finishes this different. The act is year 1217. In this church of Villeneuve-the-Count towards the beginning of the thirteenth century a Vault in title was founded insane the name of S. Jean-Baptiste by a Lord of the place names Joubert, and by his Luce wife. This Vault always remains, and is with the nomination of the same Monks.

Source: History of the church of Meaux per All Saints' day Of Plessis 1731.

Villeneuve-the-count (Villa nova comitis)

This locality, which concerned the eveche of Meaux and of the abbey of Saint-Germain-of-Near had as lords the lords of Crecy-in-Brie who besides have it creee at the beginning of the XIII E century. The house of Flanders held, by heritage, at that time, the Viscount of Crecy, and Robert II of Flanders was at the same time, in 1195, count of Brie-Count-Robert and Dreux. To its death, in 1219, his/her daughter, Alix de Dreux, carried the goods in dowry, initially has Gaucher IV of Saline, then, with the count Guy de Chatillon who had, for successor, in 1226, his son Hugues, the founder of the abbey of Bridge-with-Ladies. Thus Villeneuve-the-Count belonged, in 1789, with the duke of Penthievre, heir to the count to Have, has who Louis XV had engages the Viscount of Crecy in 1762.

the Church

It was said that Gaucher of Chatillon had thrown the foundations of the church of Villeneuve in 1203. With this date, the seigniory belonged has Robert de Dreux, and his/her two sons-in-law, who succederent to him successively, were called Gaucher of Saline and Guy de Chatillon. By confusing the two names, one has creates a fictitious being like Viscount of Crecy: Left-handed person of Chatillon. In any case, the date given of 1203 for the installation of the first stone of the church of Villeneuve explains sufficiently that one finds in this construction some parts reflecting the transition style, in particular in the vault of the Sacred Heart. Whereas the posts has throats are of the XIII E, their capitals belong at the end of the XIII E the date of its completion explains also the reasons of the capitals has hooks of trefoil and the four sheets of the gate which have of the XIII E century only the reputation that certain writers traditionalists want to make them well to appear scholars, but who actually are characteristic; style of the XIV E What characterizes the XIII E century clans this church it is the triplet of the bedside and the seven blind arcades ternees of the triforium to the apse, which imitate this triplet. It is advisable to point out, indeed, that the triforiums in general do not have this form; they are composed of a series of of the same blind arcades height which are the mark of the triforiums of the XIV E century.

The gate is beautiful; but it is not worth, far from, the gates of the churches of the time of transition. Decorate posts and curves, it carries to the pier a statue, but deterioree. The trefoil arches and the quatrefoil frame unobtrusive sculptures of the Virgin and the sitted Child; magi and Lamb. A statue of bishop decorates the estanfique one. All this statuary XIII E century is within a framework which will be the general style of the XIV E century.

The triforium of the nave supports, in the line of its estanfiques, of the posts superposees which rise with the vaults of the nave by giving him the appearance of elegant lightness that without the column it would not have. The pentagonal apse enlightened of simple ogival windows which are not lancets. The restorations which this historical building underwent on behalf of the State in 1861 and 1870 have to undoubtedly modify primitive bays.

The sides do not offer anything in particular. As for the external splash plates and the pillars which separate them from the nave, confine columns, with throats at the base, they are well of the XIII E century. This nave is lit by rosettes has six rays of the XIV E under its ogival vault has double torus provided with keys.

The Saint-Joseph vault is decorated of a niche has posts and capitals.

The churchwarden's pew, which is class is of the XVI E century. Its three panels are carve biblical characters and the file represents, sculptee in high relief, a Blessed Virgin crushing the snake.

A stone statue of natural size decorates the high altar. One has to restore the head or at least his crown to him, because while its draperies are ourlees arabesques of a later style, has our direction, its crown presents a lace of hearts perforate which appear to be of the XIV E century. Further is a beautiful table carves on wood: a saint Jean Baptist with the lamb and the cross.

One active statement six tomb stones of the XIII E to the XVII E century.

Source: Illustrated general history of the departments, Seine-et-Marne by Pignard-Peguet, Maurice 1911.

(Church, villeneuve le comte)

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Structural information

Church, « Church » is a construction of the city of Villeneuve le comte (France, Seine et marne). Church, French Heritage monument to Villeneuve le comte villeneuve le comte, seine et marne

Location and general information

  • identifier : 125912
  • item : Eglise
  • Location of the building :
    • Ile-de-France
    • Seine-et-Marne
    • Villeneuve-le-Comte
  • INSEE code of the municipality : 77508
  • Zip code of the municipality : 77174
  • Order in the communal list : 1
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    • The building is designated as follows : church
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    • the current state of the monument is not known.

Dates and times

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  • Date of protection : 1849/03/13 : classé MH
  • Date taken into account : 1993/06/24

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Monument and history of the place

  • Interest of the building : 18 04 1914 (J.O.)
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    • other Information : owned by the 1992 municipality
  • Picture : 8a4a4f7f77e1f2b44b94d0d39755c3b3.jpg
  • Details : Eglise : classement par avis de classement du 13 mars 1849
  • Mérimée reference : PA00087323

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Church, French Heritage monument to Villeneuve le comte. Picture of Lumière du matin
Eglise, villeneuve le comte
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Church, French Heritage monument to Villeneuve le comte. Picture of Lumière du matin
Eglise, villeneuve le comte

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