La roche sur yon

Rock-on-yon (it), the Vend?e, commune of 1697 hectares, have 40/73 bills of quantities of altitude, on a plate of Right Bank of Yon, by 46? 40 ' 17 of latitude, and 3? 45 ' 46 of Western longitude, granting. Place chief of department, district and canton.

Clean, church of the consistory of Pouzauges. Court of 1st authority (court of Poitiers), Court of Assizes, Justice of the Peace. Inspection of academy (Poitiers), college of boys, teacher training schools teachers and teachers, ecclesiastical college, 6 public schools, 4 private schools, library (15000 volumes), museum of art and archaeology. Cbef place of a military subdivision of the 11th army corps (Nantes), office of recruitment, cheffery of the genius, 83e regiment of territorial infantry, major of gendarmerie (46 brigades), and 3 gendarmerie squads of which one has horse, police station, commission of monitoring of the railroads, Chief engineer and driver of the Highways Departments, engineer of work of railroad, guard-mines, inspection and control of the contributions direction of the land register, direction and inspection of the fields, general paymaster, perception. mixed of the customs and the indirect taxation, controls matters of gold and of money, academy of the mortgages, inspection of the children assist, branch of Banque de France, of the Building and loan association, departmental archivist.

Companies: of emulation, of agriculture, for the development of agriculture, arts person, of sciences, letters and arts, of the sugar refineries of the Vend?e. Deposit of standards (the Vend?e, Loire-Inf?rieure, Two-Separate; 180 horses), school of raising. Acknowledge, notaries, ushers. Departmental prison, old people's home, public asylum of lunatics (575 patients), welfare office. Com. of grains, flours, wood, breeding of horses half-bred. Important flour mills, body, corroiries and tanneries, distilling, cabinet works, printing works, seedbeds, mechanical sawmill, dyeings, cooperages, manufactures varnish and candles, breweries, hat industries, pottery.

The Roche-sur-Yon is built on regular level, but its buildings do not offer any artistic interest. Equestrian statue, out of bronze, of Napoleon 1st, by Mr. de Nieuwerkerke. Rule of general Travot, peacemaker of the Vend?e, by Maindron. Rule of Paul Baudry. by Gerome (1896). Museum fabrics of Paul Baudry, Harpignies, Lansyer, Louis Boullongne, etc Many Gallo-Roman objects.


Before 1789, the Roche-sur-Yon was the seat of a principality which gave its name has a branch junior by the house of Bourbon-Vendome, of which it was the property of 1434 has 1565, after having successively belonged, like simple stronghold with the families of Tremouille, of Mochecoul, Mauleon, Thouars, of Belleville, of Clisson and Beauvau. The Rock passed to the Bourbon-Montpensier in 1365, and was later plain with the fields of the dukes of Orleans.

In 1790, the Rock was only one borough deposed and the castle was in ruin nevertheless, for lack of cities in the area, one made of this borough the place chief of a districte the borough and the remainders of the castle were fires by the republican troops on March 2, 1794 one did not see, ten years after, on their remains, that nine or ten rebuilt houses.

In 1804, Napoleon issued creation, on this site, of a new city which would be the chief town of the department of the Vend?e and would be called the Napoleon-Vend?e. This name was substitutes, in 1814, that of the Bourbon-Vend?e; from 1848 1870 have, the name of the Napoleon-Vend?e reappeared. The third republic has allots to the new city the name of the old destroyed borough.

The powerful emperor was truly the creator of the Napoleon-Vend?e. He created it in spite of the bonds, the men and times, in a country without cities and roads, or the old traditions were long-lived, or all has to organize what besides he knew extremely well, since was to regenerate the Vendean Scrap-metal, this badly extinct hearth of royalist resistance, that he had designed his work and that he held to carry out it. But, precisely under the terms of these same traditions which they wanted, they, to preserve, and also because they saw no material advantage for them there, the populations of surrounding are montrerent little laid out has to assist the sights of Napoleon. Of his dimension, the prefect of the department, which resided then has Fontenay, enumerated the difficulties of the company.

The emperor contributed itself has to stop progress of his work by the parsimony which it brought to the expenditure: access roads, streets, prefecture, town hall, parish church, large barracks, it was necessary all that for three franc million for him, without one centime more; also in 1808, four years after the decree of foundation, one had only arrived has to trace the roads and some streets, has to build the barracks and some houses in bad Pisa; the prefect had to settle in a nearby castle.

