Before the Roman invasion, currently occupied by the Department of the Var, the territory was inhabited by the tribes of the Oxybians, Ligauniens, Adunicates, etc., which belonged to the important confederation of the Ligures. Before this time, the Greeks had already founded colonies along the coast, in Frejus and near Hyères. The Roman legions appeared in the country, 125 years b. C., and it was understood more bacon in the second Gallia narbonensis. The conquerors did much to this region; they created cities and paved roads, among others the Aurelian way crossing it from East to West Auguste completed the port of Frejus, and after the victory of Actium, he sent two hundred galleys, which he had taken.

After the fall of the Roman empire, this portion of the Gallic territory was successively invaded by the Burgundians, the Goths, Visigoths, and finally by the Franks. Lothair was the Kingdom of Provence which had monarchs until the middle of the 10th century, period in which it became again a simple County. During the 12th century, the Saracens, who were already in the country, invaded again, destroyed Toulon, massacred some of the inhabitants, and took another captive. In the 14th century, this province was still very proven by a Spanish invasion. and its inhabitants, pushed to end the misery, rebelled in a terrible insurrection.

The 16th century was still be disastrous. Charles-Quint, pushed back to Aix, Opera retired vandalizing Brignoles, Tourves, Saint-Maximin, and devastating nationwide in its path. The 16th century religious wars and the Fronde disorders left little rest to this province, and until 1814, its borders were four times crossed by prince Eugène in 1707, by the Austrians, in 1746, by the English in 1793, and finally by the Coalition armies, in 1814.

In 1790, when the National Assembly decreed the territorial reorganization of the France, the Department of the Var was formed from various parts of Provence, the territory of Avignon and the Comtat-Venaissin.

The remarkable characters, born in the Var Department, include: comedian Roscius; the Roman general Cornélius Gallus and Agricola; the painter of battles Parrocel; Massillon; the conventional Antiboul; the Abbot Siéyès; BarBas. the poet Raynouard; Désaugiers; the generals Brunet, Reille and Pawandeep; Vice-Admiral Truguet, etc.; and among the contemporaries: Demosthenes Ollivier; Drs. Grisolle and Rostan; the Ortolan Jurisconsult; journalist Jourdan; the L. Fremy administrator; the Jules Gérard Hunter; the painters boss and Blair; etc.

Source: Geography illustrated the France and its colonies by Jules Verne, Théophile Lavallée, Charles Ernest Chiang, Edouard Riou.

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