Tire these slownesses, but not wanting to agree has to raise the appropriations, Napoleon was satisfied to dictate one day has its secretaries this sentence sententious: '' The cities are not built in a day, Paris same is not finished ''.

For the fall of the empire, on 15.000 inhabitants who it was intends has to contain, the Napoleon-Vend?e had of it hardly the tenth.

So nowadays the city has exceeds finally its two rivals in the department, Sand-in Olonne and Fontenay, with its 12000 hearts, it especially owes it with the speed with which the population of all the Scrap-metal increased and to the development that five junction of railroads have gives has its agricultural trade. (A. St-Paul.)

The painter Paul Baudry (1828-1886), the Guitton sculptor (in 1825).

The inhabitants are call Rochois or Resident of La Roche-sur-Yon.

District of 10 cantons: Chantonnav, Essarts, the Herbaria, Mareuil, Montaigu, Mortagne-on-Separates, the Pear-on-Life, Rocheserviere, the Roche-sur-Yon, St-Fulgent is 251.983 hectares.

Canton of 15 Aubigny communes, the Borough-under-the-Rock, Road metal-under-the-Ormeaux, the Chaize-the-Viscount, Clouzeaux, Fern, Limouziniere, Mouilleron-the-Captive, Nesmy, the Roche-sur-Yon, St-Andre-in Ornay, St-Florent-of-Wood, the Apron, Thorigmy, Venansault for 40067 hectares

old source attention:

  • Titrate: Gazetteer and administrative of France and its colonies.
  • Editor: Hatchet (Paris)
  • Go back to edition: 1890-1905


la roche sur yon, French city Department of vendee with 7 historical sites listed or simply studied for their remarkable character.
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There are 199 localities (Place called, location known as) in La roche sur yon : les granges ; passage a niveau 38 ; la prairie ; bellevue ; la bruyere ; les acacias ; les rochettes ; bel air ; les charmes ; le moulin neuf ; le bois ; les alouettes ; les landes ; la bourbe ; mon desir ; l enfer ; maison neuve ; la chapelle ; belle place ; les lilas ; le bois clair ; la courtille ; la brande ; la pommeraie ; la chenaie ; sainte anne ; les treilles ; la brunetiere ; les buissonnets ; la petite colle ; la source ; la chevalerie ; le pre ; l oliviere ; la moreliere ; chantepie ; l aubepine ; l annexe ; saint eugene ; les loges ; passage a niveau 39 ; la lune ; passage a niveau 220 ; le chene vert ; passage a niveau 61 ; la louisiere ; la landette ; le champ du moulin ; les terres noires ; l epinay ; la petite lande ; l aumone ; la moriniere ; la micheliere ; les fontenelles ; la noue ; le petit fief ; les touches ; les renaudieres ; la petite vergne ; la talonniere ; l hirondelle ; la greliere ; la menardiere ; la marronniere ; la jacquette ; la coussaie ; les coux ; le magnou ; les ajoncs ; la durandiere ; la blanchardiere ; la boutiniere ; la petite noue ; les nouettes ; le champ blanc ; les minees ; le penaud ; le bois des fontenelles ; la breteche ; la gaudiniere ; la clef ; passage a niveau 63 ; la petite maison neuve ; la brouardiere ; les chauvieres ; la potiniere ; la coutanciere ; la poiriere ; la plissonniere ; la benetiere ; la patience ; la brissonniere ; malvoisine ; la brossardiere ; la bretiniere ; la reveillere ; les bazinieres ; la soriniere ; la caillette ; beautour ; batard ; la rouziniere ; le moulin grimaud ; l audouiniere ; la guibretiere ; la clerissiere ; le grand marche ; la brelandiere ; les petites rochettes ; la mauricette ; les cygnes ; les basses chauvieres ; les hautes chauvieres ; la maringotte ; la ruffiniere ; la moussonniere ; la vrignaie ; la barraudiere ; la maison neuve des landes ; la baritaudiere ; la belle entree ; les oudairies ; la gastonniere ; badiole ; barbonte ; beaupreau ; beausejour malidor ; chantemerle d en bas ; chantemerle d en haut ; curzais ; haras des oudairies ; haut bel air ; l abbaye des fontenelles ; l angouiniere ; l heraudet ; l herbaude ; l horbetoux ; la basse barbonte ; la basse couprie ; la basse lardiere ; la bresilliere ; la courtaisiere ; la croisee du paradis ; la croix des fontenelles ; la davissiere ; la feneraie ; la grande noue des fontains ; la grassouillere ; la haute barbonte ; la haute couprie ; la jausiniere ; la mainguisiere ; la marisette ; la moutilliere ; la parpoire ; la reoliere malidor ; la rochette boisseau ; la rochette l etang ; la rorthiere ; la sirmiere ; la trezanne ; la vergne babouin ; la volette ; lardiere ; le bignon clair ; le bois levant ; le bois massuyeau ; le brulot de saint mars ; le chaigneau ; le champ des carrieres ; le champ des routes ; le creux sec ; le fougere ; le grand pontreau ; le grolleau ; le haut ajonc ; le logis de la couprie ; le logis de la plissonniere ; le moulin d alluchon ; le moulin de badiole ; le moulin fougere ; le moulin grolleau ; le moulin sec ; le pavillon de badiole ; le petit bois massuyeau ; le placion ; le pont ravaud ; le pre du faon ; les brancardieres ; les essarts gouin ; les etablieres ; les rebautes ; malidor ; malidor d en bas ; malidor d en haut ; noiron ; soulouze ; tournefou.

listeds buildings (classified and protected) in La roche sur yon

Monuments in La roche sur yon, La roche sur yon has 7 buildings protected. Include :

  1. Abbaye des Fontenelles (ancienne) official reference : PA00110211 ;
  2. Eglise Saint-Louis official reference : PA00110212 ;
  3. official reference : PA00110213 ;
  4. Palais de Justice (ancien) official reference : PA00110214 ;
  5. Pavillon Renaissance (Vieille-Horloge (place de la)) official reference : PA00110215 ;
  6. official reference : PA00110216 ;
  7. official reference : PA00110217
Please note this list is likely to evolve, the data presented are from 2013.

Places of Culture

Museum la roche sur yon, la roche sur yon has 1 Museum :

  • Musée Municipal (Rue Jean Jaurès 85000 la roche-sur-yon)
    Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 13h à 18h. Visites commentées et accueil des groupes du mardi au vendredi de 9h à 12 h et de 13 h à 17 h (sur Rendez-vous)

Libraries la roche sur yon, la roche sur yon has 5 Libraries :

  • mediatheque leopold-sedar-senghor (2 rue champollion 85000 la roche sur yon)
  • mediatheque du bourg-sous-la-roche (106 rue du general-guerin 85000 la roche sur yon)
  • mediatheque benjamin-rabier (esplanade jeannie-mazurelle 85000 la roche sur yon)
  • mediatheque felix-leclerc (rue flora-tristan 85000 la roche sur yon)
  • bibliotheque departementale de la vendee (11 rue de montreal 85000 la roche sur yon)

Cinemas de la roche sur yon, la roche sur yon has 4 cinemas :

  • le concorde (8 rue gouvion, 85000 la roche sur yon)
  • cineville (rue francois cevert, 85000 la roche sur yon)
  • epcccy (place du theatre, 85000 la roche sur yon)
  • concorde (8 rue gouvion, 85000 la roche sur yon)

Statistics for La roche sur yon

Town or city :
Postcode of city : 85000
Insee code : 85191
Longitude : -1.416538
Latitude : 46.675032
Total population : 52947 people
place called : 199
alley : 28
avenue : 17
boulevard : 33
path : 31
current : 1
hamlet : 1
dead : 289
place : 56
bridge : 2
roundabout : 28
route : 9
st : 508
lane : 1
square : 8

Abbey of Fontenelles (former), French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon 1
« Abbey of Fontenelles (former) » is a construction of the city of La roche sur yon (France, Vendee). Abbey of Fontenelles (former), French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon

Pavillon Renaissance, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon 5
« Pavillon Renaissance » is a construction of the city of La roche sur yon (France, Vendee). Pavillon Renaissance, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon

Prefecture of the Vendée, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon 6
« Prefecture of the Vendée » is a construction of the city of La roche sur yon (France, Vendee). Prefecture of the Vendée, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon

Theatre, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon 7
« Theatre » is a construction of the city of La roche sur yon (France, Vendee). Theatre, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon

Courthouse (former), French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon 4
« Courthouse (former) » is a construction of the city of La roche sur yon (France, Vendee). Courthouse (former), French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon

(Former) hospital, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon 3
« (Former) hospital » is a construction of the city of La roche sur yon (France, Vendee). (Former) hospital, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon

Church St. Louis, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon 2
« Church St. Louis » is a construction of the city of La roche sur yon (France, Vendee). Church St. Louis, French Heritage monument to La roche sur yon